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Breaking up is hard to do

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2. DUMPED CLIP 3. LOVELESS TEXT #1 Dear Tom,I dont know how to say this to your face, so Illjust come out and say it in this text. I cant tell youwhy, but I dont want to go out with you anymore. Ijust cant explain how I feel, and if I call you, youmight talk me out of this. I really dont see any hopefor us. 4. LOVELESS TEXT #2 Hey Tiffany!Im in History listening to Mr. Hall ramble on. Didyou have work last night? I worked on my dads carand watched a movie. Well, I guess Id better tellyou, I think we could see other people and not betied done. Okay? See you later. 5. LOVELESS TEXT #3 Cory,This is hard for me to write, because I careabout you a lot, but I need to share my feelings withyou. For the past few weeks, things havent beenvery good between us. It seems like we dont enjoyeach others company as much and we thinkdifferently on a lot of important issues. I think it mightbe best for us to try seeing others for a few weeksand see how we feel then. We have had a lot ofgood times and while Ill miss them, I dont want us tokeep on and risk ending up hating each other. Callme letter and let me know how you feel. 6. HOW TO BREAK UP WITH SOMEONE Do not do it over text, Facebook, email, etc. Stick to the facts Dont be mean or say hurtful things Walk away if emotions run to high Cut off communication 7. WHY DO PEOPLE BREAK UP? What leads to break ups? 8. FEELINGS AFTER BREAKUP Depression Loneliness Living in the past Anger Out of control feelings and actions Hurting yourself or another 9. DEPRESSION Feeling sad all the time Cant keep your mind on one thing Trouble sleeping Self doubts Cry or feel like crying 10. LONELINESS You feel alone and like nobody understands Feels like you are in a fog 11. LIVING IN THE PAST Play your song over and over Read old notes and look at old photos Go out of your way to go places to bring backmemories 12. ANGER Mad at: ex love for dropping you, yourself for getting hurt, the whole world because its in your way Your family because they may ask you what is wrong 13. OUT OF CONTROL FEELINGS AND ACTIONS: When your anger towards your ex-love turnsharmful, you are out of control. Revenge, spreading rumors or hurtful gossip,harassment of trying to hurt yourself for attention,are signs that your feelings are out of control 14. HURTING YOURSELF OR ANOTHER Violent feelings cause the pain you feel is so strong Thinking of suicide to get even If you are ever so upset that you want to hurtyourself or another, you must get help right away. 15. BREAKING UP STORY 16. HEALTHY WAYS TO DEAL WITH ABREAK UP Let your pain out Reconnect with friends Celebrate your self-worth Exercise 17. REMINDER Breakups are natural and will happen. Groupdating eliminates having to go through it all thetime, but it will happen at some point in your life.Learning ways to break up with someone gracefullyand being able to cope with being dumped willhelp you remain constant in your life.


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