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  • PK081 (v1.2) April 4, 2014

    484-Ball Fine-Pitch BGA (FG484/FGG484) Package

    X-Ref Target - Figure 1

    Figure 1: Corner Gate Mold Option, FG484/FGG484 Package


    PK081 (v1.2) April 4, 2014 www.xilinx.com 1

    Copyright 20052014 Xilinx, Inc. Xilinx, the Xilinx logo, Artix, ISE, Kintex, Spartan, Virtex, Vivado, Zynq, and other designated brands included herein are trademarks of Xilinx in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


  • 484-Ball Fine-Pitch BGA (FG484/FGG484) Package

    Revision History

    The following table shows the revision history for this document.

    Notice of Disclaimer

    Xilinx regards this materials data to be correct but makes no guarantee as to its accuracy orcompleteness, including, but not limited to, with respect to its compliance with applicable environmentallaws and regulations. Xilinx subcontracts the production, test and assembly of hardware devices toindependent third-party vendors and materials suppliers (Contractors). All data provided hereunder isbased on information received from Contractors. Xilinx has not independently verified the accuracy orcompleteness of this information which is provided solely for your reference in connection with the use ofXilinx products.

    X-Ref Target - Figure 2

    Figure 2: Pin Gate Mold Option, FG484/FGG484 Package


    Date Version Description of Revisions

    03/01/2005 1.0 Initial Xilinx release.

    12/15/2008 1.1 Added a min. 2.00 and max. 2.20 on the dimension table and updatedthe notes section.

    04/04/2014 1.2 Added Figure 2, pin gate mold package as described in XCN12023.

    PK081 (v1.2) April 4, 2014 www.xilinx.com 2


    484-Ball Fine-Pitch BGA (FG484/FGG484) PackageRevision HistoryNotice of Disclaimer

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