Birthday Coupon: Magento Extension by Amasty. User Guide

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Express appreciation to your customers and give them one more reason to place an order with you! It is crucial for success of any business to build great relationships with its customers. Amasty's Birthday Coupon extension is a perfect tool for this - once set, it will automatically send discount notifications to customers on their birthdays and your customers will love you for that and return to the site to place more orders! You can learn more at


1. Birthday Coupon Page 1Birthday Coupon ManualSupport 2. Birthday Coupon Page 2Please go to System -> Configuration -> CustomerConfiguration -> Name and Address Options andmake sure that Show date of birth setting is seteither to Optional or to Required.Support 3. Birthday Coupon Page 3 To configure the extension please go to System -> Configuration -> Birthday Coupon page If you set Send E-mails to No, coupon notifications will not be sent.The template contents canbe edited according to yourrequirements.You can also specify discount type(percent, fixed per product andfixed per whole cart), discountamount and expiry period.Support 4. Birthday Coupon Page 4 Thank you!Should you have any questions or feature suggestions,please send an email to:amastysupport@gmail.comYour feedback is absolutely welcome!Support