Assessing Urban Resilience to Disasters

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CBA 7 Mainstreaming DRR into Local Development Planning. Ronilda Co, DRR and Community Resilience Specialist World Vision Asia Pacific Region CBA7, Dhaka Bangladesh 21-25 April 2013


  • 1. Assessing UrbanResilience to DisastersCBA 7Mainstreaming DRR into LocalDevelopment Planning

2. URBAN DRR ASSESSMENTFRAMEWORK: LINKING DRRAND DEVELOPMENT 3. Urban DRRAssessment Framework 4. LocalizingHFA 5. Climate and Disaster Resilience Index (CDRI)Understanding city resiliencePHYSICAL- Electricity- Water- Sanitation &Solid Waste- Roads- Housing & Land-useSOCIAL- Population- Health- Education &Awareness- Social Capital- CommunityPreparednessECONOMIC- Income- Employment- Household Assets- Finance & Savings- Budget & SubsidyINSTITUTIONAL- Mainstreaming- Crisis Management- Knowledgedissemination- InstitutionalCollaboration- Good GovernanceNATURAL- Intensity of Hazards- Frequency of Hazards- Ecosystem- Land-use- EnvironmentalPoliciesPoor1 Bad2 Moderate3 Good4 Best5 6. DIMENSIONS PHYSICAL SOCIAL ECONOMIC INSTITUTIONAL NATURALParametersconsidered forAoRA Electricity Water Sanitation andsolid wastedisposal Accessibility ofroads Housing andland-use Population Health Education andawareness Social capital Communitypreparednessduring a disaster Employment Finance andsavings Budget andsubsidy Mainstreaming of DRR andCCA Effectiveness of zonescrisis managementframework Knowledge disseminationand management Institutional collaborationwith other organisationsand stakeholders Good governance Ecosystemservices Land-use innatural terms EnvironmentalpoliciesRemainingparameters notconsidered inAoRA Income Householdassets Intensity/severity of naturalhazards Frequency ofnatural hazardsUnderstanding community voice;Defining actions!Action-oriented Resilience Assessment (AoRA) 7. PhysicalHumanInstitutionalExternalNaturalHFA* for EducationDisaster resilienceindexesSchool Disaster Resilience Analysis (SDRA) 8. WV BANGLADESH:URBAN DRR PROGRAM 9. WASH Environmentalpolicies Health Social capital;collaboration Communitypreparedness Economic MainstreamingDRR Knowledgedissemination 10. LESSONS FOR EFFECTIVEMAINSTREAMING 11. ENABLERS OF MAINSTREAMING DRR IN DEVELOPMENTNGOs and otherstakeholders GOVERNMENTDEVELOPMENTDONORSCOMMUNITIES: THE HEART OF PRACTICE AND INNOVATIONS 12. INTENTIONAL AND SUSTAINED PARTNERSHIP WITHGOVERNMENT ON MAINSTREAMING DRR IN DEVELOPMENTDEVELOPMEN T PROCESSPolicyPlanningImplementationMonitoring &EvaluationBudget cycleAid cycleProject cycleNicaraguas Potters ForNGOs and other stakeholdersGovernments Planning andSector MinistriesMAINSTREAMINGDRR INDEVELOPMENT 13. ENGAGING DEVELOPMENT DONORSD R R is SAFEDEVELOPMENT 14. THANK YOU!Ronilda CoDRR and Community Resilience SpecialistWorld Vision Asia Pacific RegionMaster in Urban and Environmental Planning and ManagementMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


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