Bridging the Gaps: The Exeter Science Exchange Dr Helen Butler Project Manager 1 st July 2011

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Bridging the Gaps: The Exeter Science Exchange Dr Helen Butler Project Manager 1 st July 2011. About the project. 500k EPSRC funding over 3 years Exeter Science Exchange: bringing researchers together to trade ideas across discipline boundaries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Bridging the Gaps:The Exeter Science ExchangeDr Helen ButlerProject Manager1st July 2011

  • 500k EPSRC funding over 3 yearsExeter Science Exchange:bringing researchers together to trade ideas across discipline boundariesCombine Exeters rapidly growing science & engineering strength with our world-leading HASS research to tackle global challenges

    About the project

  • Work strandsCommunication (Jonathan Barry)Policy(Regenia Gagnier)Development (Peter Ashwin)Innovation(John Bessant)

  • About the peoplePI: David ButlerExpert PanelManagement Board , with IBM & Met OfficeProject manager: Helen ButlerSenior administrator: John HudsonVirtual environments: Sam Fowler

  • The Project so far...

  • Development FundTo promote cross-disciplinary engagement external funding applicationsSecond round applications decisions todayApplicants must be from at least 2 disciplines & topic/ applicant in area relevant to EPSRC


  • Development Fund

  • Support for your ideas...Future BTG funding rounds next in OctoberTalk to Research & Knowledge Transfer staff

    ***From Oct 10Trading ideas: physically and virtuallyExtra 100kStrand 1 will provide information and activities that aim to increase communication & understanding across disciplines so researchers can work together effectively.Strand 2 aims to develop links between innovation, entrepreneurship and research. It will encourage researchers to develop an end-user perspective and understanding of effective entrepreneurship and innovation management.Strand 3 will bring academics and policymakers together to explore how research and policy mutually influence each other. It will promote research to address real-world problems.Strand 4 will provide funding to support new cross-disciplinary collaborations including EMPS researcher(s), e.g. For feasibility studies, visiting academics or workshops. *Expert Panel: members from all Colleges

    *Official launch on 18th Jan13 other varied events

    *First round: extra 10k from RKTFirst round 13/20, second 17 apps**


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