1.5 | Staff Structure

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1.5 | Staff Structure. STEP 1 - LEARN. Today we will look at corporate structure and draw comparisons to the way we will work this year. STAFF STRUCTURE. Flat Organizational Structure. EIC or teacher. Design Editor. Marketing Manager. Staff. Staff. Staff. Staff. Staff. Staff. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 1.5 | Staff Structure

  • STEP 1 - LEARNToday we will look at corporate structure and draw comparisons to the way we will work this year.

  • STAFF STRUCTUREFlat Organizational StructureEIC or teacherDesign EditorStaffStaffStaffStaffStaffStaffMarketing Manager

  • STAFF STRUCTUREFunctional Organizational Structure

    EIC or teacher





  • OUR STAFF STRUCTUREThis is how we will work

  • STEP 2 - PRACTICEWorking in small groups divided according to staff structure, use Activity 1.5 Book Critique to look for strengths and weaknesses in last years book.List off as many as possible but do not discuss them.Take turns sharing the lists and discuss.Set five realistic goals for improving the yearbook. Finish the discussion by establishing reward(s) for meeting goals.

  • STEP 3 - USEWorking independently, fill out Activity 1.5 Goal Tending to outline your personal goals and objectives.

    With very few levels of management between the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/president and employees, this organizational structure is often used for a small company with 20 or fewer employees. Decisions can be made quickly because there are only a few levels of management. Though employees tend to specialize in a specific skill, very often everyone contributes to each job regardless of personal strengths or preferences. A designer, for example, may be called on to do copywriting depending on the needs of the organization at that time.

    *This type of structure focuses on job functions or functional areas. Companies use this type of structure when they want to arrange their organization by department. In this type of structure, employees with shared skills and knowledge are grouped together. This structure requires that each employees has a specific skill set that will be utilized every single day at work. A designer would rarely be required to write, for instance.

    *Teacher: outline your staff structure for the class so they can draw a connection between what you are doing and the real-world skills they are learning. As you work this term, students will need a clear understanding of their position on the staff and the responsibilities entailed.*Note: if you do not have extra copies of last years book, use the year before or a book from a different school.*


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