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Breaking Down The Silos - SMX East 2012

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Anthony Piwarun, Senior Search Marketing Specialist at Zeon Solutions, presented at SMX East in NYC. Check out his full slide deck on Maximizing Enterprise SEM.


1. Breaking Down the SilosAligning Cross-Functional Teams for Enterprise SEMPresented By:Anthony PiwarunSr. Search Engine Marketing Specialist Zeon Solutions@apiwarunSlides: ZEON SOLUTIONS INC. 2. Quick Poll 3. Introduction 4. Enterprise SEM & Alignment Social Ads Paid Media Online Ads Paid Search Converged SearchBranded Organic SearchEarned MediaMedia Owned Media Press Mentions CorporateSocial Mentions Publications@apiwarun 5. State of Alignment 6. Design 7. Design & User Experience Why? Landing Pages Conversion Optimization Points of Insertion User Personas Wireframes & Comps Issues Complete disregard for design; no seat at the table @apiwarun 8. Design & UX ConcernsThe biggest stumbling block is that I almost never workwith these folks. The structure of most organizations is silodin a way that keeps a bit of a moat between UX and SEO. Inreal life, however, Im never invited into the meetings with thesem pros unless I force my way in.Tamara AdlinPrincipal, Adlin 9. Content Strategy 10. Content Strategy Why? Landing page content Compelling sales copy Resources to boost conversions Points of Insertion Client discovery Landing page development Issues Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs; no budget@apiwarun 11. Content Strategy ConcernsI hate the "yeah yeah yeahs." You know what they sound like: Yeah, we dont need to talk about (content) strategy. Yeah, thats nice, but we dont have *time* for strategy. Those are all dangerous, expensive misconceptions that get in the way of true organizational change and alignment around sustainable content creation.Margot BloomsteinPrincipal, Appropriate @apiwarun 12. Social Media 13. Social Media Why? Assist in soft-sell conversions Customer retention Points of Insertion Content & creative planning Promotions Issues Lack of communication; departmental silos @apiwarun 14. Social Media Concerns By far the biggest stumbling block is the combination of clientsnot understanding the technology and SEM types passively talkingover their heads. Its hard to find a good SEM practitioner who canboth translate what the tasks and value are and not be arrogant orimpatient with the clients understanding. Jason Falls Founder, Social Media Explorer @JasonFalls @apiwarun 15. Search Engine Optimization 16. Search Engine Optimization Why? Past data from search campaigns / programs Brothers in arms Points of Insertion Client discovery Content & creative planning Reporting Issues Internal trust; infighting @apiwarun 17. SEO Concerns With in-house teams, the biggest challenge Ive seen is theability to earn respect & trust internally, which is both theresult of internal politics as well as questions about theexpertise and degree of experience from the in-housemembers. Rand Fishkin CEO, SEOMoz @RandFish @apiwarun 18. Paid Search 19. PPC ConcernsLack of communication tends to be the biggest stumblingblock. With so many departments now involved in the success ofthe paid search program, including design, development andanalytics, keeping everyone in the loop is a challenge. It isimperative that a project management system be put in place andall departments meet on a weekly basis to discuss updates to thePPC account.Matthew UmbroThe PPC 20. How It Used To Be 21. Break Down The Silos 22. Daily Stand-Ups 23. Daily Stand-Ups@apiwarun 24. Lunch-N-Learns 25. Lunch-N-Learns @apiwarun 26. Internal Meetings or Calls 27. Internal Meetings & Conference Calls @apiwarun 28. Tools 29. Tools for Alignment Project & Task Flow Management Trello Basecamp Internal Training & Conferencing GoToMeeting Process & Information Sharing Google Drive (templates) Dropbox@apiwarun 30. Key Takeaway:Educate, Communicate and Train