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2. Adobe Flash • A software platform on which animation, video files, and interactive web content is produced and presented • Until recently, many popular sites relied solely on Flash for their media content 3. Adobe Flash• About 75% of the videos available online are presented with Flash Flash Video Others 4. Apple’s DeveloperRestrictions• App programmers for iPhone OS use Software Development Kits provided by Apple. • These SDK’s provide developers with a number of Application Programming Interfaces, or API’s • Adobe Flash is not an Apple-approved API 5. Apple’s Reasons forRestriction • Adobe Flash is a closed platform• HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript are open • YouTube already has an iPod/iPhone/iPad interface • Most Flash videos are available in other, more modern formats 6. Problems with Flash • The number one reason Macs crash • Needs to work with every platform• This would limit innovations in mobile device technology • Not designed for touch control • Runs slowly on mobile devices 7. Consumer Impact • iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad can not display Flash content • This includes most pages which are heavy in visual and interactive content • Most flash based sites are being re-coded to work with modern interfaces • Some consumers were mislead by the advertised full web browsing features included with Apple portable devices 8. Alternatives to Flash • HTML5 Video Tags FlashHTML5 9. Other SoftwareCompetition vs. vs. vs. vs. 10. Results of the Conflict • iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are free to release new innovations and upgrades to their mobile devices • Flash alternatives are beginning to replace Flash in many website designs • Adobe is becoming more aggressive with their Mac software production 11. Sources • “Thoughts on Flash” Steve Jobs• “Apple v Adobe: this time it's executable” Charles Arthur• “Apple Vs Adobe: Steve Jobs Responds” Pete Cashmore• “Giant Face Off: Apple vs. Adobe. Good Or Bad?” Kate MacKenzie• “Adobe Announces Flash Support for iPhone (But Only for Apps)” Ben Parr• Apple iPhone product page• iPhone OS 4 introduction presentation