Frukostseminarium 24 januari 2013 hos Transformator Design

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Det blir allt viktigare med kundcentrering, invnarinvolvering och medborgarfrtroende inom offentlig sektor samt vad som kan levereras p dessa begrepp. Men vad r invnarinvolvering? Och hur kan du ka medborgarnas frtroende fr din organisation eller myndighet?


  • 1. SNOOKdesigning with vision in scotland SARAH DRUMMOND Transformater - 23/01/13

2. Hello StockholmYou look amazing today 3. Rule #1Always sweet talk your audience 4. LIE FS R BEO UI PL ESP RI NC& 5. W E O WHRATEOPE 6. SNOOKENSEMBLESNOOKSNOOKSTERSBOARD SNOOK SNOOK CORE TEAMEVENTSCONSULTANCYPRODUCTS VENTURESCOLLABO-RATIONS 7. SNOOKLAB 8. SNOOK ENSEMBLE 9. SNOOK TRAINING 10. T EST AB LEC LISREF Hn oo k SDISCOVERDELIVER cessp roP DELOFINDEVE E 11. O OK SN ma kesPACT IMAN 12. S C OT T I S HPARLIAMENT The festival of PoliticsDEBATE CHAMBER, HOLYROOD 13. PERSONAL DEMOCRACY FORUMGOOGLE FELLOWSHIP 14. SOCIALINNOVATION CAMPCAIRO, EGYPT 15. IDEAINCUBATORITU telecom WorldGENEVA, SWITZERLAND 16. DESIGNCAMP GLASGOW 2014COMMONWEALTH GAMES 17. YOUNGENTERPRISE AWARDYOUNG SCOT AWARDS 2012 18. ALIA ONLINE AUSTRALIAFEBRUARY 2013 19. N ERSDE SIGRV ICESEth ings doEN TLY IF FER D 20. 1Prototype 21. 2 Visualise &Tell Stories 22. day, 15 August 2012 Wednesday, 15 August 2012 23. 3CoCreate 24. Fuzzy Front End Problem Solving- Liz Sanders 25. so you play with lego,hang out with people and draw stuff but what do you actually do? 26. O KS NO EC TS RO JP 27. INSIDE OUT 28. Post 16 Education 29. OUTSIDE IN 30. MyPolice 31. The Matter 32. The ClientThe City of Edinburgh Council 33. Total Craigroyston 34. TOTAL craigroystonAbout | Activities | Whats on | Host your own group | News | Get in touch | Map of area find out whats on daily Total Monday morningafternoonevening Craigroyston tuesdaymorningafternoonevening wednesdaymorningafternooneveningTotal Craigroyston holds thursday is youmorningafternooneveningidea campfriday morningafternooneveningYesterday we brought together a slice of the saturday morningafternooneveningcommunity and organisations to look at howwe can improve Craigroyston and make sunday morningafternooneveningfutures brighter for children and youngpeople... 0:00 / 4:59Posted by Christine Mackay local residents recommend On a weekly basis I go to; Search activities and services Get involved in total craigroyston John Doe Peep groups on a tuesday morning, and in the evening I take my kids swimming at Craigroyston Im looking for...High School between 5 and 7pm. There is alsoStart up activities on a Saturday morning at North Edinburgh Total arts for me and my wee girl. Craigroystonyour own start start? Days Time of day Meetings club/activities and groups in craigroystongroup Mon Tues Wed ThursFri Sat Sunup TopicI just want to knowuse anuse an Parentingabout events Mental Healthempty empty Activities for kids Healthspace space Education SearchCentral CraigroystonWebsite (and offline 35. Working in the way we have done with the TotalCraigroyston initiative feels like we have actuallybeen listened to. It feels different this time- Local Resident at Co-Creation session 36. Start Up Street 37. PUBLIC SECTOR = NO DESIGN 38. GOING BACK TO BASIC SKILLS 39. HANDING OVER TOOLS 40. FIRST OF ALL DESIGN CANNOT BE SEEN. - PETER GORB 41. Here is the science bit... 42. PolicyFraming wicked problems Catalysts of new futuresDesignforgovDo tankInterpreting ActionBriefs not policys Forming partnerships to develop UIDesignforgovDo tankInternal Design Capacity Companies who canrespond to user needs andcreate awesome customer Embeddingdesign Grassroots Closing feedback loops Communication Responding Platforms 43. GOVERNMENT RESEARCHPUBLIC PUBLICFUNDERSBODIES DotankPARTNERSHIP ACCESS TO PROJECTS THE PUBLICDEVELOPING PROTOTYPING PRODUCTS TRAINING (CPD) 44. About Order aContactDearest letterSee allUpdates DearScotland writing our lettersScotland Country . Vision . VoicekitTell us what you would write toDearest Scotland... scotland and well publish itbrings together the#dearscotland Id like to see peopleworking as a community more. #scotland#dearscotland I would like more attentionvoices of Scotland toput onto sustainable ways of living#dearscotland Id like to see peopleworking as a community more. #scotlandshare visions for the#dearscotland Id like to see peopleworking as a community more. #scotland#dearscotland Id like to see peoplefuture of our countryworking as a community more. #scotland 124 #dearestscotland Id like to see {keep it to 140 characters} ShareA vision by the people, for the people of Scotlandpowered by- Guardian 45. Country . Vision . Voice 46. SNOOKCOLLABORATIONS 47. This isnt just service designEmpathy New SkillsNew relationshipsNew business casesChanging Mindsets 48. Questions | Questions Political Consideration?Role (Facilitator, persuader, politician?) Ethical considerations?Shift in government structures? Procurement? 49. DoingIf we talk about something all day, it probably wont happen 50. A rat race is for rats. We are not rats. We are Humans - Jimmy Reid 51. Give people tools that guarantee their right to work with high, independent efficiency- Ivan Illich 52. We should become architects of the future, not victims of the past - Buckminster Fuller 53. FERMENTINGA REVOLUTIONIN SCOTLAND WE ARE SNOOK 54. SNOOK Thanks stockholm!WWW.WEARESNOOK.COM@WEARESNOOKIdox - 13th December 2012