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Prototyping magicUX/UI Workshop:October 2015Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchUI/UX Workshop: Prototyping MagicAGENDA2BORIS INTRO UI PROTOTYPING MINDSET - Design Thinking- Divergent vs Convergent- MVP vs MLPPROCESS - Goodpatch Design Process- Importance of milestonesTOOLSJAN DESIGNER - DEVELOPER COLLABORATION WORKFLOW - Concept stage- Wireframing- High-res Designs- Pixel-perfectTRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION TOOLS Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchBoris Milkowski,Managing Director, Goodpatch BerlinINTRO3boris@goodpatch.com At Goodpatch since July 2013 - Masters in Media Design, Keio University, Japan - CEMS Masters in International Mgmt, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland Previous companies: Deutsche Bank, Puma, Filippa K, PorscheGOODPATCHIntroWesttech Ventures x GoodpatchTeam at 4 years anniversary on Sep 1, 2015INTRO5Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch 6Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchA UI Design Company at heartINTRO7Beyond platform or device, the user interface is what you interact and ultimately fall in love with. Intuitive and beautiful design is our specialty.UI Design UX Design Strategic Design DevelopmentThrough iterative prototyping and relentless user tests, we identify all parts of the user experience. All for the wow! By matching organizational capabilities with genuine needs, we help you make the right product decisions. We love to be involved from the start.What sets us apart from other design firms is our ability to make design reality. From web to iOS and Android, we have amazing engineers on both the front-end and back-end.Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch2 StudiosINTRO8TOKYO BERLINMINDSETPrototyping Magic #1Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchStanfords ME310(2011- 2013)INTRO10Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchWhat is design thinking?MINDSET11Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchMINDSET12What is design thinking?human-centered innovationWesttech Ventures x GoodpatchDivergent vs convergent thinkingMINDSET13Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch 14Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch 15Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch 16Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch 17Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchDivergent vs convergent thinkingMINDSET18Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchDivergent vs convergent thinkingMINDSET19Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch 20Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchDivergent vs convergent thinkingMINDSET21Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchWhat is prototyping?MINDSET22Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchPrototypingMINDSET23Important: The goal of a prototype is not the actual prototype.Its all about the learning.Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchPrototypingMINDSET24Learning: - Cans need grip Slippery when wet> Matters to athletes as to seniors- Unique haptics can be fun for user- Identified opportunity space: Packaging - Further investigation in packaging and manufacturingWesttech Ventures x GoodpatchChallengeMINDSET25But how can we make sure we learn?Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchKey to learning: DocumentationMINDSET26Tool tip:We also useWesttech Ventures x GoodpatchMVP vs MLPMINDSET27MVPMinimal Viable ProductA Minimum Viable Product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort. Eric Ries, Lean Startup > validated learningWesttech Ventures x GoodpatchMVP vs MLPMINDSET28MVPMinimal Viable ProductA Minimum Viable Product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort. Eric Ries, Lean Startup MLPMinimal Lovable ProductIt s better to build something that a small number of users love, than a large number of users l ike. Sam Altman, Y Combinator > validated love> validated learningWesttech Ventures x GoodpatchMVP vs MLPMINDSET29PROCESSPrototyping Magic #2Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchGoodpatch Design Process - OverviewHOW WE WORK31GOODPATCH DESIGN PROCESSOVERVIEWGoodpatch applies its own design process which leads us through every project. It all starts with identifying Problems Worth Solving, followed by a team building with the client in form of a design kickoff. Through prototyping we develop the initial Minimal Lovable Product (MLP). Good software is never done and this is also how we imagine our client relationship while continuing working with you towards product vision, beyond the first launch. Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchGoodpatch Design Process - Before LaunchHOW WE WORK32BEFORE LAUNCHGOODPATCH DESIGN PROCESSWesttech Ventures x GoodpatchHOW WE WORK33POST LAUNCHGoodpatch Design Process - Post Launch (Here the real work starts)GOODPATCH DESIGN PROCESSWesttech Ventures x GoodpatchChallengePROCESS34Projects always take much longer. How can we deliver on time?Westtech Ventures x GoodpatchChallenge: How to deliver on time?PROCESS35- Choose public release dates with important external events(Promised App Store Feature, Speaker engagement, Scheduled Press article)- Internal Deadlines to freeze features (Cold Features)- Schedule enough QA time for internal bug fixes (Never not needed) - Schedule dedicated bug fixing time after release (Never not needed)TOOLSPrototyping Magic #3Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch 37Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch 38With Prott we have developed a prototyping tool to help designers better communicate their design with their team from first idea to pixel perfect in a fast and easy way. Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch 39Prototyping as communicationWesttech Ventures x Goodpatch# UsersPrott401st Anniversary Westtech Ventures x Goodpatch1 yearTools411st Anniversary 42IDEOFrogustwopivotallabsPinterestFuturiceReaktorWesttech Ventures x GoodpatchKey take-aways:43- Divergent phases are followed by convergent phases - Prototypes are all about learning, learning comes from documentation - Prototypes help you better communicate your ideas - MLP is when you build something a small amount of users love - External events help you achieve deadlines Goodpatch Design ProcessPRESENTED BYboris@goodpatch.com