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Advert Analysis

The title of the album on the advert which is of course advertising Kings Of Leons new album only by the night is a light green as well as the overall theme of the advert. The main reason why this might have been done is to create the effect that the advert is been observed from some night vision goggles that makes everything in the dark appear green. This is an effective way of cleverly playing on the word night from the name of the album. However, this effect could perhaps represent that this album is darker than previous work of Kings Of Leon.

The album shows a mixture of the bands faces alongside an owls face. The owl is symbolic of the night and this is perhaps why the owl has been included in the advert as the album name is only by the night.

The bottom of the advert states some of the songs from the album that listeners can expect to hear when listening to the album. The songs that are listed have been chosen as these songs are the most popular singles of the band and this in turn will attract people who are not so familiar with some of their not so popular songs to possibly buy the album as they may like their hit singles.

In conclusion graphologically this advert is stereotypically very dark and mysterious which reflects the bands overall image and all of their media promotions.