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  • 50 reasons why your Essential Oils business is not thriving 2015

    T h e E s s e n t i a l T o o l s . C o m

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    Be committed to

    YOUR success.

    Promote yourself

    before the company

    you represent.

    50 reasons why your Essential Oils

    business is not thriving here are a lot of different reasons why your Essential Oil business isnt growing as you expected. Obviously, if you are like most, you will initially look for the reasons outside of you and start to blame the product, the company, the business plan, the location, the pricing, your upline, your downlines or even the seasons.

    If your essential oils business is not thriving, you need to study the list below. If you are in 90% of the categories, you need to start asking yourself if you are really fit for the business of Essential Oils.

    hose guidelines were made by those who have succeeded and made millions of $. The list is sometimes in your face, but it is the reality and if you recognize yourself in one or several descriptions, dont take it personal (and dont be mad at me for writing this): you are not alone and nobody told you about the list before, so its not your fault. Take the opportunity to change and your

    business will skyrocket.

    Top achievers share the knowledge with you because they do not have to be afraid of a lack of anything. Those who make a lot usually believe that there is enough for everybody.

    he losers think that the more people share the pie, the less there is for everybody. The top achievers think that the more people get into the business, the bigger the pie becomes and the bigger each share is. The ones who fail at developing a successful Essential Oils individual business share one or several points from the list below.

    THINGS TO AVOID: 1. . Losers dont know what they want out of life. NO WRITTEN GOALSThey have no direction or dreams. If you dont know where you want to go, youll never got there and you will en up confused and lost.

    2. Seek to sponsor TOP PRODUCERS instead of learning HOW to It is better to be sponsored by a Top Producer than to BECOME ONE.

    sponsor one. If you sponsor someone that is way better at Essential Oils than you, that person will outgrow your business and according to the compensation plan, you will lose all that leg and all the benefits, including financial benefits. When you are directly below a top producer, you can learn HOW a Top Producer achieves. On top of that, mentioning that your sponsor is a Top Producer is a great recruiting tool.

    3. When you have no No COMMITMENT. commitment, there is no action.

    4. Losers waste too much UNORGANIZED.time looking for documents. Cluttered desk.

    5. . Losers dont Poor RECORD KEEPINGkeep an accurate record of their transactions: who they meet, where they meet, what did they talk about, why this person did not sign and what and when the follow up should be.

    6. . Only interested in PERSONAL PROFITSLosers dont care about the needs of their customers and distributors.

    7. Cant be reached No ANSWERING MACHINE. easily.

    8. immediately. Losers dont RETURN CALLS

    9. Not INFORMED on HOW to succeed in network . Not interested in learning how the system is working. marketing

    10. Fail to keep AGREEMENTS, APPOINTMENTS, Follow-ups and Dont FOLLOW-UP on prospects & customers. Dont dont explain.

    show they care.

    11. You cannot sell something to someone if you Dont ask questions. dont know that they will need it. Ask, ask, ask and let your prospect do the talking, a lot, before selling anything.

    12. Losers usually quit in the first 90 days. GIVE UP too soon.

    13. Slow Get DISCOURAGED by small problems and inconveniences. down.

    14. When you badmouth your BAD MOUTH other companies. competitor, you help your competitor getting a name for himself. Negative people lose

    credibility as a positive person.

    15. Losers are not really SERIOUS about MLM.

    16. . Drive Low SELF-ESTEEMaround in a messy, dirty, unpolished car. Have unprofessional APPEARANCE. You cant say your business is working for you if you dont show-off.

    17. Losers want to reap LAZY. the rewards of their downlines efforts without working.

    18. Distribute UNPROFESSIONAL, sloppy,

    blurred copies of documents.A successful Essential Oils

    distributor does not photocopy documents or print on a home

    printer. Photocopies are increasingly seen as stolen information (see point#16

    about showing off). You need to distribute pristine marketing material to your team. On top of that,

    professional material cost less than a regular photocopy. TheEssentialTools.Com price of a double-sided, full color, coated, heavy paper handout is 10 cents. The price of a copy of a B&W single page at Stapes is 35 cents.





  • 50 reasons why your Essential Oils business is not thriving 2015

    T h e E s s e n t i a l T o o l s . C o m

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    Be willing to learn.

    Invest in yourself.

    Create Goals,

    Benchmarks and

    Take Decisive Action

    19. with companies that have Dont establish a RETAIL base retainable products.

    20. of the benefits of the products they represent. Show poor EXAMPLE

    21. Losers dont handle CUSTOMER or distributor COMPLAINTSbecause they are afraid.

    22. downline achievers. Too self-Dont RECOGNIZE or PRAISE oriented.

    23. . Dont WORK their business daily

    24. . Losers are RESENTFUL of upline earningsThey stop producing to prevent their upline from receiving bonuses on their production. Thats self-defeating.

    25. BLAME the company, the products, the marketing plan, lack of support from upline, the new starting kit, etc. Losers blame the competition, blame the other distributors. Dont realize that if others can succeed under similar environment, they can too. Dont take responsibility.

    26. Losers have unrealistic for the small effort they put EXPECTATIONS

    out. It is highly unrealistic to make it to Diamond in 2 years. Only a couple of people in our essential oils business have done it. A very successful achiever needs 4 years and an average achiever needs 6 years (at least.)

    27. , instead of Hang around NEGATIVE speaking peopletop earners. Birds of a feather flock together. Beware!

    28. . Want to make big money too soon without being Too IMPATIENTwilling to put out the necessary effort.

    29. downline immediately. This is a Dont pass TIMELY INFORMATION team effort. If the information from your upline does not trickle down, your team will look broken

    30. and acts like an immature cry baby. A non-COMPLAIN too muchproducer.

    31. without first Keep SWITCHING to other MLM companies achieving some degree of success. Never make money.

    32. , illegal pyramids, and other Get involved in CHAIN LETTERSschemes. If you want to succeed in this business, dont spread gossips, or they will haunt you back when you least expect them.

    33. in matrix programs, instead of personal Depend on SPILL-OVERS effort. Want something for nothing.

    34. such as investing in advertising, Unwilling to TAKE RISKS brochures, flyers, training, etc. Losers think that investing is wasting money. Too security-oriented. Waits, watches. No guts, no glory!

    35. . No only means not now. To succeed, you Take NO personallyhave to be able to take 100 NOs for 1 yes without blinking.

    36. from the company. If the company says Cant cope with CHANGES you cant talk anymore about diseases, dont whine but follow the companys new rules. You have to be flexible in thinking and always keep an open mind.

    37. Dont believe in or USE the products . Remember, you have to be the product regularly

    of the product. If you dont agree with that, Essential Oils is not for you or you are just in it for

    the money.

    38.Easily INFLUENCED by negative from family members, comments

    relatives, & friends. Dont listen to positive side. Cant think for himself or herself.

    39. Spend too much TIME getting and too little time talking organized

    or meeting prospects and customers. Avoid people.

    40. from a Expect PERFECTION new company without realizing that it takes time.

    41. . Plan to Dont PLAN to succeedfail.

    42. Try to sell to friends and family . Dont burn bridges; keep your first

    best ammunition for when you are really successful.

    43. . I was sick. It was Always give too many EXCUSEStoo cold. I dont know enough. There were not enough/too

    many people.

    44. . Think they KNOW EVERYTHING

    45. or keep up with the latest happenings in the industry. Never READ They are unlikely to read this checklist for example. You must read a minimum of books about essential oils to get started.

    46. . Lack energy. Are Physically UNFIT

    47. . Dont strive to do their BEST

    48. and gossips. Dont check the facts. Gullible about Thrive in RUMORS any news, information or program.

    49. . LIES to look good

    50. . We are now living Have bad spelling and bad grammar

    surrounded by social media. If you dont know how to write, you need to fix that.

    Xavier Lannes / TheEssentialTools.Com