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Also in this issue: Keynote: Image Understanding in theContext of the European UnionsR&D Strategy Joint ERCIM Actions: Julien Mairal Receives the 2013Cor Baayen AwardResearch and Innovation: SECCRIT: Secure Cloud Computingfor High Assurance ServicesERCIM NEWSwww.ercim.euNumber 95 October 2013ImageSpecial theme:UnderstandingERCIM News is the magazine of ERCIM. Published quar-terly, it reports on joint actions of the ERCIM partners, andaims to reflect the contribution made by ERCIM to theEuropean Community in Information Technology andApplied Mathematics. Through short articles and newsitems, it provides a forum for the exchange of informationbetween the institutes and also with the wider scientific com-munity. This issue has a circulation of about 8,500 copies.ERCIM News is published by ERCIMEEIG BP 93, F-06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, FranceTel: +33 4 9238 5010, E-mail: contact@ercim.euDirector: Jrme ChaillouxISSN 0926-4981Editorial Board:Central editor: Peter Kunz, ERCIMoffice (peter.kunz@ercim.eu)Local Editors:Austria: Erwin Schoitsch, (erwin.schoitsch@ait.ac.at)Belgium:Benot Michel (benoit.michel@uclouvain.be)Cyprus: Ioannis Krikidis (krikidis.ioannis@ucy.ac.cy) Czech Republic:Michal Haindl (haindl@utia.cas.cz)France: Thierry Priol (thierry.priol@inria.fr)Germany: Michael Krapp (michael.krapp@scai.fraun-hofer.de)Greece: Eleni Orphanoudakis (eleni@ics.forth.gr), Artemios Voyiatzis (bogart@isi.gr)Hungary: Erzsbet Csuhaj-Varj (csuhaj@inf.elte.hu)Italy: Carol Peters (carol.peters@isti.cnr.it)Luxembourg: Thomas Tamisier (tamisier@lippmann.lu)Norway:Truls Gjestland (truls.gjestland@ime.ntnu.no)Poland: Hung Son Nguyen (son@mimuw.edu.pl)Portugal:Joaquim Jorge (jorgej@ist.utl.pt)Spain: Silvia Abraho (sabrahao@dsic.upv.es)Sweden: Kersti Hedman (kersti@sics.se)Switzerland: Harry Rudin (hrudin@smile.ch)The Netherlands: Annette Kik (Annette.Kik@cwi.nl)W3C: Marie-Claire Forgue (mcf@w3.org)ContributionsContributions should be submitted to the local editor of yourcountryCopyright NoticeAll authors, as identified in each article, retain copyright oftheir workAdvertisingFor current advertising rates and conditions, see http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/ or contact peter.kunz@ercim.euERCIM News online edition The online edition is published at http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/SubscriptionSubscribe to ERCIM News by sending an email to en-subscriptions@ercim.eu or by filling out the form at theERCIM News website: http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/Next issueJanuary 2013, Special theme: Linked Open DataEditorial Information ContentsJOINT ERCIM ACTIONS4 Joint ERCIM eMobility and MobiSense Workshopby Desislava Dimitrova and Torsten Braun5 IDEALIST - An international ICT Partner SearchSystem and Network of National Contact Pointsby Givi Kochoradze6 ERCIM Security and Trust Management Workshopby Rafael Accorsi and Silvio Ranise7 Julien Mairal Receives the 2013 Cor Baayen AwardKEYNOTE8 Image Understanding An EU Perspective by Libor KrlSPECIAL THEMEThe special theme section Image Understanding has beencoordinated by Michal Haindl, Institute of Information Theoryand Automation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic,and Josef Kittler, University of Surrey, UKIntroduction to the Special Theme9 Image Understandingby Michal Haindl and Josef Kittler10 Boat Extraction in Harbours From High ResolutionSatellite Images Using Marked Point Processesby Paula Crciun and Josiane Zerubia11 FIM: Frustrated Total Internal Reflection BasedImaging for Biomedical Applicationsby Benjamin Risse, Xiaoyi Jiang, and Christian Klmbt12 AXES - Finding Video Clips Using Speech and ImageRecognitionby Peggy van der Kreeft, Kay Macquarrie and MartijnKleppe 14 Random Mosaics for Network Extractionby Marie-Colette van Lieshout15 Computer-Aided Leaf Recognition Visual Systemby Tom Suk, Petr Novotn and Jan Flusser16 Automatic Recognition of Human Activities in RealisticVideosby Adrien Gaidon, Zaid Harchaoui and Cordelia Schmid18 Egovision4Health - Assessing Activities of Daily Livingfrom a Wearable RGB-D Camera for In-Home HealthCare Applicationsby Grgory Rogez, Deva Ramanan and J. M. M. Montiel19 Applying Random Matrix Theory Filters on SenseCamImagesby Na Li, Martin Crane, Cathal Gurrin and Heather J.Ruskin21 Multi-Modal Human Behaviour Analysis by Sergio Escalera GuerreroERCIM NEWS 95 October 2013ERCIM NEWS 95 October 2013 23 Tracking the Articulated Motion of Human Hands in 3DbyIasonOikonomidis,NikolaosKyriazisandAntonisA.Argyros25 KAD - An Intelligent System for Categorizing andAssessing the State of Patients with Multiple SclerosisbySpirosFotopoulosandDimitriosKastaniotis26 GAIMS: A Reliable Non-Intrusive Gait Measuring SystembySbastienPirard,SamirAzrour,RmyPhan-BaandMarcVanDroogenbroeck27 Mixed Reality by Understanding and IntegratingSpatio-Temporal Data of a LIDAR and a 4D StudiobyCsabaBenedek,ZsoltJank,DmitryChetverikovandTamsSzirnyi29 Visual 3D Environment Reconstruction forAutonomous VehiclesbyThomasKadiofsky,RobertRlerandChristianZinner30 Automatic MRI Brain Tissue ClassificationbyLoredanaMurino,UmbertoAmatoandBrunoAlfano32 Connected Morphological Operators for Tensor ImagesbyJosRoerdink33 Person Re-identificationbySlawomirBakandFranoisBremond34 Exploiting Computational Models of the Human VisualSystembyFrancoAlbertoCardillo,GiuseppeAmatoandRichardConnor36 Large Scale Image Retrieval Using Vectors of LocallyAggregated DescriptorsbyGiuseppeAmato,PaoloBolettieri,FabrizioFalchiandClaudioGennaro37 Graph Based Keyword Spotting in HandwrittenHistorical Slavic DocumentsbyKasparRiesenandDarkoBrodic38 Highly Degraded Recto-verso Document ImageProcessing and UnderstandingbyEmanueleSalernoandAnnaTonazziniReSeaRch aNd INNOVaTIONThis section features news about research activities andinnovative developments from European research institutes40 SECCRIT: Secure Cloud Computing for HighAssurance ServicesbyRolandBless,DavidHutchison,MarcusSchller,PaulSmithandMarkusTauber42 Interdependencies of Genetic and Epigenetic Events ina Computational Model for Colon Cancer DynamicsbyIrina-AfroditaRoznovandHeatherJ.Ruskin43 Consensus in Computer and Communication Systemsin a Stochastic EnvironmentbyNataliaAmelinaandYumingJiangeVeNTS, BOOKS, IN BRIeFEvent Reports50 Control Systems and Technologies for Cyber-PhysicalSystemsbyFrancoiseLamnabhi-Lagarrigue50 HCI International 2013byConstantineStephanidis51 CLEF 2013 and Beyond: Evolution of the CLEFInitiativebyNicolaFerroandPaoloRosso52 VLDB 2013 Conference Supported by ERCIMbyYannisVelegrakis53 The First Tangible Interaction StudiobyNadineCouture54 EvAAL Evaluation WorkshopbyFrancescoPotort54 Joint ERCIM, ARTEMIS, Euromirco Workshops byErwinSchoitschAnnouncement54 IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processingand Information TechnologyBooks 55 Foundations of Fuzzy Logic and Semantic WebLanguagesIn Brief55 Matteo Mio wins Ackermann Award55 Fabio Martinelli Appointed Chair of the WG3 WorkingGroup on Secure ICT Research and Innovation44 Using the BonFIRE Testbed for Testing Scalability ofthe KOPI ServicebyAndrsMicsik,PterPallinger,LszlKovcsandAndrsBenczr46 MIDAS: Automated SOA Testing on the CloudbyAlbertoDeFrancesco,ClaudiaDiNapoli,Marc-FlorianWendlandandFabioDeRosa47 DRIVEN: Diagnostically Robust Ultrasound VideoTransmission over Emerging Wireless NetworksAndreasS.PanayidesandAnthonyG.Constantinides48 An e-Science Collaboration Platform for EffectiveMultimedia ResearchbyPterMttelki,LszlHavasiandAndrsMicsik9Introduction to the Special ThemeImage Understandingby Michal Haindl and Josef KittlerVision is the most important sense on which the majority of organisms depend for life.Scene reflectance properties in various spectral bands provide invaluable informationabout an objects characteristics, including its shape, material, temperature, illumina-tion and dynamism. This information, however, is very difficult to capture with an elec-tronic device. A real visual scene to be captured is subject to variable illumination aswell as variable observation conditions. Furthermore, single objects of interest can bepartially occluded or shaded, may be positioned at various distances from the cap-turing device, data can be noisy and / or incomplete; thus successful interpretation ofimaging sensor data requires sophisticated and complex analytical methods and com-puting power.The wide availability of visual data and continuous advances in computer vision and patternrecognition techniques have stimulated a growing interest in novel applications, which suc-cessfully simulate human visual perception. This special issue presents a sample from thegamut of current research activities in this area, reflecting the wide spectrum of imaging andvisualization (range observation) modalities and their combinations. These include the con-ventional static grayscale (Salerno et al) and colour images (Cardillo et al, Riesen et al, Li etal, Amato et al, Suk et al), satellite panchromatic and radar images (Craciun et al, vanLieshout), stereo images (Kadiofsky et al), magnetic resonance images (Roerdink, Murino etal), through dynamic video (Bak et al, Gaidon et al), and multi modal measurements such asspectral video and audio (van der Kreeft et al), range-thermal images (Guerrero), video-multi-beam LIDAR (Benedek et al), spectral-range video (Oikonomidis et al, Fotopoulos etal, Pirard et al, Rogez et al), and the frustrated total internal reflection images (Risse et al). This issue unveils an impressive number of successful applications of visual scene under-standing. Remote sensing applications are targeted in papers by Craciun et al (boat detection)and van Lieshout (field detection), document analysis is addressed in Riesen et al (hand-written word recognition in ancient manuscripts) and in Salerno et al (interferencesremoval). Biological studies feature in Risse et al (small translucent organisms detection andreal time visualization of their internal structures) and Suk et al (leaf recognition based onvisual contour features). Driver assistance systems are the topic of the contribution byKadiofsky et al, while video shot detection is discussed in Kreeft et al and Li et al. Mixedreality is pursued by Benedek et al, and security by Bak et al (person identification) andGaidon et al (human activities recognition). The fashionable topic of content-based imageretrieval is discussed in Cardillo et al and Amato et al. Hand tracking is addressed inOikonomidis et al. The most popular applications in the issue are medical applications. Thisgroup includes the papers of Guerrero (mental or physical disabilities detection), Roerdink(brain diagnosis), Murino et al (neurodegenerative diseases), Fotopoulos et al and Pirard etal (multiple sclerosis), and Rogez et al (assisted living). The articles herein reflect recent trends in tackling diverse problems in visual informationanalysis in realistic, less restrictive conditions. They indicate that moving from fixed labora-tory acquisition setups to much more challenging, dynamically changing exterior conditions,where all critical parameters, such as illumination, distance, viewpoint, shape and surfaceproperties can vary simultaneously, requires either sophisticated invariant representation oradaptive machine learning approaches. The work here also suggests that adopting contextualcognitive reasoning and multidimensional data models offers an effective way to deal withthe challenges of ever-increasing scene complexity.Please contact: Michal HaindlInstitute of Information Theory and Automation AS CR, Czech RepublicE-mail: haindl@utia.cas.czJosef Kittler, University of Surrey, UKE-mail: j.kittler@surrey.ac.ukSpecial Theme: Image UnderstandingERCIM NEWS 95 October 2013 ERCIM is the European Host of the World Wide Web Consortium.Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en AutomatiqueB.P. 105, F-78153 Le Chesnay, Francehttp://www.inria.fr/Technical Research Centre of FinlandPO Box 1000FIN-02044 VTT, Finlandhttp://www.vtt.fi/Austrian Association for Research in ITc/o sterreichische Computer GesellschaftWollzeile 1-3, A-1010 Wien, Austriahttp://www.aarit.at/Norwegian University of Science and Technology Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electri-cal Engineering, N 7491 Trondheim, Norwayhttp://www.ntnu.no/Universty of WarsawFaculty of Mathematics, Informatics and MechanicsBanacha 2, 02-097 Warsaw, Polandhttp://www.mimuw.edu.pl/Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, ISTI-CNRArea della Ricerca CNR di Pisa, Via G. Moruzzi 1, 56124 Pisa, Italyhttp://www.isti.cnr.it/Centrum Wiskunde & InformaticaScience Park 123, NL-1098 XG Amsterdam, The Netherlandshttp://www.cwi.nl/Foundation for Research and Technology HellasInstitute of Computer ScienceP.O. Box 1385, GR-71110 Heraklion, Crete, Greecehttp://www.ics.forth.gr/FORTHFonds National de la Recherche6, rue Antoine de Saint-Exupry, B.P. 1777L-1017 Luxembourg-Kirchberghttp://www.fnr.lu/FWOEgmontstraat 5B-1000 Brussels, Belgiumhttp://www.fwo.be/F.R.S.-FNRSrue dEgmont 5B-1000 Brussels, Belgiumhttp://www.fnrs.be/Fraunhofer ICT GroupAnna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 210178 Berlin, Germanyhttp://www.iuk.fraunhofer.de/SICS Swedish ICTBox 1263, SE-164 29 Kista, Swedenhttp://www.sics.se/Swiss Informatics Research Associationc/o Professor Abraham Bernstein, Department of Informatics,University of Zurich, Binzmhlestrasse 14, CH-8050 Zrichhttp://www.sira.s-i.ch/Magyar Tudomnyos AkadmiaSzmtstechnikai s Automatizlsi Kutat IntzetP.O. Box 63, H-1518 Budapest, Hungaryhttp://www.sztaki.hu/University of CyprusP.O. Box 205371678 Nicosia, Cyprushttp://www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/Spanish Research Consortium for Informatics and MathematicsD3301, Facultad de Informtica, Universidad Politcnica de Madrid28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain,http://www.sparcim.es/ Science and Technology Facilities CouncilRutherford Appleton LaboratoryChilton, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 0QX, United Kingdomhttp://www.scitech.ac.uk/Czech Research Consortium for Informatics and MathematicsFI MU, Botanicka 68a, CZ-602 00 Brno, Czech Republichttp://www.utia.cas.cz/CRCIM/home.htmlSubscribe to ERCIM News and order back copies at http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/ERCIM the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics is an organisa-tion dedicated to the advancement of European research and development, in informationtechnology and applied mathematics. Its member institutions aim to foster collaborative workwithin the European research community and to increase co-operation with European industry.Portuguese ERCIM Groupingc/o INESC Porto, Campus da FEUP, Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, n 378,4200-465 Porto, Portugal I.S.I. Industrial Systems InstitutePatras Science Park buildingPlatani, Patras, Greece, GR-26504 http://www.isi.gr/Universty of WroclawInstitute of Computer ScienceJoliot-Curie 15, 50383 Wroclaw, Polandhttp://www.ii.uni.wroc.pl/University of SouthamptonUniversity RoadSouthampton SO17 1BJ, United Kingdomhttp://www.southampton.ac.uk/Image Understandingby Michal Haindl and Josef Kittler


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