Assessment Approaches for Online Learning Environments: Lesson learned from blended and online courses Praweenya Suwannatthachote Chulalongkorn University,

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  • Assessment Approaches for Online Learning Environments: Lesson learned from blended and online courses Praweenya Suwannatthachote Chulalongkorn University, Thailand Anirut Satiman Silpakorn University, Thailand
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  • Three key components of assessments are 1.Measurement of the learning objectives 2.Self-assessments for students to measure their own achievement 3.Interaction and feedback between and among the instructor and students
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  • Steinbronn, P. E. & Merideth, E. M. (2008). Perceived Utility of Methods and Instructional Strategies Used in Online and Face-to-face Teaching Environments. Innovative in Higher Education. 32: 265-278. Instructional strategies and methods in the online teaching environment: Very useful and/or useful
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  • Objectives To analyze and compare assessment techniques used in fully online courses and large-class blended learning courses and To propose the assessment approaches for online learning environments.
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  • The cases Three selected online courses from e-Professional certificate program under the Thailand Cyber University project (TCU) during September 2010 - March 2011. Two large-class blended learning courses in higher education institutes during June- September 2011 (about 100 students per class).
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  • Online Learning Environments Online office hour of teacher Virtual classroom Virtual community Interaction and feedback Teacher to students Students to Teacher Students to Students
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  • LMS: Moodle
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  • Selected courses from e-Learning Professional certificate program e-Learning Teacher e-Learning Courseware Designer e-Learning Project Manager Monitoring e-Classroom Designing Effective Website for e-Learning e-Learning Project Management
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  • Similarity of assessment approach Learning assessment What can assessment for learning look like in OLEs? Question and answer Group discussion Students self-reflection log Collaborative work with Wiki Learning evaluation Summative evaluation Survey Open-ended questions
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  • Strategies to build up virtual community: lessons from 3 courses Share students own profile Share ideas and works Discuss and find the similarity of students background Give comments to others Peer Assessment >>> Peer Assessment
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  • The fully online courses that based on social constructivism learning approach developed the virtual learning community and gained more learner-learner and instructor-learner interaction.
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  • The large class Purposive samples: 2726207 ED TECH INFO : at Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University : 2 sections (200 students) 468102 Computer for Education : at Faculty of Education, Silpakorn University
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  • Teaching large-class with blended learning Class discussion board Group discussion board Online quiz Students blog
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  • Peer assessment became one of significant assessment technique to improve learners understanding for both blended and online courses.
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  • Suggestions Self-assessment should be a major component of online courses. Online instructor should design the learning activity that provide students to assess themselves. Assessment approaches for online courses
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  • Suggestions The large-class should add more online tests or quizzes as an effective self-test for students. The large-class blended learning course should focus more on portfolio assessment. Assessment approaches for the large class OLEs
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