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1. Well come to all ..Noting about us without us Annual Report presentationByUttam siwakoti Regional coordinator-NFDN (ERO) Sep- 28-30, 2012 Sauraha,Chitwan 2. BeginningsNetherlands leprosy relief -2010 to cont.. US AID 2010Plan Nepal 2007 to contAction Aid 2006 (nowshort term)FFO -2005 3. General update51 member in region wideMore than 650 community level networkDistrict coordination committee in 6 districtWomen network in 9 districtNFDN district chapter 1On going projects are (Social Inclusion and nondiscrimination project 3rd from Plan Nepal, Morangspecial CBR projects and others capacity building andrehabilitation activities support in 6 district from NLR andothers are central project )Regular staffs 5 ( FFO-1,Plan-2,NLR-1 and internal-1) 4. Focused intervention in current year Community basedPROMOTIONNetworking OF IE ADVOCACYOverall MEDIA ON DevelopmentINTERVENTIONUN CRPDOf PWDs NETWORKAWARENESSSTRENGTHEN CAMPAIGN 5. Advocacy and capacity buildingprojectSensitization Promotionof IEEmpowerment Lobbying Capacitybuilding 6. Special CBR project - NLRSensitization LocalGroupformationEmpowermentLobbying Capacity building 7. Description of Major activities Annual agreement Done with Plan Nepal for 2012 MOU Extended with Nederland Leprosy Relief Organized NFDN 6th general assembly . Campaign on Inclusive Education (Especially in Morang andSunsary district ) .Formation and capacity building of local PWDs network .Organized NFDN Regional assembly .ID card camp mobilization in 8 VDCs . 8. Cont. RCWG and JATF sensitization program in Sunsary, Udayapurand Terethum . Media intervention through different channels . UN CRPD orientation to different district line agencies . Production and distribution of awareness materials . Functioning Assistive devices fund as a piloting . Regional sign language TrainingCoordination of various central activities . 9. Organization levelArea Good Medium LowRegionalAnnually 13meetingWomen 33% in allparticipation organizationlevelTransparenRegularcymeeting andpublishedreportWorkBoard &divisionstaffs 10. Cont..Area GoodMedium LowIndividual Monthlycounseling more then 200Organizatio Plz visitn setup onceInternal Like acommunicat marriedioncoupleSituation of Zerointernalconflict 11. Cont.AreaGood MediumPoorPartnership Partneragree toextend .Annual 25% yearlyfundingincrease (0.5 million)C.B of Base on selfregional studyboard andstaffsWork Board & 12. Program levelAreaGoodMedium LowRCWGSift attitude ondisability ( 100meeting GOs officers)Local Annuallynetwork increasedformation by 100VDCsOrganized Make aNFDN AGM historyPromotion 360 headof IE teacherattend 13. Cont.Area GoodMedium LowRegional Watch ourassembly teamSign 105 days /20language participants/1Training 5 districtCB of1000 PWDsnetworkgot generalmember knowledge about disabilityResource 20 to 100%mobilization increased yearly 14. Cont..Area GoodMediumLowMediaTV reportmobilization 22/Radio R.45/more than 60 feachersID card370campaign Red 30Awareness350 IE, 4000 IDmaterialscard, 100 polices chart ,25 wall painting, Quarterly publication,5000 network ID cardLevel of Daily attendingcoordination more then two program 15. Cont..AreaGoodMediumLowAssistive 9 wellchair,3devises tricycle ,4 whitecane, 16churchesEmployment30 selfemploymentgovt.job 3Information 30 memberdissemination DPOs are keepand touch inemailDisability friendly 5 Gov.buildings,environment 3 schools ramp 16. Fundamental paradigmand attitudinal shift 17. Paradigm shift from disability as a problemsPhysicalRehabilitationFocus on Vocational servicedeliveryTraining Disability asa problemsPassive onInfluence ofGOsNon disablecoordination 18. to Environment and attitude as sproblemsSocial RehabilitationClame on service And rightsSelf employment Environment and attitude asa problems ActiveLeading by CoordinationPWDsWith GOs 19. Challenge on OrganizationlevelNo any sign of capacity building training .Heavy pressure to maintain regularoperation cost .Heavy working load .limited organization monitoring cost .High expectation of District DPOs .Low motivation due to job security andpresent salary status .Less focus on sustainability of regionaloffices 20. Challenges on program levelProject implementing channel are confusingReporting channel and deadline are not clearWomen network are struggle for districtrecognition .No any working guideline of DDCC .Unable to canalize our local networks.System not clear of membership distribution . Low motivation of staffs due to job securityand present salary status . 21. Challenge on Program levelDPOs ask where is membershipcertificatesUnable to spread NFDN activities in hillydistrict. Utilization of GOs resources . 22. Lesson learnHigh expectation of PWDs .PWDs can contribute on overall developmentprocessMobilization of all types of media is necessary Formation of local network incest on socialinclusionHigh coordination with GOs .NFDN strategy may clear in all level .Regular operating cost is the big obstacles ofregional progress .Only focus on leadership development notdisability expert . 23. Success storySpecial classes are transform into the inclusiveclasses .11 ID children shifts in their home school and 30 outgoing ID children are enjoying their educational rightsthrough our intervention .Parents network involve on upliftment of socialenjoyments. 24. Media intervention Print & Electronic media: Aim: to promote awareness and ensure the implementation of the available legislation . Print Media: Electronic Media: 35 radio report are broadcasting. 2 special documentary on 22 TV report are broad Intellectual disability &casting. Mantel illness . Broad casting from regional 22 TV report are broadrediocasting.Dhankuta,B.FM,Purbanchal Broad casting channels areF.MMakalu TV & Himalayan TV . 25. StrengthsExperience Inclusive Zero conflictOD Equal Dev High rate ofWeaknesses of PWDs dependencyTo beGlobal To establishOpportunities Movement recognition own IdentitydriverThreats Working area Network Sustainability strength 26. Promotion of Inclusive education 27. IE training 28. Campaign on own identity 29. Cont. 30. Inclusion Training 31. Central AGM 32. Monitoring Visit 33. Charge Handover 34. Regional Assembly in Udayapur 35. Capacity building to local network 36. Local network initiatives 37. RCWG meeting 38. Sports and disability 39. Thanks for your considerationandPlzsuggestion