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1. 2. 'When people not used to speaking out are heard by people not used to listening, then real changes can be made.' John OBrien 3. Lobbying Media Social Marketing Social Media 4. Lobbying 5. Lobbying Make a PlanWhat do you want to achieve? Develop key messages Develop a strategyGather support Meet with those you are lobbying Keep them informed 6. Media 7. Media Be realistic about your expectations Television, radio, paper, online Develop a media strategy!Policy Spokesperson Training Key Messages Website Backgrounders Media Packs 8. Social Marketing 9. Social Marketing Mix of marketing and policy development to achieve specific goals for a social good Can include:TV, radio and paper advertising Online advertising and information Messages on merchandise such as fridge magnets, packaging etc. Usually part of a bigger campaign Give a Damn 10. Social Media 11. Social Media Facebook Twitter Blogs Flickr MySpace Wikis Podcasts Skype Causes