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Biology Final Project! This is a project designed to help you review for the EOC. You will chose a topic, grouped by unit, and be responsible for creating a project to address all of the information. The topic chart includes topics, as well as questions. Your project must answer all of the questions outlined on the Topic Chart. You will also need to research a formal experiment paper that is related to your topic. You will write a summary of the experiment and include it in your project. You will connect your topic to the real world by providing examples and evidence of how your topic relates to society. You will be required to give a speech that covers all of the required pieces. You will also be required to correctly cite and turn in at least 3 sources that you used in your project. The whole project is worth 200 points, the equivalent of 2 test grades. DO NOT wait until after Holiday Break to start. Project: Pick either a poster, a Powerpoint, a movie, or a poster (all except for the movie will be require to give a speech- the movie will need to include your speech). This section be graded on grammar, spelling, and professionalism. Topic: Choose a topic listed on the Topic Chart. Your project needs to answer all of the questions provided. Research Experiment: Choose a research article that is related to your topic. Read the article ad summarize it. Include what the Independent, Dependent and Control variables are, and the Hypothesis. Include a summary of the procedure. Summarize what the data shows, and what conclusions the scientists got from their data. Was their hypothesis proved or disproven? How could the experiment be furthered or made better? Real World Connection: Think about how the knowledge of your topic is used in the real and everyday world. Describe examples and give evidence of how this information helps society and how we benefit from it. Sources: MLA format, in text citations, and a Works Cited page with at least 3 reliable sources (NOT WIKIPEDIA) Speech: You will be required to give a 3-4 minute speech that covers the most important information from your topic. You must include the information about your topic (the main points) and either the Research Experiment OR the Real World Connection information, however most of the time should be spent on the information from your topic. If you choose to do a movie you may show the movie as your speech but it must include all of the information and not exceed the time limit. The speech should be mostly memorized with few references to props like your project or notecards. Final Project Points Format Poster Powerpoint Movie Paper 30 Topic Correctly addresses all topic questions 50 Research Experimental Research Article Summary 40 Connect Connection to the Real World 30 Sources Correctly site 3 sources 30 Speech 4 minute speech outlining all of the above 20