Benjamin Franklin: the icon of Rationalism 1706 - 1790

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Benjamin Franklin: the icon of Rationalism 1706 - 1790. everything but a poet. . A man committed to the commonweal: B. Franklin - The First American. Printer apprentice -> owner Writer Silence Do Good -> Poor Richard Saunders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Ben Franklin icon of Rationalism/Deism everything but a poet.Benjamin Franklin:the icon of Rationalism1706 - 1790everything but a poet. A man committed to the commonweal: B. Franklin - The First AmericanPrinter apprentice -> ownerWriter Silence Do Good -> Poor Richard SaundersPublisher newspaper -> almanac - > printing franchise Civic advocate library, hospital, Philosophical Society, fire department, fire insurance, Scientist electricity, physics, oceanographyInventor Franklin stove, swim flippers, bifocals, lightning rodDiplomat colonial representative -> England & FranceStatesman Continental Congress -> Declaration of Independence -> Treaty of Paris -> Constitutional Convention2The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin published in various editions 1790 - 1868If he could, anyone could: runaway apprentice - > working man -> business owner -> civic advocate -> politician -> international diplomatThe Moral EssayArriving at Moral Perfection - the thirteen virtuesAddresses the Rationalist belief in self-improvementEncourages logical, reasoned, orderly process One virtue per week, thirteen weeks, repeated 4 times per year = Success!Metaphor of gardener: weeding one bed at a time keeps from overwhelming the gardener AphorismsFrom Poor Richards Almanack Published from 1732 til 1758Common sense for and from the common man everyday wisdom drawn from the common experience of everyday life: flies & honeyhorses & horseshoes visitors & fishBibliographyEOLBenjamin Franklin (1778, New York , The Metropolitan Museum of Art) nibiryukov.narod.ru


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