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    AMBULATORY CLINIC SERVICES Clinic Support Newsletter February 2015

    Ambulatory Clinic Contact Information…………………...... Pg 2 Resource for contact information for all clinic staff

    MPC Important Document Scanning Information.............. Pg 3 Information on scanning ABN’s and NeHII forms

    Medication Guide Update………..…………………….......... Pg 4 Updated information on adding medications in PowerChart

    Updates, Tid-Bits and Reminders…………………..…........... Pg 5-7 Auto Text changes, Allergy Updates, and more!

    Standard Entry Guidelines for Patient Demographics........ Pg 7

    Medication Reconciliation Information............................... Pg 8-9 Summary View / Provider View

    MPC Resident/Student Training Process Update................ Pg 10

    MPC Support Training Schedule & Contact Information… Pg 11 Contact information, training session times, & important reminders for managers.

    Word Search Fun – win a prize!…...…………………….…… Pg 12 MPC Support Newsletter competition drawing - Win a prize! Puzzle answers and

    winners of the previous Newsletter drawing.

    The Cerner News website has training

    materials, videos, updates and important

    resources for all things Cerner related!




    Support for Staff at these locations:

    1 Methodist Hospital

    2 JE Hospital

    3 WH Hospital

    4 MPC Clinics

    5 HBC Clinics

    New Year, New look Our newsletter has been modified to the Ambulatory Clinic

    Services / Clinic Support Newsletter. The newsletters will now

    contain sections directed towards Methodist Physicians Clinics

    (MPC) and/or Hospital Based Clinics (HBC’s). The goal of this

    newsletter is to provide our ambulatory clinic staff with important

    information on Cerner updates, helpful tips & tricks, MPC & HBC

    clinic contact information, important reminders on

    documentation within PowerChart or other Cerner applications

    by clinic staff and result in better patient care and increased

    consistency of documentation and use of Cerner within

    the entire Methodist Health System.

    Thank you – Ambulatory Clinic Team Management

    for future

    enhancements with the

    Cerner News website

    including the merger of

    the current MPC Support

    website information &

    resources all in one


    More updates coming in

    future newsletters!

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    Cerner Support Line: Support for all Methodist hospital and ambulatory clinic staff, choosing from available options direct staff to appropriate support teams. Phone: 402-354-6690

    MPC Support Team Supervisor MPC – Tory Lethcoe Phone: 402-354-3365 Fax: 402-354-5490 Email: Tory.Lethcoe@nmhs.org

    HBC – Lisa Gepson Phone: 402-354-6454 Fax: 402-354-7918 Email: Lisa.Gepson@nmhs.org

    Meaningful Use - Clinic Compliance

    MPC - Josh Harper Phone: 402-354-6329 Email: Joshua.Harper@nmhs.org

    HBC – Jed Hansen Phone: 402-354-6580 Email: Jed.Hansen2@nmhs.org

    Stop Service - Phone: 402-354-6350

    Deceased Patient Notifications - Email: RESDLLMPCDeceasedPatientNotification@nmhs.org

    MPC Support Team: The Methodist Physician Clinic (MPC) Support Team is comprised of 13 Application Specialists who are available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on-call service. On-call service is also

    provided from 12 to 6 p.m. on weekends. Phone: 402-354-5420 Fax: 402-354-5490 Email: MPCSupport@nmhs.org

    MPC Cancel Encounter requests or reporting multiple MRN#’s Phone: 402-354-1427 Email: MPC.MRN-EncounterCombine@nmhs.org

    MPC Clinic Scheduling Maintenance Requests Melinda Van Eaton Phone: 402-354-4964 Fax: 402-354-6355 Email: Melinda.VanEaton@nmhs.org

    Alyssa McGuire Phone: 402-354-5639 Fax: 402-354-6355 Email: Alyssa.McGuire@nmhs.org

    MPC Clinic Scanning Questions/Clinic Support Newsletter Editor Cindy Johanson Phone: 402-354-5636 Fax: 402-354-6355 Email: Cindy.Johanson@nmhs.org

    MPC Transcription Contact Information:

    Transcription Department Phone: 402-354-1436 Fax: 402-354-1544 Cindy Parr, Supervisor Phone: 402-354-1435 Email: Cindy.Parr@nmhs.org

    MPC ROI Department Phone: 402-354-1494 Fax: 402-354-1350 Email: RESDLMPCReleaseOfInformation@nmhs.org

    HBC Cancel Encounter requests or reporting multiple MRN#’s Mary Jo Ziskey Phone: 402-354-3435 Email: Mary.Ziskey@nmhs.org

    HBC Clinic Scanning Questions Lisa Gepson Phone: 402-354-6454 Email: Lisa.Gepson@nmhs.org

    HIM Department Phone: 402-354-4660

    HBC Transcription Contact Information:

    Phone: 712-396-7062 Fax: 712-396-4202

    HBC/Methodist/Women’s ROI Department

    Phone: 402-354-4657 or 402-354-4658 Fax: 402-354-8790

    IT Service Desk - Dictaphone, Dragon, computer performance or office equipment issues, etc. Phone: 402-354-2280

    RCT Training Department – Revenue Cycle Training Support team Phone: 402-354-8550 Fax: 402-354-5640 Email: RCTInbox@nmhs.og

    Methodist Imaging Department

    Phone: 402-354-4383 Fax: 402-354-3595

    Jennie Edmundson Hospital ROI Department Phone: 712-396-7248 Fax: 712-396-7773

    mailto:Lisa.Gepson@nmhs.org mailto:Joshua.Harper@nmhs.org mailto:Jed.Hansen2@nmhs.org mailto:RESDLLMPCDeceasedPatientNotification@nmhs.org mailto:MPCSupport@nmhs.org mailto:MPC.MRN-EncounterCombine@nmhs.org mailto:Melinda.VanEaton@nmhs.org mailto:Alyssa.McGuire@nmhs.org mailto:Cindy.Johanson@nmhs.org mailto:Cindy.Parr@nmhs.org mailto:RESDLMPCReleaseOfInformation@nmhs.org mailto:Mary.Ziskey@nmhs.org mailto:Lisa.Gepson@nmhs.org mailto:RCTInbox@nmhs.og
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    Resource for Training Materials, Tips &

    Tricks, MPC EMR Scanning Document List,

    and more!

    Sign in as:

    MAs, Receptionist, Med Rec, etc.: Username: nurse Password: evolution

    MPC Important Document Scanning Information

    Scanning Advance Beneficiary Notices (ABN’s) for MPC Staff

    IMPORTANT: MPC receptionists should NOT be scanning ABN’s into the registration application when scanning

    insurance cards, driver’s license and other registration documentation.

    Advance Beneficiary Notices need to be scanned into the patient chart as a part of the patient’s legal

    medical record in PowerChart.

     The ABN needs to be scanned to the specific clinic encounter and date of the appointment.

     Scan the form to the document type ‘ABN’

    This will enable coders, auditors, financial office staff and everyone find this documentation quicker and easier.

    Clinic staff can find a current copy of the EMR Document List on the

    MPC Support Website under ‘Reference’ section.

    NOTE: MPC clinics can send ABN’s to Regency HVS to be scanned, they

    must follow same guidelines as outlined below for the NeHII forms.

    Keep different types of forms separated, do not send together. This helps

    the staff at HVS in Regency process the documents quicker and easier.

    NeHII Form for MPC Clinics Reminders

    Important - please be sure you are using the correct NeHII form for MPC clinics:

     Patient Label should be on top left, these are formatted for clinics (hospital version has label on the bottom)

     Scan documents to ‘Consent Forms’ in PowerChart

    If MPC clinics send NeHII forms to Regency/High Volume

    Scanning (HVS) to be scanned:

     The form MUST have label on it. Do not hand write

    patient information in the label area; this will not be

    picked up by the scanning equipment.

     Please put labels on documents as straight as

    possible over the box area, scanning equipment

    will not pick up the barcode if they are too crooked.

     Send documents via interoffice mail:

    TO: Cindy Parr/High Volume Scanning

    FROM: Your name/Facility & Dept.

     Do NOT send ‘Privacy Notice Written Acknowledgement’ forms to HVS – these are scanned by

    registration staff during registration and should not be sent to the HVS department.

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    Medication Guide Update

    To help ambulatory clinic staff

    with adding medications into

    PowerChart, the Medication

    Guides were updated with

    helpful information.

    If you would like to receive a

    new laminated copy, please

    call 354-6690 (option 4 or 5).

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    Updates, Tid-Bits and Reminders

    New Patient Self-Referral Communication Type

    A new communication type of Patient Self-Referral was added. Any staff member that enters an order for a

    patient who self-schedules a mammogram will need to select this type when placing the order. If they do not

    select this communication type it will negatively affect the providers MEANINGFUL USE measurements.

    Auto Text Changes

    The Global Auto Text prefix is changing from a period (.) to the close bracket (]). This change will happen within

    the next couple of weeks.

    New Digital Dictation System – for Radiologists

    PowerScribe 360 is the digital dictation system that radiologists in the Health System will be using to dictate their

    reports starting the morning of Wednesday, February 18th. The reports will appear in PowerChart as they do

    now, and final reports will be sent to the ordering provider thru Message Center or current expedites from

    Cerner as they do now.

    If a clinic staff member notices any issues with retrieving reports on February 18th or after, please call:

    PowerScribe 360 Hotline 402.354.7344. This number will be in use for at least the first 2 weeks of this

    implementation. At that time, Imaging will re-evaluate the need for the hotline.

    New Auto Text is available called .consumer* which states:

    “Please reply to this message to acknowledge you have received it. Let

    me know if you have any questions. Thank you.”

    This auto text was created to assist all users in encouraging patients to

    reply to consumer messages in Message Center to meet the

    MEANINGFUL USE measure.

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    Updates, Tid-Bits and Reminders (cont.)

    Adding Allergies Update

    On February 3rd, the *Category field in Allergies became a ‘required’ field. Staff must now choose Drug, Food,

    Environment or Other from the available options:

     IMPORTANT REMINDER: If a patient does not have allergies to any drug, food, or environmental causes

    select “NKA” No Known Allergies. The below example is correct!

    If a patient presents with a food or environmental allergy, but does not have an allergy to a medication

    select “No Known Medication Allergies” for that patient. The below example is correct!

    Update on Ebola/Respiratory/Measles form – Scanning Update

    Measles Screening Update

    As of 2/14/15 clinics can discontinue screening for measles at the time of phone triage and patient registration.

    According to the Douglas County Health Department (DCHD), there are no other pending cases of measles.

    If we get future communication from the DCHD that additional lab-confirmed cases are identified, we will

    re-initiate screening at that time.

    Ebola Screening Update

    The CDC has not lifted the recommendation to screen all persons for Ebola Virus disease at the point of entry

    into healthcare facilities. Therefore, the clinics need to continue to do phone screening and screening at

    patient registration. The Ebola screening form has been revised to ask just one screening question. A new form

    was recently emailed to all clinic managers. This new form does NOT need to be scanned into PowerChart.

    If the response is yes, the MA/nurse documents this information into PowerChart.

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    Updates, Tid-Bits and Reminders (cont.)

    Pediatric Consults Update

    On January 22nd, all of the consult pediatric specialty orders with the exception of Consult Pediatrics and

    Consult Pediatric Surgery were removed from PowerChart order options. The suggested workflow is to select

    your desired consult specialty such as "Consult Urology" then enter the pediatric specialty details into the order

    using the "Consult to/Consult with: " field.

    If you are unable to find a specialty or have any questions please call Support Services at 402-354-6690.

    Standard Entry Guidelines for Patient Demographics Reminders

    When entering patient demographic information into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, there are

    guidelines that need to be followed by all Methodist Health System staff. It is very important these guidelines

    are adhered to consistently by all staff as it will help everyone locate patient EMR records faster, help reduce

    documentation errors, assist in eliminating duplicate patient MRNs from being created, and ultimately result in

    better patient care.

    Example guidelines:

     When entering patient names you should always use UPPER CASE letters and no punctuation.

     Do not enter nicknames for patients; legal names should always be used.


    o Jacqueline vs Jackie

    o Nathaniel vs Nate

     The Birth Date is a required field. If the birth date is not known, enter the default date of 01/01/1901. This

    should be updated as soon as this information becomes available.

     The Social Security Number is a required field and should be entered whenever possible. If it is

    unknown, the patient refuses, or the number has not yet been assigned (newborns), enter 111-11-1111.

    If they are not US Citizens, enter 999-99-9999. Do not use any other variations of numbers when SSN#’s

    are unknown. These are standards should be used throughout the health system.

     All telephone numbers (home, work, and cell) must include the area code. If the patient does not have

    a home or work number or the information is not available, enter 111-111-1111. The Home or Work

    Comment field will be required. NONE or NEED may be entered. Enter cell phone numbers in the Cell

    Phone number field.

    Look for more tips/reminders for standard guidelines in upcoming newsletters!

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    MPC Resident/Student Training Process Update

    For MPC clinics to streamline the training process we’re now asking clinic managers to complete a training

    request form. All of the items in the form are required for us to set the user up appropriately.

    We are pleased to announce that MPC Support now offers online training sessions for Residents and Students.

    Resident/Student Training Process

    1. Clinic Manager sends the training request form to mpc.support@nmhs.org or Karen.rau@nmhs.org .

    2. MPC Support management will request Network and Cerner Sign-ons.

    3. Once MPC Support receives the sign-on they will forward the following information to the clinic


     The users network login information

     A web link to the resident training video

     A web link to a powernote training video (complete if necessary)

     Training checklist and Confidentiality Agreement

    4. After the trainee watches the video, signs the checklist and confidentiality agreement the clinic

    manager will return these to mpc.support@nmhs.org or Karen.rau@nmhs.org.

    5. MPC Support will configure the users Cerner sign-on and send it to the clinic manager.

    Classroom training sessions are still available if needed.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact MPC Support at (402)354-5420.

    Thank you!

    “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a

    single moment before starting to improve the world.”

    ~ Anne Frank

    mailto:mpc.support@nmhs.org mailto:Karen.rau@nmhs.org mailto:mpc.support@nmhs.org mailto:Karen.rau@nmhs.org
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    MPC Support - Electronic Medical Records (EMR)/PowerChart Training Schedule & Guidelines

    Position Day of week Start Time

    End Time

    Training Contact – please contact at least one week in advance. Misc. Information

    Resident/Medical Student Tuesday 8:30a 9:30a Karen.Rau@nmhs.org or 354-3371

    Training will be done by video. (See instructions at the bottom of the page for this process) MPC Support management will request Cerner & Network sign-ons.

    Physical Therapist Coders/Admin Secretary Tuesday 10:00a 12:00p Karen.Rau@nmhs.org or 354-3371

    HealthCoach Tuesday 1:00p 5:00p Karen.Rau@nmhs.org or 354-3371 PowerChart training – Rhonda Rowley does additional training as well

    Receptionist Wednesday 8:30a 11:00a Karen.Rau@nmhs.org or 354-3371 PowerChart training only – Revenue Cycle is separate training. MA/Nurse Thursday 8:30a 3:30p Karen.Rau@nmhs.org or 354-3371 Powerchart training - (1 hour break for lunch)


    Friday Friday

    8:30a 1:00p

    12:30p 5:00p Karen.Rau@nmhs.org or 354-3371

    PowerChart and PowerNote training *PM session only if multiple sessions are scheduled for the same day

    Provider Dragon Training See Misc. Information Karen.Rau@nmhs.org or 354-3371

    Dragon Training for providers will be scheduled on an as-needed basis & taught within the Provider’s Clinic. Please allow at least three hours for Dragon Training (includes additional PowerNote training). The provider schedule will need to be blocked out once this time is confirmed with MPC Support.

    NOTE: When requesting provider Cerner & Network sign-ons, check the Dragon section and add LAA/Computer # so IT will know to set up the provider for Dragon.

    Medical Record Request (MRR) Trainings are done on site or in MPC training room depending

    on staff and clinic requirements.

    Karen.Rau@nmhs.org or 354-3371 Training on printing legal copies of patient information.

    Medical Records and/or scanning Training Karen.Rau@nmhs.org or 354-3371 New employees or refresher scanning training.

    General Training information for Clinic Managers:

     When a request for training is received, a “Training Request form” will be sent to the manager. This form will contain the information needed by MPC Support to set up the user for Powerchart. Once a training date and time are arranged, a Microsoft Outlook meeting request will be e-mailed to you and each trainee, indicating the training time, location, training information, etc. The trainer assigned may be contacting you to obtain necessary information for training set up & materials.

     Please request Cerner & Network sign-ons for new employees in advance. NOTE: It is extremely important that you do not give the Trainee this information prior to him/her being properly trained on how to navigate our patients’ medical records. .

     TRANSFER Employees: To make sure employees who transfer from one department to another are set up and/or trained properly be sure to fill out the ‘User Information Section’ and mark this area appropriately.

     Resident/Student Training: Send request for training to Karen Rau. MPC Support will request sign-ons. When they are received, manager will be emailed a link to the

    video, the user’s network sign-on and a Training Checklist with Confidentiality Agreement. When the user has watched the video and signed the Checklist, return the signed checklist to MPC Support. At that point the Cerner Login information will be sent.

    mailto:Karen.Rau@nmhs.org mailto:Karen.Rau@nmhs.org mailto:Karen.Rau@nmhs.org mailto:Karen.Rau@nmhs.org mailto:Karen.Rau@nmhs.org mailto:Karen.Rau@nmhs.org mailto:Karen.Rau@nmhs.org mailto:Karen.Rau@nmhs.org mailto:Karen.Rau@nmhs.org
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    MPC Support Newsletter Word Search

    Fax completed puzzle to MPC Support at 402-354-6355 ‘Attention Cindy’.

    Entries must be received by March 13thth to be entered into the drawing for next month’s gift cards!

    The Winners and the answers will be posted in the next newsletter!

    Name: ______________________________________

    Facility/Dept: _________________________________

    Phone/Contact #: ______________________________

    1 Cerner ________ Website has training materials, videos, updates and important resources for

    all things Cerner related.

    2 & 3 Advance ________________ Notices (ABN’s) should be scanned into the patient chart as part of the patient’s legal _____________ record in PowerChart. (MPC Staff)

    4 ABN’s need to be scanned to the specific clinic encounter and _______ of the appointment.

    5 & 6 Medication ______________ should include the following for each medication: Drug Name, Dose, Route of Administration, _________________, Compliance, Date of Last Dose Take.

    7 Patient medication lists should include: All medications currently ______________ and/or taking.

    8 At ____________ visit, no matter the specialty, Medication Compliance needs to be done all ALL medications, both prescribed and medications documented by history.

    9 Any staff member that enters an order for a patient who self-schedules a ___________________ will need to select the new ‘Self-Referral Communication’ type.

    10 A new Auto Text called .consumer* was created to assist staff to encourage patients to reply to consumer messages in Message ______________ to meet the Meaningful Use measure.

    11 On February 3 rd

    , the _________________ field in Allergies became a required field.

    12 If a patient does not have ______________to any drug, food, or environmental causes select “NKA” No Known Allergies.

    13 When entering patient names into the system, you should always user ___________ case letters and no punctuation.

    14 The _______________ Security Number is a required field and should be entered whenever possible. If unknown always use 111-11-1111, or 999-99-9999 if not a US Citizen.

    15 Meds rec should be completed now for all ________________ of care patients.

  • 13

    CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners of January’s puzzle competition! The winners were drawn randomly by MPC Support:

    1st Place ($10 gift card to Pier 1 Imports) – Samantha Windorski - Indian Hills, Family Practice 2nd Place ($5 gift card to Petsmart) – Jaclyn Nosekable - Healthwest, Pediatrics

    3rd Place ($5 gift card to HyVee) – Linda Bain – Glenwood, Family Practice

    January’s Puzzle Solution:

    “Thank you!” to all clinic managers who encourage their employees to read our newsletter & enter the competition.

    Last month we received entries from: Council Bluffs Family Practice, Heart Care Center, OB/GYN Glenwood Family Practice, Pediatrics, Internal

    Medicine, Orthopedics, Indian Hills Family Practice, Louisville Family Practice, Millard Family Practice, MPC Coding

    Department, Red Oak Family Practice, and Regency Pediatrics.

    The Newsletter is a great resource for information and updates. By encouraging their employees to participate

    in the competition they are ensuring their staff has access to important information, reminders and updates.