Blogs that Convert Readers to Customers

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Tips for converting readers.


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Converting Traffic to Action (and preferably cash) using a Blog1

Most important lesson today is that every post should be value packed. It should be good enough someone would pay for it. Would you pay for it? Is it something they cant get elsewhere?2

The goal of every blog is to get your reader to return. If that wasnt the goal put up a static website instead. So what are you doing to inspire returns?3

Surf Sins. Are you making it easy for them to continually surf your wave or do they get washed out back to Google everytime because they lost in the surf?4

Timing & FrequencyIt Depends on.Your TM wants / needsIf its valuable people will want it all the time!6


It dependsTM wants / needsMost importantly on value. If it has value it can be long or short.7


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