Abstract for Cloud Computing in Education

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Cloud Computing in EducationD. Madhu Dilip , V.Alakananda and V.Barghavi II/IV B.Tech , Department of CSE K.L University

AbstractCloud computing proved promising in decreasing the crisis of increasing IT resource requirements. Cloud computing with its salient features like scalability, elasticity and on-demand service provision benefits any sector in taking the aid of technology. With emergence of e-learning systems and e-management Educational institutions have been utilizing the services of IT sector to a good extent. With the increase in demand for e-resources among the students and management the need for effective implementation of computing arises. The disadvantages involved in traditional computing are to be minimized. This paper explores the possibilities and advantages of implementing cloud computing on campus. The various offerings of cloud and how they can be implemented on education have been detailed. The present utilization of traditional computing is compared with cloud computing and the key improvements highlighted. The checklist before stepping into the cloud is presented along with the existing cloud implementations.

Index TermsCloud computing, SaaS for education, Cloud compliance, Cloud checklist , Case studies on Cloud Computing in education.


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