Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network (ARE_ON) What is it? Why do we need it? What will it do?

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Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network(ARE_ON)What is it?Why do we need it?What will it do?ARE_ON is not: A competitive Internet service provider A source of cheap transport for the partner organizations An exclusive club for a small group of users The answer to all of the worlds problems ARE_ON is: Economic Development initiative Empowering higher education to be a more productive economic engine Highly collaborative Outcomes driven/needs based Future oriented cyberinfrastructure with benefit for today Change agentEconomic Development Direct funding opportunities Spin-off opportunities Minimize lost opportunity costs Positioning for the global economyARE_ON Core Agendas Research agenda basic and applied Academic agenda scaling ARE-ON resources across the curriculum Healthcare agenda telehealth/telemedicine Emergency Preparedness agenda The ARE_ON Equations :High Speed Networks +Distributed Parallel Processing + InnovativeMinds = ARE_ONARE_ON x Applications = Economic DevelopmentOptical Network? Based in the use of fiber optic strands rather than copper cables Uses lightwaves to carry information instead of electrical waves Uses fiber optics to connect supercomputers together so they can be used one at a time, all at the same time, or in any combination Interesting graphicsARE_ON BackboneUARKSAUATUUAFSHSUUCAUAMUAPBASUUALRUAMSTULSADALLASMEMPHISMONROEARE_ON BackboneConceptualLOTA RingFacilities-Based Regional Optical NetworksThis map as of June 2, 2005 Current map available here: LineARE_ON is much more than advanced cyberinfrastructureARE_ON is a significant change agentARE_ON is a beacon leading to ARKANSAS 2.0 Questions ? Michael D.(Mike)Abbiatti ARE_ON Executive Director Effective 1 July 2008


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