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1. GOURAV JAISWAL FOUNDER & SECRETARY AGRINI SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY [REG NO. 04/18/01/11606/10] 2. VISION To produce intellectually and socially , efficient , aware and confident youngsters specially from rural and sub urban India, who can think beyond the conventional options and become productive for their home places and integrally for the country 3. MISSION:- Becoming an organization working and trusted for grooming rural and sub urban youth professionally, Increasing their employability and generating spirit of entrepreneurship in them, encouraging and helping these youth in incubation of their enterprises . Establishing at least 5 Main AKECs[Knowledge Exploration Centers {details mentioned further}] by 2012 4. TARGET PROBLEMS # Migration to cities in search of jobs # Lack of entrepreneurial spirit in youngsters # Broking system in college admition s 5. What we will do:- # We will take practical learning techniques like case studies , Presentation , group discussions to these rural students. # Introduce them with good books, movies , documentaries etc. # Encourage and train them to use internet for knowledge access # Provide them learning internships , training programs and trips. # Provide them total consultancy in establishing there enterprises. This will bring confidence and character in youngsters to become entrepreneurs 6. How we will do it AGRINI KNOWLEDGE EXPLORATION CENTERS Main AKEC Mobile AKEC Institute Partnered AKEC 7. What are we doing now COME FORWARD DONATE BOOKS 8. THANK YOU