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  • AWARDS First round of 1989 ACS division awards This week at the ACS national meet- ing in Dallas, the Division of Poly- mer Chemistry presents its 1989 P. J. Flory Polymer Education Award to Charles G. Overberger, professor of chemistry, University of Michi- gan, and 1967 president of ACS. Overberger has had a distinguished career as a polymer scientist, contri- buting to the basic understanding of polymer synthesis and structure- Overberger Provder property relationships. An advocate for teaching polymer chemistry in the chemistry curriculum, Over- berger succeeded Herman Mark as director of the Polymer Research Institute, Polytechnic University, and then established the macromo- lecular program at the University of Michigan. In addition, he has served on the ACS Board of Direc- tors, chaired the Division of Poly- mer Chemistry's education commit- tee, and held offices in the Interna- tional Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry. Theodore Provder, principal scien- tist at Glidden Co., has been named the winner of the 1989 Roy W. Tess Award in Coatings. This award, bestowed by the ACS Division of Polymeric Materials: Science & En- gineering, recognizes outstanding achievement in coatings science, technology, and engineering, and will be presented to Provder dur- ing the fall national meeting in Mi- ami Beach. He is being honored for his significant accomplishments in a variety of areas, including particle size distribution analysis, size ex- clusion chromatography, polymer and coatings characterization, the chemistry and physics of cure, and the application of computer tech- nology to research and development modeling. Provder is an internation- ally known lecturer, and has some 80 journal publications and three patents to his credit. He was named principal scientist at Glidden in 1983, and received the company's Scientific and Technical Achieve- ment Award in 1977. In both 1981 and 1987 he was the winner of Gl idden ' s Award for Technical Excellence. Continued on page 84 Track your reactions online with CASREACT You'll find CASREACT a must for comprehensive reaction search- ing. This online file brings you information on more than 570,000 reactions of organic substances, including biomolecules and organo- metallics, reported in 106 key organic journals during the past four years. In CASREACT you'll find • reactions, abstracts, structure diagrams, bibliographic and indexing information in your answers • roles assigned to all reaction participants • reaction sites highlighted • terms reflecting reaction conditions • yields and safety information reported by authors CASREACT. Another member of the CAS ONLINE® family of files. For more information, phone 800-848-6538 or 614-447-3600. CAS is a division of the American Chemical Society. available on STN International® iMriyÉfl 68 April 10. 1989 C&EN • • ι • . I J _| ι \ • • • » m em ν -^ W Λ r mm \ Λ • <
  • ness expertise can be used. Contact L. Tannen, (201) 391- 8444. CHEMICAL PATENT ATTORNEY: Will prepare and prose- cute patent applications; searches; validity/infringement opinions. Reasonable rates. Edwin Schindler, 1523 East Fourth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230. (718)336-9346. QUALITY CONSULTING: Product and process quality im­ provement and waste reduction consulting; coatings, adhe- sives, extrusion, composites, absorbents, and packaging. Eighteen years technical and management experience in product and process development, process control, quality improvement, waste reduction, and quality systems devel­ opment in industrial materials and medical disposables. Box 408-E-1. A PHD (1984) with college teaching experience and re­ search experience in inorganic syntheses, electrochemical characterization, batteries, electrocatalysis, and electroan- alytical techniques, looking for R&D positions in the vicinity of Boston. Tel. (508) 668-7915. Box 409-E-1. SITUATIONS WANTED (Retired Chemists and Ch.E.'s) CALSEC CONSULTANT is a group of retired ACS members who offer diverse consulting services in chemical science and technology to business and industry, government, and public service organizations. We furnish specialized exper­ tise concentrated on your needs, support unique projects, relieve staff overloads, give independent and impartial anal­ yses and opinions, contribute fresh thinking and innovation, and train your personnel. Areas of expertise include analy­ sis, marketing, pollution, polymers lubrication pharmaceuti­ cals, cosmetics, petroleum, toxicology, biochemistry, elas­ tomers, professional employment, research evaluation, waste disposal, product development, etc. The special fea­ ture of Calsec Consultants' service is the flexibility in help­ ing clients improve competitive position, reduce costs, im­ prove products and services, and solve problems. We pro­ vide qualified individuals or teams as required. Professional contacts and resources insure that our consultants work with up-to-date information and state-of-the-art technology. Write Calsec Consultant, 2140 Shattuck Ave., #511 Berkeley, CA 94704. Telephone: 415) 848-0513. CHEMICAL INFORMATION EXPERTISE helps companies identify, evaluate worldwide technologies, markets. Best sources. Critically analyzed, timely results. 35 years proven industry experience, doctorate. Top-talent associates. Ex­ cellent contacts universities, government, industry. U.S. Pa­ tent Depository, major university, adjacent. Databases. Also plans, evaluates company libraries. (203) 786-5030 collect. CHEMICAL SPECIALTIES CONSULTANT: Laboratory for assaying, duplicating, improving, testing or developing new chemical specialties. Can provide you with modern formula­ tions, manufacturing methods, packaging, labels, MSDS, USDA, EPA, products application, marketing assistance, expert witness and other technical services. Highly quali­ fied. Reasonable rates. Box 408-B-4. CONSULTANT-PH.D. APPLIED ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: Over thirty years of solving practical multi-step batch organ­ ic processes from the laboratory, pilot through full scale batch operations, including economic evaluations and feasi­ bilities. I have access to commercial facilities for new chem­ ical manufacture. Tel: (201) 464-3164. Box 409-B-4. RUBBER/POLYOLEFIN CONSULTING TECHNOLOGIST: 40 plus years experience with major companies in com­ pounding, processing, product development. Alloying TPE's, FR wire coating and PVC no-hal replacement, moisture cure of silane copolymers, crosslinked PE foam, mechanical rub­ ber goods. Patents, papers, publications. Box 410-B-4. POLYMER CONSULTANT: Let me expedite your research efforts with 35 years R&D experience in formulations and synthesis. Expertise in sulfonation and condensation reac­ tions for water soluble polymers as dispersants and floccu- lants. Also versed in polyurethane coatings. Write to: Con­ sultant, Box 376, Bogota, NJ 07603 JOB HUNTING? "Life is short but there is always time enough for courtesy"—Emerson. Answer all ad inquiries. Failure to do so is unfair to companies and other applicants. D I R E C T O R Y S E C T I O N This section includes: CHEMICALS EXCHANGE—Chemicals, Resins, Gums, Oils, Waxes, Pigments, etc.: EQUIPMENT MART—New and Used Equipment, Instruments; Facili­ ties for Plant and Laboratory: TECH­ NICAL SERVICES—Consultants; Engineering, Testing, Professional Services. Advertising Rates: Space rate is $300 per inch. Lower rates available on con­ tract basis. An "inch" advertisement measures 1k" deep on one column. Ad­ ditional space in even lineal inch units. Maximum space—4" per Directory per issue. Set ads due 21 days in advance of publications; plated ads, 17 days. Centcom Ltd, 500 Post Road East, P.O. Box 231, Westport, CT 06880 Geri Anastasia 203-226-7131. TECHNICAL SERVICES τϊ) Since 1950 ^ MICROANALYSES Analysis For All Elements, Trace Analyses, ICP Scans, TOX, Ion Chromatography, Molecular Weights. GALBRAITH LABORATORIES, INC. 2323 Sycamore Drive, KnoxviHe, TN 37921 P.O. Box 51610, Knoxville, TN 37950-1610 i ^ (615) 546-1335 ^ m analytical and polymer services • Mic-FTIR • SEM/EDX •HPLC -DSCANDTGA • GC/FTIR •HI TEMP GPC (SEC) L J BROUTMAN& ASSOC . L TO 3424 SOUTH STA TE STREET CHICAGO. IL 60616 312.842.4100 EXOUfmCMTM EQUIPMENT MART KRAEMER KOATING foQ" Route 37 at Peter Avenue · Toms River, New Jersey 08753 · (201) 244-7345 FAX (201) 244-7594 Design & Manufacture Custom Coating & Web Handling Machinery—Contract Coating—Consulting Use the Directory Section Awards Continued from page 68 Four men have been elected by the ACS Rubber Division to receive 1989 awards for their outstanding scien­ tific and academic contributions to the rubber industry. Accompanied by payments of $3000 to $5000 each, the awards will be presented at the division's 135th meeting in Mexico City, May 9-12. Jean-Marie Massoubre, an em­ ployee of Michelin, is the winner of the Charles Goodyear Medal Award. This award is sponsored by the Rubber Division, and honors individuals for "outstanding inven­ tion, innovation, or development which has resulted in a significant change or contribution to the na­ ture of the rubber industry." Mas­ soubre is being recognized for his scientific and technical research that resulted in the development of the radial tire. Joginder Lai, retired research as­ sociate, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., receives the Melvin Mooney Dis­ tinguished Technology Award for his extensive contributions to rub­ ber technology. The Mooney award is sponsored by Uniroyal Chemical Co. It was established to honor ACS Rubber Division members and af­ filiates who have exhibited "excep­ tional technical competence." Jean-Baptiste Donnet, professor, Centre de Recherches Physico- Chimie des Surfaces Solides, Mul­ house, France, is the winner of the George Stafford Whitby Award for Distinguished Teaching and Aca­ demic Research. He is being cited for his academic research career and the contributions he and his staff have made in carbon, carbon black, and rubber reinforcement. This award is sponsored by Polysar Ltd. John P. Porter, senior research and development associate, B. F. Goodrich Co., Brecksville, Ohio, is being honored with the Fernley H. Banbury Award for his development of the Power Integrator Control Sys­ tem, which is used for mixing rub­ ber compounds. Farrel Corp. spon­ sors this award, which was estab­ lished to commend innovators of commercially accepted production equipment, instrumentation, and control systems widely used in the manufacture of rubber or rubber­ like articles. G 84 April 10, 1989 C&EN AWARDS First round of 1989 ACS division awards