Business Family Engineering Does it make sense ?

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Business Family Engineering Does it make sense ?. Ildefonso Montero , Joaqun Pea and Antonio Ruiz-Corts. The Path. Introduction Process Family Engineering Business Family Engineering Conclusions. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The PathIntroductionProcess Family EngineeringBusiness Family EngineeringConclusionsIntroductionGoal: Does it make sense ?Problem: Companies need to adapt to market changes. It implies that IT infrastructure must evolve and support BPMOur approach: Business Family EngineeringSPLBPMOne company:Process Family EngineeringMultipleCompaniesIntroductionPreliminaries: SPL in a nutshellThe PathIntroductionProcess Family EngineeringBusiness Family EngineeringConclusionsProcess Family EngineeringA first step: Process Family EngineeringMotivation: Business must adapt to market changes: how do we manage these changes? SPLVariant-rich processes & business as an evolving systemGoal: Does it make sense ?A motivating example of Process Family EngineeringProcess Family Engineering1 fast-food restaurant companyProcess Family EngineeringVariant-rich processesProcess Family Engineering A business as an evolving systemThe PathIntroductionProcess Family EngineeringBusiness Family EngineeringConclusionsA new step: Business Family EngineeringMotivation: Variant-rich processes and businessesA product line of businessesEach business as an evolving systemTop abstraction levelGoal: Does it make sense ?Business Family EngineeringA motivating example of Business Family EngineeringBusiness Family EngineeringN fast-food restaurant companyWhat happens when Business Family EngineeringSituation:Common processes in several businessesEvolving businessesLets reuse !Business Family EngineeringBusiness Family EngineeringBusiness Family EngineeringBusiness Family Engineering Result: A product line of evolving BDD systems Conclusions and Future WorkBusiness Family Engineering Does it make sense ?Do you remember the title ?Challenges:Definition of the software processObtain a core process frameworkBuild BFE productsProduct Evolution ModelComposition/addition of features based on processes, MDD, Thanks!Ildefonso Montero Prezmonteroperez@us.esJoaqun Peajoaquinp@us.esAntonio*******************