Collaborative Sketching for UX - Jumpstart Your Design!

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SXSW ReduxRobert Stribley03/15/15Collaborative Sketching: Jumpstart Your Design!#sketch1stCollaborative Sketching for UX Presented by Robert Stribley at SXSW, Austin, TX, 3/15/2015 1Robert Stribley@stribsAssociate Experience Director, RazorfishMy clients have included:Bank of America, PNC, WachoviaCitibank, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Oppenheimer Funds, Prudential, Smith Barney, T. Rowe Price Boston Scientific, NasonexChoice Hotels, RCI, Sothebys International RealtyComputer Associates, EMCFord, LincolnFreshDirectAT&T, NextelDay One, Red CrossPearson, Travel Channel, Womens Wear DailyIntroduction2A few ways we sketch at Razorfish:SoloSketch to compCommunicate to clientStoryboardingAs a team collaborativelySketching at Razorfish3my conversion story Detail of Caravaggio's The Conversion of St. Paul4Aerial Screw sketch by Leonardo DaVinci - circa 14835Arguably, weve been sketching for eonsCave painting in Lascaux, France6But now, were sketching more than everIdeaPaint Inc makes a paint that turns any surface into a whiteboardIts sales have doubled every year since introduced in 2008More than its business is in the workplace See Doodling for Dollars, Wall Street Journal, April 24, 2012 Reference - Doodling for Dollars, Wall Street Journal, April 24, 20127Why sketch?Enable communicationMake abstract concepts concreteIterate on ideasEnsure recollectionHumanize ideasJumpstart collaborationWhy Sketch?8What can I sketch?Home pagesCategory pagesProduct pagesFormsWizards & widgetsSearch resultsProcess FlowsAnything, really Sketches by Razorfish UX 9And theres so much more to sketch for SmartphonesTabletsWatchesGoogle GlassOther wearablesResponsive designUbiquitous computing More to sketch for than ever10Who can sketch?Information architectsInteraction designersGraphic designersContent strategistsProject managersBusiness analystsFunctional analystsDevelopers Client directors Anyone reallyWho can sketch?11Really, anyone can sketchCartoon by XKCDXKCD Cartoon sketching isnt Sketching isnt only for designersSketching isnt difficultSketching isnt drawingYou neednt be Michelangelo to participate What sketching isnt 13However, we can learn from the prosSketch by Edward Hopper Photo by Robert Stribley14Who often begin with a sketchSketch by Edward Hopper Photo by Robert Stribley15Adding layers, detail, colorSketch by Edward Hopper Photo by Robert Stribley16Until they complete their masterpieceNighthawks by Edward Hopper, 1942 Photo by Robert Stribley17A Quick Case StudyCase Study18Any idea what this is a sketch of?Quiz: Whats this a sketch of?19twttr sketchTwitter.comTwitter[This sketch] has very special significance it's hanging in the office somewhere with one other page. Whenever I'm thinking about something, I really like to take out the yellow notepad and get it down. Jack Dorsey, TwitterTwitter20Some Advice from the ProsAdvice from the Pros21The great benefit of drawing is that when you look at something, you see it for the first time. Milton GlaserMilton Glaser, graphic designer, designer of the I