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  • 1. DesignS Brand Model, Name & Identity
  • 2. DesignS DesignS Concept From diversity to differentiation Rationale There are numerous design hubs, but most are culturally-inspired. But our origins as immigrants, shaped by colonialism, and then forged by national necessity, made us balanced and inclusive. Our only salvation was to be relevant to the modern world and this actually made us the world’s only global city-state. This is now the antidote to providing design solutions relevant to the modern world.
  • 3. DesignS Brand Identity Guidelines 3-State Brand Strategy Model ls s His R tia ines s po tori ole for DesignSs d en us ingcre s a b et thes ed a to gliti calcs, ly of ex Sin from ch ga a sin wn cepo trad nge bu ola the re h e, f and rong is ren tic p mi as p inan hu dd beSt ore gma donle laye ce top pra Ability ma d t ga nhe globSin tre, aSingapore’s ability to bringrol alen eocpragmatic and adaptive design fsolutionsversa requires relevant and adaptive solutions The need for brands from G3 to BRIC or viceappreciate nuances and cultural practices Singapore’s ability to communicate and Benefit from the trade routes Duo-cultural appreciation Brand Purpose from east and west Differentiation DesignSInfluence Creative Solutions fromthe cross-roads of theworldStr o ng rs an rooete ast d w ts rpr e test to b I nte from o eas cu oth ue stt ltu res eastniq esign wesU dor for Anin Bfor estint an clus alan wo to n p s, ysive ceon ee link ss iwil ingul and d glolut etw de dre l b arso in-b r tra s ade r cu no b bal s 1 t in- c u elp ele ltu ias oluva re, ap tio 2- erfe ide. O w h .ntpsho ps for with proa nshe erw- ga glo solu ch t is t eith kno tion o re ion nd taba l m tions ward po a ega pans ity, erprark thets atsSin ex ctiv int enn co This 3-state model is a proprietary strategic tool of Consulus Pte Ltd 22nd February 2010
  • 4. DesignS DesignS ConceptThis is what Singaporeans look like
  • 5. DesignS DesignS ConceptThis is how Singapore lives Images courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board
  • 6. DesignS DesignS ConceptThis is what Singapore looks like Images courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board
  • 7. DesignS DesignS Concept This is how Singapore connects Global Trade Global Finance Global Relations
  • 8. DesignS DesignS Concept DesignS means DesignSolutions DesignShape DesignSense DesignSpace DesignSingapore Rationale Essentially, DesignS means diversity of solutions adapted to the world. It speaks of Singapore’s role as a design interpreter for different levels of design conversations and needs . It gives rise to new possibilities and creative ideas to meet the challenges of our time.
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  • 10. DesignS DesignS Concept
  • 11. DesignS DesignS Concept
  • 12. DesignS DesignS Concept
  • 13. DesignS DesignS Concept
  • 14. DesignS DesignS Concept D
  • 15. DesignS DesignS Concept
  • 16. DesignS DesignS Concept
  • 17. DesignS DesignS Concept Introducing
  • 18. DesignS DesignS Concept Singapore’s leading design network
  • 19. DesignS DesignS Concept Corporate Sponsor Brand Strategy and Identity ManagementSponsorship for the Brand Concept and Design of DesignS The strategic brand model, brand name, identity visuals and brand messages were developed by Consulus Pte Ltd.Consulus is a home-grown brand consultancy operating in 9 countries. With a team of business consultants and multi- disciplinary designers, it specialises in organisational
  • 20. Let Singapore design your futureDesignS
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    DesignS is a unified brand platform to promote Singapore design, consisting of a group partnership of design-centric institutes and associations in Singapore. For updates,…