Why Progressive Web App is what you need for your Business

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Progressive Web AppsAnd how can we use it!Progressive Web App in ActionChrome Dev Summit WebsiteWhats PWA?A web application that has a responsive layout, works offline and can be can be installed on the home screen of a device.Um okay, What are the features?Responsive: to fit any form factorConnectivity independent: Progressively-enhanced with Service Workers to let them work offlineDiscoverable: Are identifiable as applications thanks to W3C Manifests and Service Worker registration scope allowing search engines to find themUm okay, What are the features?Fresh: Transparently always up-to-date thanks to the Service Worker update processSafe: Served via TLS (a Service Worker requirement) to prevent snoopingApp-like-interactions: Adopt a Shell + Content application model to create app-like navigations & interactionsUm okay, What are the features?Re-engageable: Can access the re-engagement UIs of the OS; e.g. Push NotificationsInstallable: to the home screen through browser-provided prompts, allowing users to keep apps they find most useful without the hassle of an app storeLinkable: meaning theyre zero-friction, zero-install, and easy to share. The social power of URLs matters.Add on HomepageTreated like an appPush NotificationsNo Commitment Bullshit!And the best part?Not every customer or potential customer will have your native app installedYou should provide a faster web experience for web customersIn short, the faster your site is, the more likely you are to have happy customers and make more money.Progressive Web Apps are fast. The Washington Posts Progressive Web App loads new pages in less than a second.Your web users might benefit from push notificationsSo what did we learn today?PWA will help us provide a better user experience to web customers.PWA is safe, speedy and beautiful. Not every users will download and keep your native app, hence web app is the way to go.https://pwa.rocks/See more examples at