Building a Lean Analytics Culture - Amazon S3 a Lean Analytics Culture Justin Ball, BI Developer, Nature’s Sunshine Products

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Building a Lean AnalyticsCultureJustin Ball, BI Developer, Natures Sunshine ProductsRemove ConstraintsRemove WasteGive OwnershipConstraintsConstraintsDegree of Self-ServiceConstraintsIT Analyst Manager DirectorIT CreatesParameterizedDashboards Business CreatesParameterizedDashboards Many Org Levels Using BI ToolIT CreatesMany ReportsConstraintsReusable Enterprise Objects Data Warehouse Semantic Layer, Virtual Database Data and Object Security Report Sharing System Codebase Pre-calculate common metricsConstraints Document Data Flow Data is your product, treatthe same as manufacturingtreats production lineConstraintsAfter looking closely at all the information that weve gathered, we have decided to further extend the Beta period so we can improve Pottermore before giving more people access, Pottermore Blog PostConstraints"What is impressive ... is our ability to deliver every time with a high level of innovation and creativity in a large and diverse open world,""We are applying the very [same] product template to our other strong franchises to bring them back to Assassin's Creed blockbuster profitable status, - Yves Guillemot (Ubisoft CEO)ConstraintsUse proven software development practices: Everyone has needed components of application stack for them to work in isolation Ability to do branching from master codebase Frequent checkouts, merging Checkout only the piece of code you need to work on, test in your own environmentConstraintsUse proven software dev practices Shorter Dev Cycles Automate QA Automate deploys Removes risk Enables fast deploys and fixesConstraintsDont be Pottermore, be Assassins Creed!TransportationWasteOver ProcessingInventorySkillsDefectsMotionOver ProducingWaitingWasteMovement of Code Review anywhere code is moved How does it get there, what manual work is done How is code merged, how are conflicts resolved What type of movement is involved for QATransportationWasteBI Code Flow DiagramMaster CodebaseDev Branch(2)(4b) Test Stage(5) Prod(6)Dev BranchDev Branch(2)(4a)Smoke TestsWasteInventoryCode Repository Structure and Organization How is versioning done, any automation?Codebase Organization Use self-documenting tools where applicable Name packages, procs, functions, objects appropriately Use comments, descriptions, etcWasteMotionGuiding Dev Activities Auto Complete in Dev Tools Organizing workflow (user stories, iterations, etc)Code Motion Manual work that can be automated? Any steps that can eliminated?WasteWaitingDevelopers Waiting Shorten dev wait time on code running (are there simple areas where performance can be improved) Waiting on personnel Database connections Network changes (firewall) Dependent dev workWasteWaitingEnd Users Waiting Performance Bug fixes New features UptimeWasteOver ProducingTo many products Dashboards that can be consolidated Move many reports to one dashboard Consolidate reporting platforms Is more likely to happen at an organization level rather than within one groupWasteOver ProcessingTo many features Occurs when going through details of user story to early Reduced by self-service (not creating content in report thats not going to be used) Wait for users to request something or get their approval while collaborating before implementing Waste .DefectsHandling Bug Fixes Be capable of quick fixes Cut out unnecessary code and features to reduce risk Remove unnecessary environments Prioritize bugsWasteSkillsSkillsets of Others Identify highly analytical end users these will be your champions Get to know skills of co-workersSkillsets of Team Help organization understand capabilities of Analytics group Be involved with cross-functional projects Self-service training acts as form of evangelizingWasteQAQAQA Identify waste in data flow Example: Doing QA on the same data multiple timesWasteUnnecessary Feedback Loop Self-service eliminates unnecessary feedback between end user and developer creating report/dashboard Maintain Feedback for information needed to support self-service architecture Make it a priority to teach people who will help themselvesWasteReal Time ReportsPut in Transactional, BI?In Transactional: Waste with transactional system resources End-users constrained when changes neededIn BI: Use BI resources, offload transactional system and gain BI performance End-users can modify report content w/out ITOwnershipOwnershipSelf-service gives ownership of analytics to businessOwnershipGive ownership of backlog to businessNeed an IT Champion and a Business ChampionNeed one great developer to free up time for another to evangelizeEnd user champions organically scale self-service


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