16-18 A 14-15 B 13 C 11-12 D 0-10 F. Week Sixteen (December 14-18) Day 1- Quiz Chapter 16 Day 2-Prepare discussion questions and Read HR 31-36- (GRAPES-Rise.

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  • 16-18 A 14-15 B 13 C 11-12 D 0-10 F
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  • Week Sixteen (December 14-18) Day 1- Quiz Chapter 16 Day 2-Prepare discussion questions and Read HR 31-36- (GRAPES-Rise of Absolute Monarchs, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment) Week Seventeen (January 4-8) Day 1- Quiz Chapter 17 and prepare discussion questions --- Happy New Year!! Day 2-Read HR 118-128 (GRAPES-Spain in North America, Spain in South America, Brazil, French N America, English N America)
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  • Protestant Reformation Guttenberg Martin Luther indulgences salvation could be by faith based on the Bible John Calvin Predestination Council of Trent Jesuits Catholic Reformation. Wars of religion
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  • Supernatural Witch-hunts Superstition
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  • The Scientific Revolution Greeks and the Romans Copernicus Galileo suppressed Isaac Newtons Francis Bacon Rene Descartes
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  • Early Enlightenment Government, religion, economics, and education Reason, nature, happiness, progress, and liberty. Thomas Hobbs social contract Between government and people John Locke natural rights Life, Liberty, property.
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  • Enlightenment Cont. Voltaire Freedom of expression Montesquieu separation of powers Rousseau General Will of the people secular Individuality
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  • Changing Soc-Political Patterns I State Development absolutist rulers Bourgeoisie alliances with commercial elites Charles Spain England (Part I) Henry VIII England (Part II) English Civil War Oliver Cromwell England (Part III) The Glorious Revolution William and Mary Bill of Rights
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  • Changing Soc-Political Patterns II France Estates General Louis XIV Colbert Versailles Standing armies- navies English Royal Navy defeated Spains Catholic Armada France, Britain, Austria, and Russia Netherlands
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  • Economic Changes Bourgeoisie manufacturing, finance, trade joint-stock companies and stock exchanges African slaves contributed greatly to Europe's economy New World crops Spain alliances with commercial elites Netherlands Amsterdam
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  • 1. In what different ways did climate change and environmental degradation affect European societies during the period 15001750? 2. What were the long-term political effects of the Protestant Reformation? 3. What role did governments play in the development of the Western European economy?
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  • 4. What factors spurred the technological development during this period? Are there particular conditions that favor technological innovation? 5. Analyze and discuss the significance of the differences between absolutism and constitutionalism. 6. In what ways did the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment challenge the intellectual and political status quo in early modern Europe ?


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