Before going mobile, make sure you can manage the devices

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Before going mobile, make sure you can manage the devices


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Before going mobile, make sure you can manage the devicesThe usage of mobile technology in the school now is cant be avoided. As many students and techers too, using mobile device not only for communication tools but also a device to help them study. Mobile technology is not something to aware, but the school management must have a carefully plan. David Mendez, information system coordinator at Life Schools in southern Dallas, use Kaseya, IT systems management software that allows monitoring from just one central location, without involment of the third-party.Life School is a public charter school system, developed by Tom Wilson, a former pastor who saw too many kids go by the wayside. Life School is known for its innovative curriculum, character development, and parental involvement. Character development in this school is developing by its extracurricular activity, and teachable moments. Parental involvement means the parents enroll with their children through parent-teacher conferences. Parents have to earn parent point throughout the year, and have to have a certain amount by the end of the year. So the schools allows for 24/7 access to information.

Mendez said the system, run more like a large district than a company like other charter systems, has a superintendent devoted to technology integration, even in the struggling economy. We know how important education technology is for students, so they can get the most out of their learning, get engaged, and have access on-the-go. We dont want students to have a large transition from home to schoolwe want it to be seamless, he said.

Mendez described how his system incorporates SMART boards, Discovery Education streaming, and soon Microsofts Live@edua suite of mobile, desktop, and web-based applications that allows students, staff, faculty, and alumni to collaborate on campuses and create a community.But before Life Schools can allow all students and faculty to have access to mobile devices, its important to have the infrastructure in place, says Mendez. The school need to test thing like how the network responds to multiple systems, how to get everyone the latest patches, and what filter systems keep our environment safe while allowing for unhindered access. Currently, about 50 percent of administrators (roughly 150 to 200) are using their own mobile devices while connected to Life Schools resources and software, such as grade books, portals, eMail, and moremeaning that the IT department, which currently uses Aruba for wireless, needed a bigger pipeline, as well as a way to set policy and procedure updates more easily. To help speed up the beta testing and allow the IT systems team to take a proactive approach to implementation, Life Schools chose Kaseya to ease the burdens.Using its allotted technology funding, the charter system is using Kaseya to help manage mobile devices. Kaseya automates the entire management process, by providing reports, monitoring the health of each machine, applying patches, and monitoring securityand all of this from any location through a web-based interface. Kaseya also handles all software, meaning no third, fourth, or fifth party is needed. By using Kaseya, the IT team dont have to interrupt the class and ask teacher when a good time to fix the device, they just file an online ticket to teacher and they are done. Mendez hopes that in the future, students will have their digital lockers, or secure online file storage systems. After that, its time for mobile student devices.


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