1 What is our mission? Who is our customer? What does our customer value? What are our results? What is our plan? What are we trying to achieve? How have.

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What is our mission?Who is our customer?What does our customer value?What are our results?What is our plan?What are we trying to achieve?How have our customers changed?What are our customers aspirations?How do we define results for our organization?Where should we focus our efforts?What are our internal and external considerations?Do our strengths match the needs of our customers?What is our capacity to deliver?What are the major contributors or hindrances?What are the goals that will enable us to achieve our desired results?Should we redefine our mission? Why or why not?Should we add or remove certain customer groups?What resources do we have to determine our customers satisfaction?How do we share these results?What are the budget implications?Clarity: Your Mission MattersThe Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization- Peter Drucker (with others)#Decisions through the lens of your missionWhat if we disappeared tonight?What would the world, the community, or individuals regret having lost?- Tom Ahern http://aherncomm.com What would this organization be doing, that its not doing already, if money were no object?- Pamela Jones Davidsonhttp://www.giftplanners.com/davidson_gift_design/ Who Do We Serve?What is Our Core Strength?What is Our Core Score?What Actions Can We Take Today?The One Thing You Need to Know About Great Managing, Great Leading, and Sustained Individual Success- Marcus Buckingham http://www.tmbc.com/ #

Source: Kate Barr, Nonprofits Assistance FundMission in Mind: Program Review#3Our organizational values over the past 5 years (top 15, most important at the top):The values we would like to live (in the future / always):For more information on planning with values, see Dennis Jaffes The Values Edge(SM) card system: www.dennisjaffe.com. Using a deck of 56 cards, each with a separate value, The Values Edge(SM) system allows a user to sort and prioritize their values.Are we living our most important values? (My most important values?)What barriers are preventing us from living our core values? (My core values?)What is out of balance in our organization? (In my life?)To get more balance, in what areas should we grow? (Should I grow?)What specific actions can we take to gain more balance? (Can I take?)How have our values shifted over time? (How have my values shifted?)

Clarity: Your Values Matter#AcceptanceAccountabilityAchievementAdventure AffordabilityAmbitionAnimal rightsAppearanceApprovalArtistryAuthenticAutonomyBalanceBeauty BelongingBoldnessCareer ChallengeCharmClarityCollaborationCommitmentCommunicationCommunityCompassionCompetenceCompletionConfidenceConformityConnectionConnectivityConsistencyConflict ResolutionControlCourageCreativityCultureCuriosityDignityDiligenceDeterminationEducationEmpowermentEnjoymentEnvironmentEthicalExcellenceExpertiseExpressionFairnessFaithFamilyFinancial SecurityForgivenessFreedom (personal?)FriendshipFrugalityFunFutureGenerosityGrowth (personal?)HappinessHarmonyHealingHealth (physical / emotional)HelpingHonestyHonorHopeHumorImaginationIndependenceInfluenceIngenuityInnocenceIntegrityJoyKnowledgeLaughterLeadershipLearningLoveLoyaltyMaking a DifferenceMobilityModerationModestObjectiveOpen MindednessOpportunityOptimismOriginalityPartnershipPassionPeacePersistencePlayPleasurePowerPrivacyProsperityPurityRebellionRecognition

RelaxationRespectResponsibilitySafetySecurityServiceSimplicitySincerity Social ResponsibilitySolitudeSpiritualitySpontaneityStabilityStatusStewardshipStrengthSurpriseSupportSustainabilityTeachingThoughtfulnessThought leadershipToleranceTraditionTransformationTrustUniqueness VisionWealthWisdomWinningWholesomeWork-Life Balance____________________________________Values: Organizationally, Personally? #Contribution to Mission


LOW Use of Resources

Is this really a good fit for us?Keep / Expand These Programs

HIGH Use of ResourcesReconfigure / Eliminate thesePrograms?CORECan we do it differently with fewer or different resources?


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