Anne adams issues and barriers to mobile learning

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  • 1. FELs Mobile Learning WorkshopAnne

2. Your Issues and Problems with mobile devices (5mins discussion)Feeling in control / safe with your device - securing that device It is important that we feel secure and safe with any device that we use and teach through. Starting with your own mobile device, do you know how to securethem? All mobile devices should be password /passcode protected. Following the guidance notes on: mobile-device-standard-published (5 min to try andprotect your mobile device) 3. With regard to mobile privacy and security the OU is leading international research in this fieldPrimma (funded by the EPSRC) is an OU led researchproject reviewing mobile secuirty issues. They have ontheir web-site a continually updated account of currentmobile risks. This is not to scare you BUT to beforewarned is to be forearmed. Type in primma to google or: mins to look at this) 4. Assuring privacy.Often this comes down to broad principles that arentspecific to mobile devices but can be heightened by the capabilities of these devices. Over 10 years of empirical research has led to a privacy framework and guidance documents that have been used in many different disciplines. Most recently as guidancedocuments for a TMA for social workers on K216ethical practice in social work: 522634 (5 mins to look and discuss this)


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