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Curriculum Overview for Key Stage 3;SubjectYear 7Year 8 (8/9 Y1)Year 9 (8/9 Y2)AutumnSpringSummerAutumnSpringSummerAutumnSpringSummerEnglishMyself and OthersNovel The Iron ManThe IncrediblesA Christmas CarolThe Novel - Oliver TwistGeat Expectations.Reading skills and creative writingPoetry -The Highwayman/TravelShakespeare - MacbethMyths and LegendsPoetry and FictionReading ExperiencesGenres Fiction and non-fictionShakespeareNovel PoetryReading skills and creative writingNon-fiction MediaComprehension and report writing.Presentation skills.Shakespeare The TempestNovel; Drama skills, performance pieces, comprehension and analysisUnderpinning the KS 3 curriculum is a consistent focus on handwriting, spelling, punctuation, grammar, phonics and oracyMathsMental Maths Baseline Number/ Place ValueLinear Calculations2,5 10 Times TablesTime hour, past, past/toSymmetryMental MathsNumber +/-/ arraysBasic FractionsCalculation; MoneyRecognising 2D/3D basic shapesMental MathsNumber +/- x/ VocabularyData Handling Bar graphs/linearMeasurement LengthMental Maths AssessmentPlace value Th H T U strategiesNumber formal methods +/-; Time. Minutes/Passage of timeMental MathsNumber / CountingCalculation- decimals /fractions (addition of equivalent)Space and Shape- nets/tessellationMental MathsNumber / CountingCalculation 3,6,4,8,Times Tables;Data Handling Carroll/Venn diagramsMeasurement CapacityMental Maths +/-Place value THTUNumber + & - TimeShape tessel. 2DMental Maths x/Place value THTUNumber /decimals/fractionsData handling Mental Maths AssessmentNumber +/- x/ formal methods times tablesMeasure Mass/Length/ CapacityFast Learning challenges in KS3. Throughout the Key Stage lessons will be linked to a variety of ICT opportunities. Key Stage 3 Years 7-8 will follow Rapid Maths, Year 9 and Key Stage 4 will follow Mymaths. The latter will be linked to the students ability level and support their knowledge and understanding through a variety of tasks and challengesScienceAcids and alkalisSolids, liquids and gases / cells + bacteriaEarth and spaceStructure of the earthForcesReproduction + food websAtoms, elements, compounds and mixturesVariation, skeleton/musclesElectricity and magnetismNutrition and digestionPeriodic TableProperties and uses of materials. EnergyChemical reactions +geneticsLight waves and sound wavesRespiration / drugsPhotosynthesisMotion speeding up + slowing downICTWord Processing & Basic Computer SkillsPresentations & DTPPresentations & DTPSpreadsheetEmailsEnd of year projectWord processingPresentations & DTPSpreadsheetDatabaseDigital Imaging End of year projectWord processingPresentations & DTPEmailInternet researchSpreadsheetPreparation for ITQ/Entry LevelAll students regardless of age/year group will receive Internet Safety training during the first weeks of the Autumn Term and during Internet Safety Day (Week) (1st week of Feb)REFAITH COMMUNITIES- Importance of Belonging and Expressions of Belonging.Importance of Worship and Places of WorshipRites of Passage, Birth and Initiation, wedding and Death ceremonies. SACRED WRITINGS/ RELIGIOUS LEADERS Bible through character and stories. Christian Leaders. JUDAISIM - Torah and ShabbatISLAM QU ran and MohammedLife and importance of Religious leadersInspirational peopleBELIEFS AND PRACTICES/ IDEAS ABOUT GODChristian Beliefs and Practices, Judaism Beliefs and PracticesIslam Beliefs and PracticesHinduism Beliefs and PracticesSigns and SymbolsIdeas about GodPESwimmingFootballBasketball(basic skills)SwimmingFitnessMovement to Music(basic)SwimmingCricket/rounders (basic skills)AthleticsFootballBasketballBadminton(intermediate skills)FitnessMovement to MusicNew Age Kurling/Boccia(intermediate)Cricket/roundersAthletics(intermediate skills)FootballBasketballBadminton(intermediate skills)FitnessMove to MusicNew Age Kurling/Boccia(intermediate)Cricket/roundersAthletics(intermediate skills)Art / DTPortraits To look at different portraits from around the world and to develop line drawing skills. Mechanism - To understand and use simple paper mechanisms Mythical Creatures - to develop drawing skills through collage and tracing techniques. Bookends To develop practical woodwork skills and understand safety rules Printmaking to look at different types of print making in the UK and to develop a simple repeat pattern.Structures To gain understanding of different structures around the world and how they are builtGraffiti To look at British graffiti artists and develop the use of colour.Christmas decoration to use a range of wood work skills to produce a basic Christmas decoration.Landscapes to develop understanding of a foreground and backgroundWooden boxes: To look at traditional ways to join wood togetherFashion design To look at the history of fashion and to develop basic designs.Mechanisms to develop a simple wooden toy with a cam systemAnimals To develop ideas around animal camouflage through collage.Wind chimes To develop practical wood work and metal work skillsPop Art To look at the history and impact of pop art and create an original pop art design.Birdhouse To build on existing skills in woodwork and produce a successful product that is accurately measured outComic book To develop literacy and artskills to produce a simple comic book about school lifeEgg Cup To explore the use of plastic materials and its properties through the use of heat.MusicListen to and appraise folk and world music. Explore Interrelated dimensions through performing and composingListen to and appraise music written for Spring. Explore basic rhythm and notation through drumming.Listen to and Appraise music for Dance. Develop performance and composing skills on the Ukulele / keyboard.Develop composing, performing, listening and appraising skills by exploring music for TV and Film.Explore the music of Indonesia, composing, performing, listening and appraising.Develop performance and composing skills on the Ukulele / keyboard.Develop composing, performing, listening and appraising skills by exploring Programme musicExplore the music of India, composing, performing, listening and appraising.Develop performance and composing skills on the Ukulele / keyboard.DramaDrama is Serious Fun:Working togetherChristmas Production: Performance skillsIt Was TerrifyingKey moment; emotional literacyMimeShakespearePerformance skillsArts AwardPersonal developmentGiant ThunderMonologueAuthority and SubjugationScripted DramaThe Signalman developing performanceCreating atmosphereShakespeare in PerformanceEnsembles and companiesBecoming a CharacterEmotional LiteracyThe SnowmanTheatrical Technique and formShakespeare in PerformanceBrechtian dramaHistoryGeogMedieval Britain Norman Conquest.Natural and Human World key features of Africa, Asia, Russia, Middle EastMagna CartaVolcanoes and EarthquakesBlack Death and Peasants Revolt.Rivers flood and droughtBritain 1509-1745Charles I and Oliver CromwellChocolate and the Fair Trade. French RevolutionChina and IndustrializationCaptain Cook, cotton and Slave Trade.TourismBritain 1745-1901 Local history, industrialization Staying at home The British IslesBritain at War Adolf Hitler/ HolocaustClimate zones and climate changeBritain from 1901 = Welfare State.European links. PSHEWRLPuberty; Our Class; Modern/ Social Reform; Personal skills; employability. Life long learning. Negotiation and criticism.Relationships with others; Substance use/misuse; Votes for all; Career choices; roles in work placePersonal safety; Who runs the UK; Employment law. Enterprise. Business finance and structureSexual health; Enjoy and be active; The fight for the vote; Interests and talents. Negotiation and criticism.Relating to adults; Staying safe; Human Rights; Careers choices, roles in workplaceChangimg family networks; Emotional health/anti social behavior; Identity, prejudice and Britishness; Finance and structure of businessSexual health; Healthy lifestyle; Homophobia and censorship;, Negotiation and criticismSexual relationships; Staying safe; The Justice system; career choices; roles in workplaceRelationships, human rights; Liberties enjoyed by citizens; Informed choices and action planning; enterprise; finance and businessMFLListening, reading, speaking and writing activities in GERMAN. Theme Greetings, Numbers, ARTGERMAN Theme SPORT. GERMAN_ Theme GERMAN FOOTBALLFRENCH- Greetings, numbers, colours, Theme CHOCOLATEFRENCH- SPORT THEMEFRENCH Study of FranceFRENCH SPIES AND SECRET AGENT themeFRENCH MUSIC and TV theme. FRENCH- MUSIC ,TV and FILM theme. CookeryUnit 1- Health, safety and hygiene in the kitchen. Unit 2- Equipment3- Planning a shopping trip4-Healthy eating5- Eating together6-Lifeskills7- Health, safety and hygiene8-Healthy snacks9 and 10-Foods from around the world11-Planning a meal for an occasion12-Life skillsUnit 1- Health, safety and hygiene in the kitchen.2-Preparing a meal for a special diet3-Shopping, planning and budgeting meals4-Healthy eating5-Cookery book6-Life skillsThe red highlighted areas show opportunities where SMSC and British Values could naturally be promoted in the curriculum.