1 Loosely coupled OPC client used to animate GIS Mariusz Post Maciej Zbrzezny www.cas.eu.

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Slide 11 Loosely coupled OPC client used to animate GIS Mariusz Post Maciej Zbrzezny www.cas.eu Slide 2 2 CONTROL PROCESS d citizens #:1M Heating plants: 3 Total thermal output:2560MW Heat distribution network:~800km ~500miles Number of nodes:~7 000 Production in cogeneration: Hot water Electric power Steam Slide 3 3 GIS Functions: Inventory & localization Topology map Inventory Modeling Hydraulic calculation Supply area visualization More.... NOT REAL-TIME SYSTEM Slide 4 4 APPLICATION Application general modelData Business Presentation Slide 5 5 Application: integrated architecture Data services Business services Presentation services 3 layers Slide 6 6 Application: distributed architecture Data services Business services Presentation services 3 layers Slide 7 7 Application: communication standards Data services Business services Presentation services 3 layers SQLOPCHTTP/XMLSQLOPCHTTP/XML Slide 8 8 PROCESS INTRFC OPC INTRFC GIS: Process integration Data(OPC/C) Business Presentation GIS CACHE OPC SERVER GIS BLACK BOX Multisource Connect/Disconnect/reconnect Items database Group management Subscription Read (synch/asynch/deadband) Write ??? Security Shutdown To do it we need: To know OPC specification To write a lot of lines of code (XX 000) To develop for the same platform To know internal architecture & interfaces specifications Slide 9 9 Data IMPORT DataPorter HTTP/XML GIS: Process integration Business Presentation GIS SERIALOPC/S CACHE DATA Slide 10 10 DataPorter SQL P1 = aa+a+... PUSH(Q1, d+c) DataPorter OPC client SQL CONNECTIVITY XML CONNECTIVITY OPC CONNECTIVITY a = aa + 10 bb Average(a, b, c, d) HORIZONTAL VERTICAL XML - P1 - P2 - P3 - P4 TAGS - Q1 - Q2 - Q3 - Q4 QUEUES OPCS - aa - bb - cc - dd TAGS OPCS - a - b - c - d TAGS Slide 11 11 DataPorter CONFIGURATION GIS SMALLWORD OPC COMMSERVER SQL ORACLE STATISTIC PROCESSOR TRANSPORT ENGINE SQL OPC XML DataPorter - OPC client Slide 12 12 DataPorter FEATURES Multi-sources; Easy configurable; Advanced transport algorithm: deadbands and minimal update rates; Transactions; Buffered queues; DataPorter HTTP/SOAP/WSDL THERE IS NO NEED TO MAKE THE GIS CLIENT SO COMPLICATED Slide 13 13 HTTP / SOAP / WSDL Easy to access well defined interface: WSDL description: http://Server:9000/OPCRealtim eDataAccess?wsdl http://Server:9000/OPCRealtim eDataAccess?wsdl UML Description Available services: OPCRealtimeDataAccess OPCBufferedDataAccess Slide 14 14 OPCRealtimeDataAccess Service for accessing current data. Values Items list List of available properties and value of properties Slide 15 15 OPCBufferedDataAccess Protection from missing any information FIFO queue algorithm Transaction algorithm connect to queue; start transaction; get elements; end transaction remove queue contents Slide 16 16 SOC SBs Corporate network SERVR View GIS View SCs Corporate field network SOC KDs SPM EC TCH SYSTEM INTEGRATION Slide 17 17 NAT Kxxx VLAN SYM SOC TCH Corporate field network EC KOM SQL SYSTEMS INTEGRATION View SERVER Corporate network GIS View SBk WALL SCREEN SQL OPC Slide 18 18 NAT Kxxx SCk VLAN SYM SOC SBs SCs SOC KDs SPM TCH Corporate field network EC KOM ORACLE View SERWER Corporate network GIS View SBk SYSTEMS INTEGRATION - GIS WIZ OPCS SOC GIS UNTOUCHABLE Slide 19 19 MASTER RS485ETHERNET WS PASSIVE OPC SERVER PASSIVE MONITOR CACHE INTERFACE OPC Slide 20 20 Main Components OPCBSOPCSr DataPorter GIS ClientGIS Server OPC GIS HTTP / SOAP OPCSr Slide 21 21 GIS Functions: Inventory & localization P=1.1Mpa T=96 C C=0.25 Mpa Slide 22 22 Thank you for your time Slide 23 23 SQL CONNECTIVITYXML CONNECTIVITY OPC CONNECTIVITY