Bill and Ted's Excellent Educational Adventure

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Bill and Ted attempt to answer the question, "What makes an excellent teacher?" with the help of Rufus, and several historical figures.


  • What Makes An

    Excellent Teacher?

    Re-imagined by

    Sarah Stephenson

    and Darren Ng

  • Kudos (Acknowledgments)

    Sarah Stephenson Darren Ng My tech buddy, Tenacious D

    Soli Deo Gloria! (and props to my wife and Sarah for their ubber patience) The late-night bus driver fo


    getting me home safe tonight!

  • 1. The Problem Meet Bill and Ted

    Mr. Fs Heinous Ultimatum:

    EA Rufus to the rescue

    2. The Help SocratesKnow thyself

    Jean DArcEffective Instruction

    Abraham Lincoln


    Educational Leadership

    3. D


    lt W


    s (G




    4. Stealing IS BAD!


  • 1. The Problem

  • They are best friends

    who dream of becoming

    international rock stars.

    Meet Bill Esquire and

    Ted Theordore Logan.

    (Except right now, they play more air guitar than real metal)

  • To Bill and Ted, school is boring,

    especially Mr. Ryans History class.

    Frustrated Mr. R gives the boys an ultimatum:

    Give an oral report on Teaching Excellence.

    If you fail this, youll fail the year and wont graduate!

  • If you dont graduate,

    Ill send you to Oats Military Academy!

    Bill and Ted scramble

    to the library

    and try to research

    with little success.

    Ted has trouble


    He keeps thinking of

    what his father said:

  • Ted tries to come up with

    his own definition of

    teaching excellence and

    comes up with two ideas

    Bill finds two different ones from a pile of dusty books

    in the library. He writes them on his Post-It Notes:

    Teaching excellence:

    Teachers w

    ho arent b

    oring +

    dont give m

    uch homew


    Teachers who have an extensive understanding of how students learn and an instructional repertoire that allows them to respond meaningfully to what is known and how and what students must learn. (Bennet +Rolheiser, 2001)

    Three Concept

    ions of Teachin

    g Excellence

    Technical: excel

    lence is achieve

    d through exemp

    lary test scores

    Personal: excell

    ence is reached t

    hrough self actu


    Social: excellen

    ce is demonstrat

    ed through socia

    l responsibility

    Bruno-Jofre, 20


  • Ted looks at Bills paper.

    He asks, Do you have any clue what that means?

    Not the faintest, Bill replies.

    We are in serious trouble! Ted exclaims.

  • 2. The Help

  • Just then, their confusion, is interrupted by a strange visitor. Appearing out of nowhere, a time-travelling

    telephone booth suddenly appears.

    The booth door opens.

    From inside emerges.


  • ...Rufus, the time travelling Educational Assistant.

    I have come to help you! Rufus encourages.

    Greetings most excellent ones!

  • Rufus explains:

    I am going to lend you a time machine for your assignment. Instead of reading about excellent

    teachers, I want you to meet them yourself!

    Or perhaps as Mr. R might put it,

    Put some enaction into action!

    Excellent! But how?

    Bill responds curiously.

  • Bill and Ted dont waste any time. They jump into the

    booth and travel to ancient Greece, to meet Socrates.

    From him the boys learn about some of the personal qualities that make great teachers.

    Socrates explains, An excellent teacher is...

  • ...Self Reflective Excellent teachers are reflective practitioners that

    seek to know thyself (and others) well.

    These people view teaching as their vocation, their

    lifes work ,and are consequently highly motivated to

    serve their students well.

    Reflective teachers are...

    ...willing to connect with both the mind and heart of all students

    ...have a strong belief in human potential and the ability to be empathetic

    The teachers understanding and acceptance of themselves is the most

    important requirement in any effort to help students get to know themselves

    and gain healthy attitudes of self-acceptance (Grant, 2006)

    Not everyone who wants to be a

    teacher should be allowed to pro-

    ceed through the program just

    because they have a desire to

    teach or have the necessary grade

    point average. Teaching is hard

    and you need a unique stamina

    to survive.

    (Grant and Gillette, 2006)


    Am I?

  • This is a test


    Why settle for

    billions when

    you can have


    A Teachers Personality

    The average teacher has a personality type of ESFJ:

    Extroverted- focuses on the outer world

    Sensing- focuses on information rather than interpretation

    Feeling- focuses on people and individual circumstances

    Judging- continually making firm decisions

    Myers Briggs Personality Traits (Rushton, 2007)

  • Enthusiasm is

    a contagious.

    Be a carrier

    -Susan Rabin


    Why settle for

    billions when

    you can have




    ...ENTHUSIASM is one of the most frequent answers

    people list to the question, What are the qualities of

    a great teacher? (Bennet +Rolheiser, 2001)

    Enthusiasm in teaching is bringing about a

    state of absorption in the material or topic

    being studies, and it operates as an intellec-

    tual force presumable by focusing attention

    and engaging the student in a willing pursuit

  • This is a test


    Why settle for

    billions when

    you can have


    What Other Qualities?


    Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire

    Creative individuals

    [especially teachers]

    are remarkable for their

    ability to adapt to any

    situation and make do

    with whatever is at hand

    to reach their goals

    (Csikszentmihalyi, 1997)

    Engaging These teachers create an exciting atmosphere in their

    classroom provoking student participation and students

    in the learning process (Simpson, 1994)

    Wiggins, 2007

    -William Butler Yeats

  • Excellent Teachers Are...

    ...Humble Humility requires

    courage, self confi-

    dence, self-respect,

    and respect for



    Lovingness, without which teachers work

    would lose its meaning

    not only towards the stu-

    dents but also towards the

    very process of teaching.

    ...No one knows it all; no one is ignorant of everything.

    We all know something; we are all ignorant of something.

    Without humility, one can hardly listen with respect.

    Freire, 1997

  • After their session of Socratic Questioning is over,

    Bill thanks Socrates for his help:

    Thanks for helping us take a

    deeper look at ourselves!

    Bill says appreciatively.

  • Next stop, France, 1424.

    There, our two heroes meet Jean DArc.

    Ted asks, So what else makes a teacher excellent?

    Excellent Teaching Practices

    she gently replies. Jean explains:

    Its not only about who you are as a teacher,

    but also what you do

  • This is a test


    Why settle for

    billions when

    you can have


    Excellent Teaching Practices

    Excellent teachers keep their students engaged with

    purposeful learning activities.

    -Wiggins, 2007

  • Activities must always be a means to important learning ends, not ends in themselves.

    1. My job

    is to cover


    This is a test

    -Wiggins, 2007 3 Common Teacher Misunderstandings

    When teachers maintain that they are required to march

    through texts and syllabi (irrespective of degree of

    student understanding or learning results) they often cite

    external supervisory pressures.

    Yet have you ever seen a teachers contract in North

    America that specifies, Your job is to cover a textbook? 2. My job is to keep students

    BUSY! Critical questions to consider before an activity:

    Are the learning outcomes clearly identified and em-

    bodied in the work? Do they reflect important big ideas in the disciplines

    Can students explain the purpose behind the various activities?

    Have students shown they can understand and transfer their learning in meaningful ways?

  • 3. My job

    is to cover

    Teach to the


    This is a test

    -Wiggins, 2007 3 Common Teacher Misunderstandings

    The use of high-stakes accountability tests has un-

    wittingly led to a misconception that a teachers job

    is to teach to the test and get the scores up.

    Critical questions to consider:

    Must we sacrifice more effective and engaging forms to teach instruction to raise test

    scores? Is passive and fragmented teaching more or less likely to maximize student interest and

    performance? Do we have teach worse to get higher test scores?

    Worst Case Scenario:

    curriculum = test prep regimen of practicing test-like items and learning test-taking strategies

  • This is a test


    Content Knowledge

    -teachers need a depth and

    breath of content knowledge

    and pedagogical strategies

    -teachers must stay current

    in their field

    Excellent Teaching Practices Excellent teachers view teaching as a craft to be mastered.

    They are constantly developing...



    -teachers must have a desire

    to learn new things and the

    willingness to become

    absorbed in their education


    Reciprocation of Teaching a Learning

    -Teachers have a responsibil-ity to grow as practitioners, stay current in their field, and continually evolve as professionals

    -Polk, 2006

    ...and demonstrate Culturally Responsive Teaching

    A pedagogy that acknowledges, responds to, and celebrates all

    students and their ability to learn and achieve regardless of cultural

    differences (Grant and Gillette, 2006)

  • This is a test

    Excellent Teaching Practices Excellent teachers understand their role in the classroom

    -Wiggins, 2007

    There is no ONE BEST approach!

    Excellent teachers know how to choose the most appropriate pedagogical method based on what kind of help and experience their learners need.

    Effective teachers demonstrates

    skill in all three roles and

    understand when they should

    be used, in what combinations,

    and for how long.

  • Having learned two new things about

    teacher excellence, the boys decide to make one final stop, America 1860, in the presidential office of

    Abraham Lincoln.

    Theres one more quality needed for


  • This is a test

    Teachers Are Leaders!

    -Wiggins, 2007

    Excellent teachers help their schools discover their mission.

    What matters is not the leaders charisma.

    What matters is the leaders mission.

    Therefore the first job of the leaders

    is to think through and define the mission of

    the institution. -Wiggins, 2007

    School leaders practice community networking.

    -Developing a knowledge base about the community.

    -Building and fostering relationships with students, families, and faculty.

    -Use technology as an effective tool to enhance learning and communication

    home, school, and the community.

  • This is a test

    1. School Mission

    and Learning


    -take a lead role in creating an

    actionable mission for the entire

    education institution.

    -a mission based school is driven

    5 Responsibilities of Teacher-Leaders

    3. Curriculum

    -keep the mission in the

    foreground so that it does

    not become a formal

    obligation of the job.

    -be aware of how the

    curriculum and assessment

    system can correlate with

    the mission.

    2. Results -Foreshadow potential curricula and assessment gaps in achieving the mission and proactively deal with them. -Establish a process for systemically recording teachers observations of student difficulties in learning and their suggestions for addressing those problems. 4. Person


    -Clarifying the job

    expectations of personnel

    under their direction and

    providing the necessary

    training, supervision, and

    evaluation guided by missi


    related and results-focuse



    5. Positive School Culture -Core values of collegiality, performance, improvement that

    engender quality, achievement, and learning for everyone.

    -Positive beliefs and assumptions about the potential of stu-

    dents and staff to learn and evolve.

    -A widely shared sense of respect and caring for everyone.

  • Having learned a great deal about teacher leadership, Bill and Ted say goodbye to their new friend.

    He leaves them with some final encouragements:

    Be excellent to one another.

    ...and party on dudes!

  • Bill and Ted return home feeling more confident

    in their understanding of teacher excellence.

    Not surprisingly, they

    receive an A+ on their


    Impressed, Mr. R says,

    Thanks for helping me

    think about how I can be

    excellent teacher too!

    The End.

    Ted replies, Thanks for helping me escape military college!

    Together, they all laugh about their most excellent adventure.

  • Bill and Teds Excellence Quiz

    -Easton, 2011

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