Berlin lean prototyping 1st meetup

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Berlin Lean PrototypingFrom zero investment to successful startup8/17/2016RonnyConnect to Zalando_GuestRedirected to login pageClick on I dont have an accountFill out the required informationSponsor email jana.gelsok@zalando.deAfter successful registration you will get an overview and an automatic email will be sendAfter confirmation, click on Log inYou are ready to go!RonnySponsorsSchedule7:00 - greetings7:15 - guest talk: Juliane Rthig 8:00 - exercise: hands on with tools8:45 - audience: demo the results 9:00 - networkingAnilAnil Kumar KrishnashettySoftware Developer Canto GmbHBerlinRonny SpringerSoftware Developer Canto GmbHPotsdamIdeaPrototypeMVPMissionOur mission is to guide people on lean way of transformation from idea to business.DelightGaming2 minJuliane RthigInDecorate.deShare a2 minGather new idea.Teamforming5 minTry to group with strangers.Introduce yourself and write down the names.(use the top left quarter)Brainstorm10 minList any possible idea.Decide, which is most important.Define a problem statement.(use the top right quarter)Prototype an idea.Prototype an idea.Sketch Website5 minFocus on problem statement.Draw a mockup of possible content.(use the bottom left quarter)Review Sketch5 minList statements about WHY you add something.(use the bottom right quarter)Prototype an idea.Build an idea15 minwix.comFor questions and answersplease join our slack channelberlinlean.slack.comThank you!Save the datefor next meetupon September, the 14th. @berlinlean