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  • When youre back at home and had an exhausting day, nothing is more pleasurable than leaning your tired back on your couch while switching on your TV. Relaxing yourself while watching an aesthetically pleasing view with your favorite movie/TV series the luxury we reward on ourselves.

    But dont you know that you can upgrade your lifestyle experience by streaming your favorite flicks via TV streaming devices? Yes! Thanks to Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime and many more. With the help of streaming media devices like TV boxes and Sticks, your ordinary TV will turn into a personal theatre house with you as the boss.

  • Here are some of the best

    streaming devices that might

    suit to your ideals:

  • BeastBox TV1.

    Amazon Fire TV2.

    This ultra-powerful android box is currently the leading streaming media device which will give you the superfluity in streaming unlimited videography. With a very wide spectrum of content from TV shows, Movies, Sports, MMA, Music, Educational Program, Live TV, and even Karaoke.

    It is $40 cheaper than the gaming edition but still grade-A in streaming quality. This streaming device comes in handy with its simple Plug and Play interface setup is a piece of cake.

  • NVIDIA Shield Android TV3.

    Apple TV4.

    This Shield Android TV also aims to convert your living room into a luxurious gaming and movie theatre. This also comes in a distinctive feature of 4K content and delivers of course a HD graphics if you have a 1080p TV.

    The devise connects to the TV via HDMI and produced powerful graphic outputs. You can also connect to the internet with the aid of Wi-Fi or Ethernet. And of course the iTunes and Icloud trademark are on the line of its benefits.

  • Roku Streaming Stick5.

    Google Chromecast (2nd Gen.)6.

    This handy streaming stick is cheap in price not in quality. You can have your own for less than $40. The price includes a controller so no need for other wirings for it to function.

    Another streaming stick is on the line. This Google Chromecast has dual-band Wi-Fi for flexibility in connection options. The stick has a HDMI cable for attachment in TV. Unlike the other streaming devices, Chromecast only cost $40 with top-notch specs.

  • MINIX NEO U17.

    SkyStream One8.

    Another streaming device that comes with specs 2GB RAM, 5-core GPU and AmLogics new S905 chipset. This is also a full Android OS which gives the user full benefit in installing apps of any device.

    SkyStream also proves their hands-on service by offering SkyStream Care package. This extra service gives you a quarterly updates for your device. The 2 year extended warranty which cost $9.99 is also their highlight of service.

  • Roku 3 (2nd Generation)9.

    Roku 410.

    This feature is for you to enjoy solely the excitement without being a bothersome in your neighborhood. Another top-notch feature is its motion sensor for the light gaming.

    The same caliber with Roku 3 but now has a 4K video support. This mega house device has a speaker for remote that will help you find it if misplaced, still has the same headphone options. One thing is certain; this device is notorious in indulging your techy needs.