Top 10 internet tips and tricks

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Top 10 Internet Tips And Tricks

Top 10 Internet Tips And TricksSafeBytes Software

One of the biggest tools humanity as a whole has at its disposal is the Internet.The amount of information contained in the world wide web is truly staggering, and we have full (or almost full, if you count the deep web) access to it twenty four hours a day and seven days a week!

There are of course, some caveats to having access to such a useful tool:

There are viruses and other types of malware lurking about in all kinds of websites, often where you least expect it. The anonymity that the internet affords can make people act like complete jerks, to the point that there have been suicides due to internet bullying. There is information that is dangerous floating around for any unhinged person to stumble upon. Anything from pipe bombs to how to make your own napalm. The deep web offers a haven for cybercriminals and other outlaws. Black market deals are just a fact of life in the Undernet.

As you can see, the internet is indeed not without its problems. Some might be worse than others (after all you cannot compare a malware infection you can remove in a few hours to a disturbed individual getting access to information about how to make explosives), but that doesnt make some of the more benign ones really annoying.

At the same time, theres also the fact that some people stumble upon these things due to bad navigation habits or because they are not used to identifying the problem before it comes.In the interest of making your life a little bit easier, we will be going over some tips to navigating the World Wide Web in this article.

And before we start always remember: if you would not go there or do that in real life, dont do it on the internet either.

Without further ado, the tips!

On the subject of security:

Look where you click. Check that the download link is indeed a download link and not a disguised button to another page. By the same token, always look at what you are downloading. If the file is too small (kilobytes instead of megabytes, for example) for the type of file you are trying to download it could be a virus. Be careful about clicking on things that have vague or confusing wording. Avoid pages that have a lot of pop-ups, distracting adverts and loud colors, they are meant to mislead you into clicking on something you shouldnt.

If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you see someone offering a copy of Windows 10 for rather cheap and they ask for money upfront (preferably from paypal) before sending you the code, rest assured that the code will never, ever come. Think before you offer up either money or banking information to any kind of page. If youre not 100% sure that its the real deal, dont risk it.

As they say on the internet: dont feed the trolls. If a person is making inflammatory comments in a fairly obvious manner, the most likely thing is that hes trying to get a rise out of people. Dont give them the satisfaction by getting all worked up about their obvious idiocy. Simply let it go and ignore them.

On little tricks to make life easier:

Familiarize yourself with universal and your browsers shortcuts. Did you know you can open a new tab by either clicking on a link with the scroll wheel or by pressing and holding the control key and then left clicking on the link? How about pressing ctrl+F4 in order to close a single tab at a time? You can even navigate between tabs by pressing ctrl+tab or ctrl+shift+tab. There are many, many shortcuts like these that will help you navigate more efficiently. Try to familiarize yourself with google search operators. Search operators are certain symbols and codes you can put into the google search bar that will allow you to get more accurate results. One example of this is placing your search them inside quotes. Searching for New York flight tickets will make the search display only pages with the same words in the same order as the ones inside the quotes. Putting inurl: before a search (for example, inurl:safebytes) will search for whatever you want in any of the pages of the site you mentioned after the operator. Last but not least, make sure that you have a safe password. During the time you spend on the internet you will probably sign up for a couple or services. Or twenty of them. And all of them need passwords in order to keep your information secure. Make sure that your passwords for each site are strong:

o both capital and lowercase letterso at least 8 characters longo numberso if allowable, special symbols

Yes, each and every one of the passwords should be, if at all possible, different. Of course, this is not really that doable If you are a normal human being entirely from memory, so a password management application is your best bet here.

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