Slush 2012: Design for Startups

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Presentation on design and its value for startups at Slush conference in Helsinki, Finland in November 2012.


1. What About Design?Karri Ojanen@karrioSlush, 11/22/2012, Helsinki CONCEPTOLOGY 2. Everyone has an opinion on design. Photo: John Levett CONCEPTOLOGY 3. Designer-co-founded startups such as Path,Kickstarter and Airbnb are taking center stage. CONCEPTOLOGY 4. Startup leaders dont really know what designmeans or how to effectively incorporate design intotheir MVP / Lean Startup culture.- Cameron Koczon, A List Apart Photo: Mazzarello Media & Arts CONCEPTOLOGY 5. About Me User experience designer, interaction design director Worked in Canada, USA, UAE, and Finland Worked for major brands, big corporations, startups and NGOs CONCEPTOLOGY 6. What is design? Photo: Jesse f/2.8 CONCEPTOLOGY 7. Design is not pretty pictures CONCEPTOLOGY 8. Design is a method of problem solving CONCEPTOLOGY 9. CONCEPTOLOGY 10. Good design is Innovative Honest Makes a product Long-lasting useful Thorough Aesthetic Environmentally Makes a product friendly understandable As little design as Unobtrusive possibleDieter Rams: Ten Principles of Good Design CONCEPTOLOGY 11. Photo: cityNnatureCONCEPTOLOGY 12. User Experience Meaningful Has personal significance Pleasurable Memorable experience worth sharing Convenient Companies struggle to get above this line Super easy to use, works like I think Usable Can be used without difficulty Reliable Is available and accurate Functional (Useful) Works as programmedStephen P. Anderson: UX Hierarchy of Needs CONCEPTOLOGY 13. Usable + Useful + DesirableSeen as a luxury. Its critical. CONCEPTOLOGY 14. So what do you do? Photo: Philippe Lewicki (plewicki) CONCEPTOLOGY 15. 1. Aesthetics Photo: Yutaka Tsukano Photo: Nokia RSA CONCEPTOLOGY 16. 2. Personality CONCEPTOLOGY 17. CONCEPTOLOGY 18. CONCEPTOLOGY 19. CONCEPTOLOGY 20. CONCEPTOLOGY 21. Why Care About Personality?People identify with (or avoid) certain personalities.Trust is related to personality.Perception and expectations are linked withpersonality.People choose products that are an extension ofthemselves.We treat sufficiently advanced technology aspeople.Stephen P. Anderson: Eye Candy is a Critical Business Requirement CONCEPTOLOGY 22. Is it worth the investment? CONCEPTOLOGY 23. Its not an option.When technology delivers basic needs, user experience dominates.- Don Norman CONCEPTOLOGY 24. Thank you.Twitter: @karrioBlog: conceptology.orgHome: CONCEPTOLOGY