SXSW 2016 - Workshop Internet of Touch - Iskander Smit

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Adaptive Interactions in the Internet of TouchSXSW 2016; March 14, 2016Photography by Local AndroidsWe are: Iskander Smit - @iskandr Rene Samsen - @renesamsen Won van Kalsbeek - @wonvankalsbeekProgram of this workshop.50 Haptics in practice, experience and explore .70 Design for adaptive interactions.05 Research & context.90 Reflections.00 Introduction every 1st Friday, starting April 1, next conference December 2, 2016TASSTResearch & valorisation with Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesSleeve that creates an Internet of TouchPhotography by Local Androids, Model Leonie BaauwInternal product: rules and behaviorMulti-vibrationsMinor Intelligent Environments 2015making IoT workconnectable .ioResearchGijs Huisman Human Media Interaction group at the University of TwentePhD work focuses on mediated Social Touch Technology Adun Darriba FrederiksDigital Life group at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Fashion and technology: smart garments Mediated social touchTouch and developmentTouch, care and wellbeingMidas touch effectHow does touch work exactly??Haptic perceptionCutaneous systemKinesthetic sytemCutaneous systemThermoreceptorsNociceptorsMechanoreceptors=++MechanoreceptorsMerkel SA1 Meisner FA1 Ruffini SA2Pacini FA2Location Movement Vibration Skin stretchCT afferentsMechanoreceptorsSlow stroking motionLken et al. (2009)Communicating emotions through touchSympathyAnger Sympathy Disgust LoveSympathy it was!AngerAnger Sympathy Disgust LoveAnger it was!Anger 59* Hitting, squeezing, Fear 51* Trembling, squeezing, Happiness 38 Swinging, shaking, liftingSadness 35 Stroking, squeezing, Disgust 83* Pushing, lifting, tappingSurprise 24 Squeezing, lifting, shakingEmbarrassment 18 Shaking, tapping, Envy 21 Pulling, lifting, strokingPride 25 Shaking, lifting, squeezingLove 62* Stroking, finger interlock, Gratitude 66* Shaking, lifting, squeezingSympathy 57* Patting, stroking, Hertenstein et al. (2006)Touch is vital to us Touch is a complex sense Touch has rich effectsApples Digital TouchMy learningsThe wrist is a efficient place for receiving haptic signals. Vibro-haptic stimuli are very effective. Context is important for understanding thouch. 1.5 inch is the resolution distance for incremental feel.A watch. A wristband. A glass. A hat. A shirt. A belt. A ring. A glove. A sock. A sleeve. A wearable.Navigate with BeltyAdded functionsMaking distance bearableParihug, as found at SXCreateAdded functionsLechal insoles that helps to navigate and trackExperience & exploretype 3type 4type 2type 1Haptic gearPavlok pain band (1)Bluetooth steered engines + research app (2)Experience sweatband (10)Myo band (1)Design the haptic notifications for a journey of a service/taskLyft shared driveSocial car sharingPlan a route and someone doing a similar ride finds youAll mobile useThink on possible haptic moments Choose one or two moments How will these moments feel Sketch them on the paper. And it is all about the discussion.Design for adaptive interactionsImage: things are the mediators, the conversational piece for your service to build stories & relations.Haptics are part of a dialog, part of adaptive services that function in a rule based system.The touchpoints of haptics are the notifications of a service to mediate adaptive in the moment playful beyond the screenUber in MessengerConversational UIUber via Amazon EchoThe Verge: conversationsJibo at SXCreateConversational haptic coachResearch Beyond Glass; Digital Life Lab & info.nlReflectionsThanks!@iskandrMarch 14, 2016@renesamsen@wonvankalsbeek