Sketching for Better UX

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1. Sketching for Better UX Focusing on UI Sketching 2. We will learn 1. Overview of the phases of UX 2. Why sketching is an important step in UX 3. Basics of how to sketch 4. Utilize our skills to ideate and sketch a UI 6-up brainstorm 1-up idea coalescence 5. Wrap-up with tips/resources/questions 3. Sketch this 4. Phases of UX 5. Sketching is for Ideation. Exploring ideas. Breaking out of the box. Group collaboration. Speed. Externalization of ideas. 6. It is for problem solving. 7. Sketching is NOT drawing 8. Sketching is meant to be rough. It is not a finished piece of work. 9. What is this? 10. How to sketch 11. Just like the UX process 1. Break the larger challenge into simple pieces 2. Start sketching with larger elements / outlines 3. Details come second 12. Remember this 13. Now Sketch this 14. Now Sketch this 15. Break it down 16. Tools for Sketching 17. NO PENCILS! 18. Tips 1. Use different line widths/weights 2. Highlighters and sharpies work 3. Never erase. 4. Walk 19. Time to get to it. 20. But first, a walk 21. 6-up exercise with teams 22. 1-up exercise with teams 23. What else you can do with good sketching 1. 24. Archive of Resources 1. To practice sketching technique: LaneHalley/how-to-draw-quick-useful-ui-sketches 2. 3. ux-sketching/ 4. leah-buleys-a-ux-team-of-one/ 5.