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PRESENTED BY Arvind pawarKishore kumar Niranjan senWhat is the controversy about?Bt Brinjal has generated much debate in India. The promoters say that Bt Brinjal will be beneficial to small farmers because it is insect resistant, increases yields, is more cost-effective and will have minimal environmental impact. On the other hand, concerns about Bt Brinjal relate to its possible adverse impact on human health and bio-safety, livelihoods and biodiversity.Introduction Bt brinjal is genetically modified variety of brinjal whichgives more resistant to Brinjal plant against insects.y Bt Brinjal is being developed in India by M/s Mahyco. Thetransformation work on Bt Brinjal started in the year 2000. y In addition to Mahyco, National Research Center for Biotechnology at the IARI is also experimenting with Bt Brinjal.IssuesPolitical interference. Effect of human health. Environmental protection. Legally bounded.SWOT ANALYSISStrengthy Efficacy of bt Brinjal against to target insect y Higher yields would result in higher incomes for farmers, y 42% - End consumer know about Bt brinjal y Save money of farmerWeaknessy 58% does not know about it. y 82% are not sure to buy it, y More R&D required y 7 % are not willing to buy or consume it y Variation in the field trails of the company and the farmers field.Opportunities Increase awareness among the Threatsfarmers. It is more cost-effective and will have minimal environmental impact. BT- Revolution Need of today because of maximise the income of the farmer and better results. Reduce the pesticide usage in cultivation by 80%. Bt and Non Bt brinjal there is no difference with respect to nutrients and quality. To save the small and marginal farmers.The lack of clear consensus among the scientific community. Opposition from 10 state governments, especially from the major brinjal-producing states. Questions raised about the safety and testing process. The lack of an independent biotechnology regulatory authority . Negative public sentiment and fears among consumers and the lack of a global precedent.Pest AnalysisPoliticals The dispute over Bt Brinjal still continuesEconomic Getting higher profit in small andand a proper decision has not yet been reached neither by the Ministry Of Environment And Forests nor by the general public and scientists The decision rendered by Union Minister of State for Environment And Forests Jairam Ramesh suspension on Bt Brinjal until proper investigation is done is justified as public safety is more important. Large scale protests were held all throughout India against it. The invention rather being accepted was hugely criticized by the general public, NGOs and Government.marginal farmer. It is estimated that the damage caused by the shoot and Fruit Borer in brinjal (which has been the major pest for the last two decades or so) ranges from 50 to 70% and in economic terms, it is estimated to be around $221 millions. BT brinjal high yield would spell greatereconomics stability and mitigate the financial problems of farmer that are caused by poor yield due to traditional cultivation. Cultivation of BT brinjal will reduce insecticide use against FSB By 70%.ContSocialy Beneficiary of the farmer byTechnicaly Approval by GEAC. y Seed expiry and date ofminimize their cultivation cost. y There is no much effect of BT brinjal . With respect to societies health issues. y Mahyco Company has taken proper field trails by conducting soil testing with that soil will not be deterioration. y Testing with Rat for bio test which much not be effect. So it has proven that human health will not be affect like allergies studies.manufacturing. y Genetic purity of the seed recommended by the Mahyco company, with reference to germination of brinjal seed atleast 90-95%. When it will grow in the farmer field.To overcome the Socio Ethical issues related to BT-brinjal Chemical fingerprinting of Bt and non-Bt brinjal. Assessment of allergenicity of protein extract usingBrown Norway Rats (Rallis, Bangalore). Soil micro-biota studies (two years). Protein expression studies. Baseline susceptibility studies (two years with 29 populations). Food cooking and protein estimation in cooked fruits.ySuggestion SHOULD INCREASE AWARENESS AMONG FARMERS EDUCATE THE END CONSUMER AWARE THEM ABOUT PRODUCTIVITY, COST OF CULTIVATIONAND PEST RESISTANCE OF HYBRID INCREASE AWARENESS AMONG DISTRIBUTERS STRONG DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL FOR PROPER AVAILABILITYOF SEEDSCont.. SHOULD ADOPT PROPER PRICING STRATEGY PROMOTIONS OF BT BRINJAL IN LEADING NEWSPAPERS. ARRANGING MEETINGS FOR COMMISSION AGENT SHOULD FOCUS ON ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES SHOULD FOCUS ON ATTRIBUTES WHICH FARMERS PREFER HEALTH, AFFORDABILITY AND QUALITY ASSURANCE TOFARMERS AND CONSUMERS


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