20 top tips to Improve your pub’s performance

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20 top tips to Improve your pubs performance. The Pub Specialist. 1. Delegate Stop thinking you can do everything yourself, its simple, you cant!!,and think of the long term health risk. 2. Step back from the business sometimes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

20 top tips to Improve your pubs performanceThe Pub Specialist


1. Delegate Stop thinking you can do everything yourself, its simple, you cant!!,and think of the long term health risk.

2. Step back from the business sometimes. How well are you really doing?. Have you got a plan ,vision or any goals in place?

3 Get yourself and your business under control so you can spend more time with loved ones.

4.Train or find guidance, in taking more calculated risks. Following the norm can get boring, make sure you keep your offer fresh.

5 Structure your week so you get those menial I dont like doing these jobs out of the way. Sweep it under the carpet culture allowing issues to fester, will only cause bigger problems further down the line.

6 Motivate -It doesnt take a lot of effort to get the best out your team, a well done today can be appreciated by everyone.

7. Smile more- if you do not have a customer service procedure in place, just smiling at the customer and saying Hi how you are today is a good start.

8 Cash flow is important, but dont have a counting the cash mentality, its all about bottom line profit!!

9 End of year accounts are just dust collectors, make sure you get a bookkeeper to give you monthly profit and loss reports on how you are doing financially.

10. Monitor- the opposition, go and have a meal and benchmark the ambience, service ,and menu prices. Is there something you could be doing better?..

11 Promote good referrals on sites like Trip Advisor- by monitoring how well you operate through the eyes of the customers, get a mystery audit survey done.

12 Dont believe- youre so good that your menu prices get out of synch with the market placeit happens a lot!!

13 Think- of your website as an information site, and what you can do for you the customer

14 Stop- pushing on social media sites like Twitter, selling your products should only be 10% of the conversation

15 ..Think of your outlet as a brand. How do customers perceive it, what emotional state does it evoke with them?

16 Point -your business in the right direction, stop wasting advertising monies in the wrong areas just because its convenient to do so.

17 Broadcasting is advertising for blue-chip companies. think narrow casting- the smaller/closer the target the bigger the bulls eye.

18 Entice- the customer with the perception of value -Valentines meal 24.95 etc.. per person. Free bubbly on arrival Red rose for the lady Chocolates on departure. Remember people love presents.

19 Appreciate the lifetime customer value, and how you can develop different entertainment occasions to drive sales.

20 Think of your marketing like heartbeats, keep it consistent and repetitive, keeping your outlet in the customers attention window.

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