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CB Times Magazine - December 2014


  • 4 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella

    CB Times Magazine is the official community magazine of Corte Bella, brought to you by the Corte Bella Country Club Association, Inc. and published by Lion Tree Communications.

    Editor | Janice AikenContributing Writers | Jeff Ablin | Janice Aiken | Michael ArringtonBarbara Beshers | Bill Blake | Allie Bowling | John Eakins Vicki Faaborg | Dan Haywood | Lary Leighton | Robin MandellBarbara Morin | Joel Piaskowski | Roberta Rials | Bob RosenbergStan Sacha | Regina Shanney-Saborsky | SOuL Group | Jeff StuartTraci Tuor | Jim Williams | Linda WrightPhotography | Front Cover, Jim Laskowicz

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    6 Numbers to Know

    7 From the Managers Desk

    7 Neighborhood Awareness & Safety Committee Report

    8 Board Talk: Thats A Wrap!

    10 2015 Budget Process

    12 Corte Bella Events

    14 Emergency Phone Numbers

    15 December 2014 Calendar

    16 Maggies Place

    17 A World of Friends

    17 3rd Annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Event

    18 First Annual Veterans Day Dinner & Dance

    20 Thank You from SOuL

    21 Medical ID Apps: They Might Save Your Life!

    21 Boxtops for Education has Moved

    22 In the Loop

    22 Pull-Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

    24 Golf at Corte Bella

    25 Corte Bella Womens Golf Associations Elect Officers

    26 Pickleball Club

    27 Tennis is a Lifelong Sport for Corte Bella Couple

    28 Happy Holidays from the Anacapa Restaurant

    30 For You - From Your Anacapa

    32 Anacapa, The Dining Experience - Enhanced

    34 Clubs & Interest Groups

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    COMMUNITY INFORMATIONWhats InsideDecember 2014




    4 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella





    On the Cover:

    CB Times contributing photographer, Jim Laskowicz, enjoys working with digital software tools to add artistic effects to photos.

    This classic Christmas scene is an example of his work.

    Jim is a member of The Chicagoland Digital Photographers Group

  • December 2014 | CB Times | 5

    Sun Health has been helping West Valley residents stay healthy, active and vibrant for almost 50 years. Offerings include:

    The Center for Health & Wellbeing Personalized support and resources to help you achieve your health goals and reach your optimum health including individual consultation and group education classes. Our team includes a registered dietitian, certified health coach, exercise physiologist, memory care navigator, registered dietitian, acupuncturist and massage therapist.

    offers a Healthier Outlook

    Visit sunhealthwellbeing.org/CBTimes today to sign up for a FREE Friends & Neighbors Membership to theSun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing; and be entered into a drawing for a complimentary one-year Individual

    Gold Membership ($199 Value!) Or, call us at (623) 832-WELL (9355) to sign up and mention Corte Bella.

    Community Education Program free and low-cost classes on a variety ofhealth-related topics, including Tai Chi and yoga.

    Resort-Style Senior Living three Life Care communitiesdesigned for people to enjoy a long, healthier life, and explorenew creative outlets through Masterpiece Living.

    Many programs are made possible through generous communitysupport of Sun Health Foundation. Learn more about Sun Healthand make a tax-deductible gift at SunHealth.org

  • Ph






    Board of DirectorsJim WilliamsPresidentTechnology CommitteeLiaison, SCP Task Forcecortebellajim@cox.net

    Larry LeightonVice PresidentBuildings & Grounds CommitteeLiaison, Golf Club Liaison,Corporate Records Focal,SCP Task Forceldleighton@yahoo.com

    Walt KearnsTreasurerSCP Task ForceFinance Committee Liaisonwalt@wekearns.com

    Regina Shanney-SaborskySecretaryChair & Liaison ArchitecturalReview Committee, GovernmentAffairs Committee Liaisonrsaborsky@cox.net

    Dan LuparelloDirectorAnacapa Restaurant LiaisonARC Liaison AssistantLoopy6160@yahoo.com

    Bill BlakeDirectorNeighborhood Awareness andSafety Committee LiaisonWillieB38@cox.net

    Mike McVeighDirectorAssistant TreasurerSCP Task ForceMmcveigh3@cox.net

    Board of Directors Corte Bella AdministrationCommunity ResourcesGuard House, 623-544-3906Fax: 623-544-3911Email: securitas@cortebellacca.comGate Hours: 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. DailyRoving Patrol: Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. to Noon, and 10:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M.Saturday Sunday, 2:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M., and 10:00 P.M. to MidnightPatrol Cell: 623-256-2907Guards are present from 5:00am- 8:00pm, Homeowners can call the Mobile phone between 8:00pm & 11:30pm Mon -Fri and until midnight Sat & Sun- Guards will return immediately to the gate house for admittance.

    Anacapa Restaurant, 623-455-9045Hours: Lunch: 11 A.M. - 3 P.M. Tuesday SaturdayDinner: 4:30 - 8:00 P.M. Tuesday SaturdaySunday Buffet: 8:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.Closed Mondays

    Fitness Center, 623-217-2018Hours: Monday-Friday, 5 A.M.-9:00 P.M.Sat & Sun, 6 A.M.-9:00 P.M.Childrens Pool Hours10 A.M.-1 P.M. & 5-7 P.M.Day Spa, 623-217-20188 A.M. to 7 P.M., By Appointment

    Corte Bella Golf Club, 623-556-8951Hours: Monday-Sunday 6:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M.jstuart@cortebellagolfclub.com

    Corte Bella WebsiteCommunity Website: www.cortebella.netResidents & Visitor Registration:www.cortebella.org

    CB Events Group VolunteersCBEventsGroup@cortebellacca.com

    24-HOUR EMERGENCY(480) 551-4300

    Community Resources Corte Bella AdministrationAssociation Office22155 North Mission DriveSun City West, AZ 85375Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 A.M.-4 P.M.623-328-5068

    Michael Arrington HOA General Manager, 623-328-5068Michael.Arrington@fsresidential.com

    Jodell DodgeSpa & Fitness Manager, Ext. 225JDodge@cortebellacca.com

    Fred Hernandez Food & Beverage Mgr. Ext. 233fhernandez@cortebellacca.com

    Dan Haywood Anacapa Executive Chef, Ext. 232dhaywood@cortebellacca.com

    Heather Chavez Administrative Supervisor, Ext. 222

    Stella Stellings Administrative Assistant, Ext. 221

    Stoney AmerineFacilities Manager, Ext. 223SAmerine@cortebellacca.com



    6 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella6 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella

  • Corte Bella AdministrationAssociation Office22155 North Mission DriveSun City West, AZ 85375Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 A.M.-4 P.M.623-328-5068

    Michael Arrington HOA General Manager, 623-328-5068Michael.Arrington@fsresidential.com

    Jodell DodgeSpa & Fitness Manager, Ext. 225JDodge@cortebellacca.com

    Fred Hernandez Food & Beverage Mgr. Ext. 233fhernandez@cortebellacca.com

    Dan Haywood Anacapa Executive Chef, Ext. 232dhaywood@cortebellacca.com

    Heather Chavez Administrative Supervisor, Ext. 222

    Stella Stellings Administrative Assistant, Ext. 221

    Stoney AmerineFacilities Manager, Ext. 223SAmerine@cortebellacca.com

    From the Managers Desk It has been a tremendous first year for

    me personally here at beautiful Corte Bella. Although the position is very demanding, I cant wait to get to work in the morning to interact with the fantastic residents that

    make up this first class community. People are what this world is all about and you are amazing people with unbelievable talent. Your experience continues to overwhelm me with each and every day with some of the best stories Ive ever heard. I am so grateful to have this privilege and opportunity to serve the people of this community, let alone the pleasure of working with some of you. Although not without its occasional challenges, this is probably as close as I will ever get to make my living doing something I love.

    A lesson that I learned at a young age and believe to be true, is to surround yourself with good people and the rest will take care of itself. I cannot begin to express what a special staff we have here in Corte Bella. My team shows me daily how committed they are to serving you with pride and dedication in their field of expertise. The qualifications and great character that is consistently found in our departmental leadership runs very deep and is the basis for all success. If you look closely at the individual members of the

    Corte Bella staff, you will see that they are genuinely committed to pleasing the customer and know that they represent my own nature by doing so. This is what is expected and nothing else will do.

    The community volunteers are unbelievable and the direct cause of any success I have had personally in this first year. Wow, what a bunch of pros. Our Board of Directors, committees and resident volunteers dedicated to filling a much needed function like the events group or the communication folks operating the website and CB Times are all the kind of people you would expect to see working at a fortune 100 company and they do all of this only to contribute to the success of the community. There is no pay or prestige. There are only the hours and hours of hard work and desire to serve their neighbors and fellow citizens. On top of that, not only are they doing the work needed but also they are doing it well. Okay, there is the one guy that told me he volunteered only to get away from his wife but Im pretty sure that is a one off. Im telling you, this community is great because of these people.

    In summary, I would like to thank my staff, all of the many volunteers and you, the residents of Corte Bella for all of the support, dedication and acceptance during my first year here. It is my hope that this relationship will be lasting and that I will have an opportunity to serve this wonderful community and its residents for many years. Please accept my gratitude and know that I enjoy serving you each day and consider it a rare privilege that most people never realize. I look forward to an even better year two and all of the greatness it will bring to Corte Bella. Happy Holidays to you all and I wish you a safe and fulfilling time with friends and family.

    Mike Arrington, Corte Bella Country Club Association, Inc. General Manager

    Neighborhood Awareness & Safety Committee Report OPEN POSITIONS ON THE NASC COMMITTEEApplications are now being taken for two NASC Committee

    positions. This is your opportunity to be involved in the process of helping

    to maintain safety and security in Corte Bella. It would be helpful for potential candidates to have prior law enforcement experience, but its not mandatory.

    Please contact Mike Arrington, our General Manager, or the HOA office (623) 328-5068 for the application form. A committee interest form is also available online.

    TRANSPONDERS for GATE ENTRYThe HOA office has two different types of gate opening devices available for purchase. One is the EGO Tag, which is placed on the front window, and the other is similar to the original transponder. You can replace the battery in your original transponder by going to Interstate Batteries on Litchfield Road (East side of Litchfield Road and North of Bell Road). The process to replace the original battery is very reasonable - between $8.00 and $9.00.

    SPEED MINDER and SPEEDINGThe Speed Minder device is moved every week to different locations within Corte Bella to help make you aware of your speed. Weekly reports are sent to NASC by Phil, our Securitas Supervisor. These reports help us determine the areas where excessive speeding is taking place.

    Please follow the speed limit signs and take your time. Use extra caution to help provide safety for all of our residents.

    Bill Blake - Board Liaison to the Neighborhood Awareness and Safety Committee

    December 2014 | CB Times | 7


  • As a wrap-up for this year, what follows are some status updates for your information.

    If you have any questions, please contact the General Manager (GM) or the Board.

    SCP: A Strategic Community Plan (SCP) Team meeting was held 6 Nov. The Team

    completed defining Milestones for the major goals. There will still be some on-going coordination

    to incorporate any last minute changes to complete both a Milestones planning and a community plan chart for the GM. After completion, the next step is to release the Vision, Mission, Goals, Priorities and Milestones along with some thirty objectives to the GM pending Board approval in December. The GM will conduct a Town Hall meeting (likely in Jan 2015) to brief status and planned actions going forward.

    Long Term Planning Committee (LTPC): The SCP Team recognized the need for a permanent approach to long term planning, not only to help the GM develop and implement the Plan, but also to provide for stronger community participation at all levels. The GM and HOA Staff will definitely need help the Plan is a complex undertaking involving multiple interfaces, departments and disciplines. This LTPC has a different-new structure that combines core resident members with a resident member from each standing Board Committee. More residents who want to help on specific tasks and action items will also be included. Early GM and LTPC activities will be to develop the long-term plan (much of the SCP output will be used), schedule and align milestones/tasks/strategy, define assignments and form action teams. By the time you read this the LTPC should be approved, with the Charter and Committee page available on the community website. Everyone is encouraged to read the

    Charter and seriously consider volunteering for the Committee, or help on the various shorter-term tasks/actions planned. If you are interested, then give the HOA a call (623-328-5068) or email the GM ( Michael.Arrington@fsresidential.com ). You will also have a chance to sign up at the Town Hall meeting for specific areas of interest.

    Audio/Visual System Upgrade: The Technology Committee (TC) gave a presentation and their recommendation at the 13 Nov Workshop. The vendor and solution for this project was approved at the 19 Nov Board meeting. The GM and TC will complete contract definition for Board approval and award not later than the December Board meeting.

    2015 Directors Election: The 2015 Director Election Calendar has been approved. Below are some important related dates. The full Election Calendar is available on the web.

    19 Nov 2014 Election Calendar approved; Any Policy-Procedure changes set or revised.

    16 Dec Record date for voting and meeting eligibility. Election Notice mailed to all HOA members for candidate nominations and candidate question request.

    5 Jan 2015 Last date HOA will accept candidate applications and questions for candidates from association members.

    9 Jan HOA submits questions received to the Candidates

    16 Jan Candidates submit answers to HOA Office. GM defines vote eligibility list.

    22/28 Jan Meet & Greet Director Candidate nights at 6:00pm, Social Hall

    30 Jan Mail Notice of Annual membership meeting and ballot packet

    13 Feb GM defines election vote counters and inspectors

    2 Mar Ballots due at HOA Office by noon (can be brought to the Annual meeting)

    2 Mar Annual Meeting and Election complete

    Board Talk: Thats a Wrap!

    Jim Williams, President, Board of Directors

    8 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • Hopefully you have had a chance to review the 2015 Budget package you received in the mail in November. If you did not receive it, please verify your billing address with the HOA office. While you have seen the results, perhaps you would be interested in the process that was undertaken to arrive at the final product. Key steps:

    May 19th The Board (BD) and Finance Committee (FC) met with the General Manager (GM) and First Service Residential (FSR) management to review the process, agree to the redesign of the worksheets and finalize responsibilities, deliverables and timetable.

    June 1st The Treasurer (TR) prepared a draft budget guidance letter for the BD to give direction to the GM and FC regarding staffing levels, salary and wage increases, special studies, reserve and capital project priorities and other key issues. The letter was reviewed by the FC and final guidance went to the BD for approval.

    July FSR prepared the budget worksheets with historical data and actual results through June. Format and content were reviewed by the FC and assistance was provided to the GM in formatting the worksheets and data.

    August 31st The GM and his staff completed the preliminary budget for 2015, including the projected final results for 2014. This included the rationale for significant variances from 2014 projections and historical trends.

    September The FC, TR and Assistant TR conducted a detailed review and analysis of the preliminary budget. Multi-year trends, contracts, utility rate schedules, expected cost saving projects, board approved projects and many other criteria were all considered in rationalizing the preliminary budget. Further analysis and discussions with the GM resulted in reconciliation of the amounts and agreement on the 2015 Draft Budget.

    October 1st The Chair of the FC presented the 2015 Draft Budget to the BD at an open meeting with the community.

    October 1-22 The TR analyzed several issues that surfaced during the BD review period. These recommended Technical Changes changes were documented in a note to the BD.

    October 22nd The BD approved the 2015 Budget, with the Technical Changes, at the October 22nd Board Meeting.

    November 5th The Budget package, including Budget Letter and Narrative along with the Budget Summary and Department Detail, was mailed on November 5th. The 2015 Budget package has been posted on the CB website (HOA > Community Documents > Financials > 2015).

    The Budget is of critical importance to management of our community finances as it becomes the roadmap for tracking results on a monthly basis during the year. For this reason, we believe that it is worth the effort and diligence taken by your GM, FC, TR, Assistant TR and BD.

    We offer our appreciation to GM Mike Arrington and his team for delivering an excellent preliminary budget and also for his collaboration throughout the process. Feel free to contact those involved in the process with your observations and comments. For details on the entire Budget Policies, Processes and Procedures, check out our Financial Management Policy FM-03 rev B on the CB website (HOA > Community Documents > Board Room > Policies and Resolutions).

    2015 Budget Process Jeff Ablin, Finance Committee Chairperson

    10 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • right here in your neighborhood.COMPASSIONATE CAREAbrazo Medical Group is now open in Denaro Plaza

    SERVICES:b Annual physical exams

    and vaccinationsb Dermatological conditions

    b Colds, flu, allergies and asthma

    b Care for chronic conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure

    b Osteopathic manual manipulation

    When you need medical care, you want an experienced physician you can trust. Dr. Ghattas and Dr. LaFollette of Abrazo Medical Group Denaro Plaza, are both board- certified in family medicine and take a holistic approach to health and wellness. This means they look beyond symptoms or short-term health concerns and focus on your optimal health for a lifetime. The best part theyre right in your neighborhood!

    Edward G. Ghattas, D.O.Board-Certified in Family Medicine

    Martin J. LaFollette, D.O.Board-Certified in Family Medicine

    602-726-9436 www.AbrazoMedicalGroup.com10180 W. Happy Valley Road, Suite 100 Peoria, AZ 85383

    Denaro Plaza

    Same-day appointments and most insurance plans accepted


    Please Join Us And Our Guests, Including The CB Chorus, Who Will Perform On

    December 16 for Your Enjoyment

    As We Celebrate the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

    HANUKKAH at the Anacapa

    December 16 through December 24

    The Menorah Will Be Lit at 5:15 pm Each Evening

    December 2014 | CB Times | 11

  • Corte Bella EventsCasino Trips Wild Horse Pass CasinoMonday, December 1Upcoming Trips!Monday, January 5Monday, February 2Monday, March 2Bus Departs from Anacapa at 8:20 AMReturns to Corte Bella at 4:30 PMJoin your friends for special Senior Monday perks at the casino!Contact Bill Blake at 623-537-7969Email: willieb38@cox.net

    Holiday Tree Lighting and BuffetWednesday, December 3Anacapa and Santa Barbara Room6:00 PM 8:00 PM$23 per person (tax & gratuity not included)(Buffet opens at 5:00PM)Listen to the Corte Bella Chorus sing holiday music and watch our community tree light up for the holiday season! Dine on a delicious buffet featuring a carving station, soup, salads and wonderful desserts. Santa will be visiting too!Reservations for buffet strongly recommended.Call 623-455-9045

    Cooking Demos with Chef DanBella Stanza Room at 11:30Class is limited.Class 3: Friday, December 5Its a Party... Hors doeuvre. Come learn how to make a chicken empanada, Spanakopita, and smoked salmon cucumber rolls! Tickets on sale now in Fitness Center.

    Farmers MarketWednesday, December 1010:00 AM 1:00 PMAnacapa Patio & BreezewayCome find the freshest produce and meats, breads and Christmas gift items selected just for our community! Mark your calendars for additional markets: January 14, February 11 and March 11.

    Anacapa Christmas Eve BuffetWednesday. December 24Anacapa and Santa Barbara Room4:30 PM to 8:00 PM$25 per person (tax & gratuity not included)Children under age 12 1/2 priceChildren under age 4 - freeCome celebrate the magic of Christmas with an amazing selection of traditional holiday dishes and all the fixings, from salads to desserts. There will be a Carving Station with turkey and smoked pork. Come out to celebrate the season with your neighbors. This annual buffet event is guaranteed to delight everyone, young and old. Reservations highly recommended, call 623-455- 9045

    Anacapa New Years Eve Dinner Dance Ebony & IvoryWednesday, December 31Anacapa and Santa Barbara Room6:30 PM to 12:30 AM (1 January 2015)$85 per person (inclusive)Limited seatingThe nights theme Ebony and Ivory promises the event will be elegant in both dcor and the menu selections. Prepare for something truly special on this the last night of 2014! Youll have a choice for your main course of Pan Seared Filet Mignon or Macadamia Crusted Grouper. Come celebrate the New Year with good food and good music provided by everyones favorite Ray Mar. This is the place to be on New Years Eve! Tickets on sale in Fitness Center on Sunday, November 23. Last day for purchase is Saturday, December 27.

    12 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • Community Noteworthy News:

    Salvation Army Angel TreeHelp a disadvantaged child have a happy holiday season by providing the gift a child is wishing for this Christmas.Tree is located at the Fitness Center Reception area.Please note the tree is available to receive your gifts until 7 December!

    Corte Bella Vets Group Sponsor A Service Member BrunchAnacapa and Santa Barbara RoomSunday, December 7 National Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance Day!10:00 AM 3:00PM$25 per person (inclusive)Sponsor an Airman who is alone for the holiday season or the spouse or child of a deployed airman from Luke Air Force base. Your donation of $25 will buy a brunch ticket for one of the invited guests who will be invited to the Anacapa Sunday brunch. Buy yourself a ticket and join in welcoming these special guests to our community.Tickets on sale now in the Fitness Center.

    Newcomers and Neighbors Welcome CoffeeThursday, January 15Bella Stanza Room9:00 AM to 10:30 AMResidents who are new to Corte Bella will be invited to meet with HOA staff and volunteers for an introduction to the community and all that Corte Bella life offers. Contact Carol Drogowski at sand.piper65@yahoo.com for more information.

    Concert December 63 - a Tribute to Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons!Saturday, January 17Santa Barbara Room7:00PM$22 per personThis event is a MUST SEE for all Corte Bella! The music of Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons will thrill you during this TAD Presentation featuring the groups hit songs and some popular singles from the musical Jersey Boys. The Four Seasons are one of the best-selling musical groups of all times and are members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 1990. This quality re-creation of the groups musical magic will have you dancing in the aisles! Dont miss this one! SHERRY. SHERRY BABY!Re-live your youth!Tickets on sale in the Fitness Center on Sunday, November 30 at 10:00 AM.

    Line Dancing Winter Sessions 1 & 2Movement Studio Tuesdays 12:15 PM to 1:15 PMSession 1: Jan 6, 13, 20, 27; Feb 3, 10Session 2: Feb 17, 24; Mar 3, 10, 17, 24$3.00 per class or $15 for 6 classesClass limited to 30 but walk-ins welcome.Come dance to great music and get happy!tickets on sale in the Fitness Center on Sunday, December 7.

    Best of New York Vacation in New York City!April 23 -27; 4 nights/5 daysSingle occupancy - $1895 per personDouble occupancy (2) - $1198 per personTriple occupancy (3) - $1019 per personQuad occupancy (4) - $929 per personAll hotel taxes includedDeposit required $100 per roomCorte Bella Events Group presents this opportunity for you to travel with your neighbors to the Big Apple. Price includes ground transportation from airport to hotel and to arranged tours. Tours include American Museum of Natural History, Lower Manhattan (Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, 9/11 Museum, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and St. Patricks Cathedral), theater tickets to a hit Broadway show, and shopping discounts at major city retailers. Accommodations are at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel.Note: Airfare is additional cost with a group rate offered for a round trip, non-stop fare on Delta Airlines from Phoenix to JFK airport for $312.80 per person. Deposit of $50 per person required to reserve airline ticket. Space is limited! For reservations please contact Cathi Sola (CB Resident) at Anderson Travel. Call 623-388-6720 or email cathitravel16@yahoo.com

    December 2014 | CB Times | 13



    Sheriffs Business Non Emergency (24 Hours) 602-876-1011(Examples: Suspicious vehicles, loud noise, and general info)

    Security Service ( Securitas ): Guard at Gate (5:00AM until 8:00PM) 623-544-3906 Roving Patrol (Homeowners can call the

    Mobile phone between 8:00PM & 11:30PM Mon - Fri and until midnight Sat & Sun) 623-256-3359

    HOA Common Area Emergencies:(Examples: water leaks, bee swarms) During Regular HOA business hours

    (9:00AM4:00PM) HOA Office: 623-328-5068 ext. 226 After 4:00PM (Mon - Fri) or Weekends/Holidays HOA Answering Service: 602-336-2700 First Service After Hours Emergencies: 480-551-4300

    Fire Department Non Emergency Normal business hours 623-584-3500

    Animal Related Issues Maricopa County Animal Care & Control 602-506-7387

    Coyotes and Other Desert Animals ArizonaGameandFishDepartment 602-942-3000

    Upcoming HOA Events for 2015Jan 5 Wild Horse Pass Casino TripJan 11 Cabaret Night featuring Alice Tatum TrioJan 14 Farmers MarketJan 15 New Resident Welcome CoffeeJan 17 Concert - December 63 - A Tribute to Frankie

    Valle & the Four SeasonsFeb 1 Super Bowl PartyFeb 2 Wild Horse Pass Casino TripFeb 4 Kevens Landscaping LectureFeb 11 Farmers MarketFeb 14 Valentines Day DanceFeb 22 Concert - Tribute to Barbara StreisandFeb 25 Shredding EventMar 2 Wild Horse Pass Casino TripMar 6 Cooking Demo with Chef DanMar 10 Fire Department CCC/AED Lecture and TrainingMar 11 Farmers MarketApr 23-27 Best of New York Vacation in New York!

    Other Community Events Upcoming for 2015!Jan 13 CB Vets Regular MeetingJan 15 SOuL Regular MeetingJan 20/21 Drop Toppers Guided Sedway Tour of Old Town

    ScottsdateJan 23 Friends of Italy Dinner DanceFeb 10 CB Vets Regular MeetingFeb 12 SOuL Regular MeetingFeb 27-28 SOuL Benefit Concert with Bonnie Stenzel and

    Katie IversonMar 6 CB Vets Dinner/DanceMar 10 CB Vets Regular MeetingMar 19 SOuL Regular MeetingMar 27-28 Drop Toppers Agave on the Rocks at Dessert

    Botanical Gardens

    SOuL 2nd Annual Holiday Boutique & Charity Bake SaleSaturday, December 13th, 9am to 2pm Corte Bella Social HallJust in time for the holidays delicious homemade Breads, Cookies, Cakes, Fudge, Toffee, and more. Baked goods are available in a variety of containers (holiday tins, decorative plates, attractive baskets), perfect for your holiday table or as gifts.

    In addition, we have vendors who will be selling a variety of items for your shopping pleasure including jewelry, knitted and quilted creations, Christmas glass blocks, candles, unique items made from wine corks, and gift baskets for various occasions.

    Last but not least, we will be selling raffle tickets for a must-have Holiday Basket.

    Proceeds of the bake sale & raffle support our local charity, Eves Place.

    Save the Date

    I am a full-time resident who can help buyers find their

    dream home or sellers get the most value from their homes.

    Call me today or please refer me to a friend!!

    Bill Clark REALTORDirect: 602-386-7154

    Fax: 623-505-1914bclark1946@msn.com

    Have Representation Buying or Selling a Home!!

    14 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella



    Wild Horse Pass Casino Trip 8:00AM

    2 3

    Anacapa Tree Lighting/Buffet 5:00PM

    4NASC Mtg 9:00AM

    CB Computer Club 6:30PM

    5Cooking Demo #3 11:30AM

    Friends of Italy Dinner/DanceSan Ramon Walk About Night

    6Ya Yas Toys for Tots! 2:00 PM Drop Toppers Holiday Pops /Dinner

    7Pearl Harbor DayAnacapa Brunch 8:30AMCB Vets Brunch 10:00AM AnacapaAngel Tree Last Day!!

    8 9CB Vets Mtg 9:00AM

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00 PM

    10B&G Mtg 9:00AMFarmers Market 10:00AM

    ARC Submittals Due!

    11HOA Brd Workshop 9:00 AM

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00 PMUgly Christmas Sweater Contest!

    12 13Soul Holiday Bake/Craft Sale 9:00AM

    14Anacapa Brunch 8:30AM

    15 16Hanukkah Begins

    HOA Brd of Dir Mtg 10:00AM

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00 PMMenorah Lighting at Anacapa 5:15PM

    17 18ARC Mtg 9:00AMSOuL 11:00AMFinance Cmtt Mtg 2:30PM

    Drop Toppers Mesa Xmas Lights

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00 PM



    21 Anacapa Brunch 8:30AM

    22 23

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00 PM

    24Christmas EveHanukkah EndsFC/SPA/POOL CLOSE AT 2:00PM

    Anacapa Holiday Buffet 4:30PM to 8:00PM


    26 27

    28Anacapa Brunch 8:30AM

    29 30

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00 PM

    31New Years EveFC/SPA/POOL CLOSE AT 2:00PM

    Anacapa New Years Eve Dinner/Dance 6:30PM

    Salvation Army Angel Tree - The gifts are scheduled to be picked up on 7 Dec by the Salvation Army. Make sure your contribution is under the tree!Ya Yas Toys for Tots - 2nd Annual holiday gift drive at the Anacapa on 6 Dec from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Santa will be there for photos too ($5)! Bring a toy

    gift to make a childs Christmas happy!Smiling Out Loud (SOuL) - Dont miss the 2nd Annual Bake and Craft Sale on 13 Dec! Lots of wonderful baked holiday foods and much more for your holiday

    gift shopping. All proceeds to charity!San Ramon Stringers - Walk About Night on 5 Dec with Salvation Army Bell Ringer and the Corte Bella Choir singing traditional Christmas music. Sanata

    will be there too! Come walk the most colorful CB neighborhood!Menorah Lighting - Corte Bella Choir will sing traditional Hanukkah music at sunset to mark the beginning of this 8 day Festival of Lights on

    December 16 at the Anacapa. Come to the Anacapa to help celebrate this holiday event.

    December 2014

    December 2014 | CB Times | 15

  • 16 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    Maggies PlaceMaggies Place is a community that provides houses of hospitality and ongoing support to help pregnant and parenting women in need reach their goals, and welcomes them into a community filled with love and dignity.

    Maggies Place provides for the immediate physical and emotional needs of its guests including shelter, food, clothing and a supportive community, and establishes a safe environment for them to live in while they develop the skills they need to live independently. In addition, Maggies Place connects the mothers to the appropriate agencies and resources including prenatal care, health insurance, low-cost housing, and education programs.

    Maggies Place began in 2000 as a grassroots effort when five young women made a commitment to live together in community and create a home to welcome others. As recent college graduates, these young women placed their plans on hold in order create a place that could help other women through a difficult and vulnerable period in their lives. The first Phoenix-based Maggies Place home, The Magdalene House, opened on Mothers Day in 2000.

    Over the last decade, this spirit of caring for our communitys women and children grew, and today:

    Maggies Place is based in Phoenix, AZ and has three homes of hospitality (soon to be four) serving the greater Phoenix area, and one in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Between the four homes, Maggies Place can accommodate up to 30 women and their infants at any given time.

    On an annual basis, Maggies Place welcomes approximately 90 women.

    Over 650 women have benefited from the Maggies Place community homes since the organizations inception over 13 years ago.

    Maggies Place collaborates with over 20 community and government organizations to provide resources and assistance to house guests in both Arizona and Ohio.

    Each year, Maggies Place provides approximately 600 women with referral information and shares excess baby and maternity supplies with local crisis pregnancy centers for distribution to their clients.

    Each Christmas, Maggies Place hosts a large party and brings together the community to provide gifts for over 400 moms and their children (145 alumnae and current families).

    More Information:To volunteer, donate or to schedule a tour of one of the homes, please call (602) 262-5555 or visit www.maggiesplace.org

    It is with great delight that I will be donating numerous hand-sewn teddy bears, fleece throws, and other hand-sewn items to Maggies Place for their Christmas Alumnae event.

    Barbara Beshers


    os: w







  • December 2014 | CB Times | 17

    The November World of Friends gathering found about twenty of us at the home of Jo and Flynn Fuller. Everyone brought a plate of appetizer-sized food typical of their homeland, of a country they have lived in, or of a place they have visited or dream of visiting. With our plates filled with selections of appetizers and our glasses filled with our choice of beverage, we sat around big tables and shared things about those faraway places. And, yes, some of them still have strange sounding names.

    We avoid calling our get togethers meetings because we are unencumbered by the usual trappings of meetings: no minutes of the last meeting, no call to order, no dues, no required attendance, no chairperson or secretary. Someone, however, does need to make sure that we have a host for the next gathering and that we decide on a day and time. That fell to me at Novembers gathering because our originator, Evie Hansen, was off in the Mediterranean soaking up experiences to share with us in coming months.

    Fortunately, because without any prompting everyone was already engaged in free flowing conversation, I was not tempted to ask anyone for a solo presentation of his or her coming to America, traveling abroad, or anything else. No one is required to share any stories or opinions at a World of Friends gathering; plenty of us will share without prompting if youd rather not.

    As the sun set and we got cool outside, some left and the rest spent a few extra minutes sitting inside and continuing the conversation and admiring the Fullers collection, mostly from their USAID days in Africa.

    World of Friends welcomes anyone interested in sharing in the richness of our multi-cultural backgrounds. Consider joining us whether you are a talker or a listener. Just bring a finger food appetizer from your country of choice and any drink of your preference, perhaps a unique wine from that area. The hosts will provide soft drinks.

    If you are interested in coming to a gathering, send an email to johneakins@msn.com or call 623-466-6053.

    A World of Friends John Eakins

    3rd Annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Event

    This year the Ya Yas Canasta Card Group sponsored the 3rd annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Drive. The charity consisted of a raffle of tickets for a chance to win a variety of decorative baskets donated by businesss throughout Sun City West and surrounding communities. They sold for $5/ticket or 3 tickets for $10. Examples of some of the prizes ranged from a Corte Bella golf game for 4 people or brunch at our own Anacapa Restaurant. One of the prizes was a $100 gift certificate to the Arrowhead Grill in Peoria. Everyone agreed on an aggressive goal of raising $2000. Tickets sold during the month of October and ended on the 31st. To everyones delight over 800 tickets

    were sold bringing the total to $3010! A check for that amount will be mailed to Susan G. Komen Foundation. To celebrate their achievement the Ya Yas had a luncheon in the Social Room. Everyone dressed up in Halloween costume attire and enjoyed their lunch as they played cards. A tribute to their merits of a well deserved and worthy cause.

    Winners are:Breakfast in Bed/ Anacapa Brunch Ciel FletcherCorte Bella Golf for 4 People Judy GreggLadies Pamper Day Jolene Piaskowski50 Shades of Grey Joy Mathiewson (outside CB)Game Day Munchies Joan SeefeldtGirls Night In Jeanie PolekChildren Play Day Kent KroupaTotally Relaxed Judy HughesReady for Happy Hour Carla (Leta) SmithNails at Home or Salon Tillie TobinPapa Murphy Carol AndryshakPizza Basket Joan SeefeldtArrowhead Grill Dave JohnsonBath and Body Works Ceil FletcherGlamour Girl Barb MorinStarbucks Christmas Tree Barb ShirleyAZ Cardinals Peggy PelligriniCheers Jane Fenton

  • 18 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    First Annual Veterans Day Dinner and DanceThe Veterans Day Dinner and Dance, sponsored by the Corte Bella Events Committee and the Corte Bella Vets Group, held on November 10th was a great success. Retired Army Colonel Larry Leighton was the Master of Ceremonies.

    After the Honor Guard from Luke Air Force Base Posted the Colors, one of our neighbors, Mr. Ira Gedan, sang the National Anthem. The Invocation was offered by Army Veteran Bishop David Mc Mannes, another one of our neighbors.

    Members of the Corte Bella Vets presented their respective Service Flags. The Marine Corps celebrated their 239th Birthday on Monday as well, so in their honor, the Marine Corps flag was presented first. The Service Flag presenters were: Marine Corps: Mr. Pete Dow (Korean War) and Mr. Chuck Gale (Korean War); Army: Mr. Hugo Tringali (World War II) and Mr. Tom Asmussen; Navy: Mr. Roy Kraft (Viet Nam) and Mr. Ernie Hutchinson; Coast Guard: Retired Chief Warrant Officer JD Shuster (Viet Nam) and Mr. Pete Fayette; and Air Force: Mr. John Potter (Korean War) and Mr. Michael McVeigh (Viet Nam). The Prisoner of War Missing in Action Flag was presented by Retired Army Master Sergeant Don Dills (Desert Storm).

    Mr. John Mestemacher (Air Force, Viet Nam) presented the Prisoner of War Missing in Action Ceremony. This ceremony is centered on a small table of honor, set for one, with several specific items used to symbolize the fact that members of

    our Profession of Arms are missing from our midst and unable to be with us so we remember them.

    Dinner and dancing music provided by Michael Carollo was enjoyed by all. The Anacapa staff provided excellent food and service. The evening was a great success and we are looking forward to next years Veterans Day Dinner and Dance.

    Larry Leighton

    Pete Dow presents the Marine Corps flag.

  • Say HELLO to The Village Dental Team!

    Dr. Matt Harmon invites you to become a part of The Village Dental Center family of patients. We utilize the latest advances in dental technology and are dedicated to excellence in patient care. Our entire team is committed to your optimal oral health, in a loving, caring, and relaxed environment.

    Same day Crowns & Onlays (CEREC) Bridges Nightguards Implant Restorations Implant Dentures Most Extractions

    Lazer 2nd Opinions

    Now welcoming new patients and offering convenient payment options: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and Care Credit. A Delta Dental provider.

    The Village Dental Center623.583.0151 | thevillagedentalcenter.com

    13802 W. Camino del Sol, Suite 101, Sun City West, AZ 85375

    A Sun City West Tradition in Excellence Since 1984

    Dr. Harmon is a preclinical instructor at Midwestern University Dental School.


    December 2014 | CB Times | 19

  • 20 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    Thank You - From SOuL

    Connie Adams Janice/Bob Aiken American Realty Brokers the Guess Family Anacapa Restaurant Arrowhead Grill Insurance Beacon Jeff Baugus Mike/Susie Biggs Arizona Cardinals Football Corte Bella Golf Club Corte Bella Spa Robert Courter First Financial Equity Corporation Carol/Bob Courter Committee for the 2014 Soul Holiday Boutique and Bake Sale. Cranston Court Jewelers Adam Erspamer Head Golf Professional Eurodecor Howard Evans Howards Home Maintenance, LLC First Service Residential Friberg Realty Gary & Michele Friberg Judy/Duane Gregg Hermosa Home & Garden Inspire Salon

    Tom Kimbel - Pieces of the Puzzle Project Management/Consultant

    George Kokodynski, DDS, PC R. Andrew Kokodynski, DDS SC Deborah/David Lazear Bob/Maureen Lenhart of Arizona Gaming Parties Liberty Buick Liberty GMC Out West Interiors Jen Meehl/Shirley Owens Homesmart Realtors Nat Pelligrini - Health Insurance Ping Golf Tim/Carol Pitts dba Vintage Painting Portofino Restaurant Pottery Place Roberta/Bob Rials Regina Shanney-Saborsky/Tom Kimbel Bob Sheffield Ashland Addison florist Solstice Spa Bonnie/ Tom Stenzel Eric Gow/Eileen Stomski, Realtor-Coldwell Banker Linda/John Sudimack artisan jeweler Tommy Bahama Lynda /Frank Thomas Vans Golf Shop Barb/John Wilson John Welsh Wintrust Mortgage Linda/Dave Wright

    The sisters of SOuL, Smiling Out Loud want to thank the following sponsors for their generosity in sponsoring gaming tables, donating prizes and those wonderful silent auction items at the CB Speakeasy a CASINO NIGHT held in November to benefit the men, women and children of Eves Place. Thank you all.

  • December 2014 | CB Times | 21

    Boxtops For Education Has Moved!Previously the SOuL container for BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION was located at the Fitness Center. Now, please send or drop off your boxtops at Carols door

    Carol Courter, - 13304 W. RinconIn the Las Palmas neighborhood.

    Any SOuL sister can provide you a listing of the products with the Boxtops for Education labels. The boxtops are used to help Title 1 schools in the Phoenix area. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

    Medical ID Apps: They Might Save Your Life!

    Some of you might wear Medical ID bracelets. If youre techno-savvy, you may even have a contact in your phone labeled ICE, which stands for In Case of Emergency. Its purpose is to store emergency ID information if youre seriously injured or fall ill. By all means, if you havent already, record one there. Emergency personnel are trained to look for it.

    The problem now with the ICE contact is that if your phone is locked with a passcode or fingerprint, an EMT cant access your contact list after youve become incapacitated.

    Fortunately, there are now solutions to that. If youve upgraded your iPhone to iOS 8 lately, theres a new feature called Medical ID that you can set up. If youre using an Android phone, you can find a similar free app on Google Play called by the same name. To find out where you can learn more, go to the main article on our Corte Bella Computer Club website (CorteBellaClub.org) where there are some links to video instruction and information.

    Realize that youve traded off a bit of privacy for the ability of emergency responders and good Samaritans to obtain access to your information. You may not want to include information about your health that isnt critical for someone to know. You may also want to limit whose phone numbers you place there. Another idea to limit information is to create special ICE contacts that provide minimal information, perhaps by just providing a first name.

    If youre uncertain about what medical information (e.g. drugs you are taking, health conditions) a first-responder might need to know, its always best is to consult a qualified medical professional. Each persons individual situation may vary.

    Apple says that the information you store in Medical ID is not shared with other apps; its for you and medical professionals taking care of you. However, considering the bad press Apple received over the stealing of information from iPhones, Ill let you decide yourself if you believe them.

    Stan Sacha, Corte Bella Computer Club

  • 22 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    In the LoopThe Williams Road crossing of the Agua Fria has been postponed

    to a 2016 starting date and a 2017 finish date. The project was originally scheduled to start this year

    and be completed next year. Land and right of way acquisitions have been the major problem causing the delay. The project will have Williams Road cross the Agua Fria and turn south to connect with Deer Valley on the other side.

    Construction of housing has resumed on the south side of Happy Valley, east and west of 107th

    Avenue. When the 303 is completed and construction of this housing is completed you can expect a noticeable increase in traffic on Happy Valley. The Williams Road extension will create another much needed route across the Agua Fria and another way to avoid Bell Road, especially during rush hour.

    MCDOT will be addressing the improvement of El Mirage Road going north from Northern Parkway. The town of El Mirage is responsible for the section of the road that will go through their town. In other words dont hold your breath on this one.

    I would recommend caution when using the 303 while it is under construction. Making left turns on and off the 303 has become even more challenging than it was before the construction. The two way traffic on the one side of the road requires your complete attention, especially when a large truck passes going in the other direction. Approximately seven miles of road have to be widened, the bridge over El Mirage completed and the bridge over Grand Avenue widened. You may have to dig into your well of infinite patience on this one.

    Bob Rosenberg

    Adopt a Service Member/Veteran


    National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

    10:00 AM 2:00 PM in the Social HallSponsor an Airman alone for the holidays or a

    spouse or child of a deployed Airman

    A $25.00 donation will buy a ticket for one of our guests

    Purchase a ticket for $25.00 and join our guests

    Pull-Tabs for Ronald McDonald House After reading the article about Corte Bella resident J.D. Shuster, who, like me, also collects pull tabs for charity, I decided to partner with him, for there is strength in numbers. Therefore, now when you drop your pull tabs in the water jug located in the lobby of the exercise facility, they will be donated to Ronald McDonald House. Thank you for your continued support!

    Allie Bowling

  • Sedona Jazz at the Church

    December ConcertsFrank Sinatra Birthday Bash ~ Friday 12/12

    Jazzy Little Christmas Concert ~ Sunday 12/14Tickets, Information: www.episcopalnet.org

    928-282-7366Sedonas Chamber Jazz Headquarters Since 2009



    The Hot SardinesFRI, JAN 16 7:30PM


    AT $22

    The Midtown MenTHU, FEB 5 &

    FRI, FEB 6 7:30PM


    AT $45

    Kathy MatteaTHU, FEB 12 &

    FRI, FEB 13 7:30PM


    AT $35



    Visit dewpac.org for a full schedule of events

    Kathy Mattea

    The AARP Auto & Home InsuranceProgram from The Hartford

    Now available through your localHartford independent agent!

    Call for your free, no-obligation quote.

    Find out more about the special benefits of The Hartfords Program for AARP members and how

    you can save even more when you bundle your auto and home insurance together!

    This auto and home insurance is designed exclusively for AARPmembers ... and is now available through your local agent!

    107994 2nd Rev

    Call Today: 480-612-0699Dimitri Vlahandreas


    14301 N 87th Street, Suite 107Scottsdale, AZ 85260


    The AARP Automobile & Homeowners Insurance Program from The Hartford is underwritten by Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affiliates, One Hartford Plaza, Hartford CT 06155. CA license number 5152. In Washington, the Auto Program is underwritten by Trumbull Insurance Company. The Home Program is underwritten by Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company. AARP does not employ or endorse agents or brokers. AARP and its affiliates are not insurers. Paid endorsement. The Hartford pays a royalty fee to AARP for the use of AARP's intellectual property. These fees are used for the general purposes of AARP. AARP membership is required for Program eligibility in most states. Applicants are individually underwritten and some may not qualify. Specific features, credits, and discounts may vary and may not be available in all states in accordance with state filings and applicable law. You have the option of purchasing a policy directly from The Hartford. Your price, however, could vary, and you will not have the advice, counsel or services of your independent agent.

    December 2014 | CB Times | 23

  • 24 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    Living here at Corte Bella on one of the prettiest golf courses in Arizona is reason enough to want to know some golf facts so you

    can take pride in your decision to buy a property in a golfing community, and not feel like an outsider,

    even if youre not a golfer.

    Did you know that there are 12 golfing legends that grew up here in Arizona, honed their skills and have become professional, they have collectively won countless tournaments, and gained international recognition.

    Look at the list below and see how many names you might recognize. It might also give us some bragging rights as our own General Manager of the golf club; John Jackson mentored and played with several of these players.

    Rich Beem (born 1970) Charlie Beljan (born 1984) David Gossett (born 1979) Billy Mayfair (born 1966) Phil Mickelson (born 1970) Bryce Molder (born 1979) Pat Perez (born 1976) Scott Pinckney (born 1989) Don Pooley (born 1951) Ted Purdy (born 1973) Michael Thompson (born 1985) Howard Twitty (born 1949)

    Here are some questions you might not think to ask but are interesting in cocktail or dinner party conversations:Why does golf have 18 holes? Why not a dozen? Or 20? Or 24? Truth be known, it used to be all of those.

    Although the basic rules of the game were set up early (even Shakespeare described golf), there was a time when different courses ad all kinds of different holes. Of course, that shouldnt come as much of a surprise for a game which dates back to the 1500s.

    The big change to golf course design came in 1764, when the venerable Old Course at St. Andrews cut their 12 holes down to 10, and began playing eight of those holes twice. Eighteen it was, and in 1857, a full 18 hole course was finally laid out for good. As St. Andrews went, so went golf everywhere else.

    The first 18 hole course in America was in Downers Grove, Illinois.

    The course was the brainchild of Chicagoan Charles Blair McDonald.

    He learned the game at St. Andrews and convinced some friends

    to help him lay out a course west of town on what had been a sheep farm. The year was 1892.

    Golf course architecture had yet to be invented, which McDonald went on to do. He designed many famous golf courses throughout America.

    After setting up their course in 1892, the Downers Grove Course became so popular, that he and his colleagues began looking for more room.

    They chose a 220 acre tract in Wheaton, and marked out what would become the Chicago Golf Club, which to this day is one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the United States.

    Downers Grove Golf Course is still there, still on the same site. It is just nine holes now, but many of those holes are in the exact same layout they were 118 years ago.

    Corte Bella might only be a decade old but it has made its mark as one of Arizonas best golfing spots; we have also been ranked in the top 10 of golf courses nationally by Golf Now. We maintain one of the largest womens membership bases in the state as well as vibrant active mens and womens leagues, and a welcoming social environment that is always open to all of Corte Bella.

    Remember to take advantage of this community asset either by playing golf, getting lessons, shopping in the pro shop, having a bite to eat or enjoying happy hour on Monday, Wednesday or Fridays. There is always a reason to meet more of your neighbors and enjoy life here at Corte Bella!

    Jeff Stuart, Assistant General Manager Corte Bella Golf Club

    Golf at Corte Bella

    Corte Bella Golf Club - NEWSWe have started breakfast service on the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays from 6am thru 10:30am, come in look at the menu and join us. Residents encouraged!

    Practice Facility is open to residents for $15.00 per day (includes balls). Hit some balls after breakfast.

    Residents will also be offered special rates to play golf based on availability.

    Lessons and club rentals are available to residents.

  • December 2014 | CB Times | 25

    The season opened for the CB Womens 9 Hole Golf group on November 6th with a luncheon and regular golf play. President, Kay Steik presided over the meeting and welcomed the members.

    Officers for the 2014-15 season include:

    Kay Steik, President Vice President - Carol Metcalf Treasurer - Gail Junkoas Secretary - Elaine Fletcher

    The 9ers will be hosting a one-day member/guest event for the first time this spring. The games committee is planning a lot of fun events and tournaments for the coming year. All lady golfers are invited to join in the fun and play golf with the 9ers! Please contact the membership committee of Darlene Dowen 623-329-9668 or Sheila Adams 623-271-9395.

    The Corte Bella Golf Club Womens 18 Hole Golf Association has elected a new Board Of Directors for the 2014-15 season.

    President - Judi Koester Vice President - Sandi Cross Secretary - Barb Collins Treasurer - Sue Hoag Parliamentarian - Elaine Uhren

    Since its inception in 2003, the Womens Golf Association has organized golf and charitable events for its members. On opening Day, Nov. 4, the ladies played a 4-person scramble with a luncheon and meeting afterwards.

    Our event chairpersons put a lot of effort into making our games both fun and memorable, Koester said.

    We have lots of fun play days and upcoming tournaments this year. Our premier event is our three-day Member/Guest Gala to be held in March, she said.

    The Association has 117 active members and they send competitive players to two different team competitions: the Roadrunner and the Cholla Leagues.

    For information on how to join, contact Joyce Stone, Membership Chairperson, 623-546-2085.

    The Corte Bella Womens 9 Hole Golf Association Elects Officers

    The Corte Bella Womens 18 Hole Golf Association Elects Officers

    CB Times Staff

    CB Times Staff

    Kay Steik, President - CB Womens 9 Hole Golf Association

    Judi Koester, President, - CB Womens 18 Hole Golf Association.

  • 26 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    November is a busy month for the Corte Bella Pickleball Club. Long-time players are returning for the winter season, and we continue to bring on new members: 125 to date. We scheduled a clinic for beginner and novice players, as well as our first social event of the season - some fun on the courts and pizza under the lanai.

    One of the biggest events for pickleball in November is the national tournament. Demonstrating the increasing popularity of the sport, 594 players from 39 States and 9 countries participated. Nationals VI was held again here in our own West Valley of Phoenix, on the 28 courts at Sun City Festival.

    Unlike most of the tournaments held here in our area, Nationals includes matches for players of all ages, from juniors starting at age 8, to the adult categories ranging from 19+ all the way up to 85+! There are also open matches that pair individuals by skill level, meaning a player who is 65 years old and is ranked at a 4.5 level can be matched up against another 4.5 level player that is only 22 years old. Those can be tough games.

    Although there were no medal winners from Corte Bella this time around, Im sure there will be some exciting and successful matches coming up at the Mesa (11/18-20) and Surprise (11/21-23) tournaments. Pickleball is a great way to get some exercise before enjoying a Thanksgiving feast.

    Stop by the courts any morning to see how the game is played, and come join us!

    Pickleball Club, December 2014Robin Mandell

    Happy Holidays From The Staff At The Corte Bella Golf ClubTo The Residents And Staff Of The Corte Bella Country Club

  • December 2014 | CB Times | 27

    Tennis, golf, pickleball, and bowling are among the many pastimes Corte Bella residents choose to enjoy in their lifetimes. Jerry and Stephanie Tinsley, a couple in Corte Bella, have chosen tennis as their lifelong sport. From a young age, both Jerry and Stephanie have enjoyed all aspects of tennis to include playing the game as well as watching tennis events.

    Jerry and Stephanie moved to Corte Bella from Overland Park, Kansas in 2007 and immediately became involved in the Corte Bella Tennis Club. Jerry served on the first tennis board, and Stephanie captained the ladies 3.5 team for six years.

    Stephanie played some as a young child, and later played with other mothers in her neighborhood. She became serious about the game

    a few years later. She loves the game, the competition and the lifelong friends she has met along the way. She competed with and captained USTA teams for twelve years before coming to Corte Bella. She won the club championship in Kansas City in both singles and doubles in 1980. She has been sidelined the past year with hip and knee injuries, but is hoping to get back to playing soon.

    Stephanie and Jerry met at a singles tennis party in 1984, and after a whirlwind romance, were married seven months later. They play each other in singles and have also enjoyed playing mixed doubles together.

    Jerry took up tennis at age 12 and played on both his high school and college (William Jewell) teams. In 1972, while serving in the Army, he started teaching tennis when stationed at Fort Leonard Wood. He later taught at the Lodge of the Four Seasons and Tan-Tar-A resorts, and privately at clubs and courts in Germany; Fort Riley, Kansas; and Missouri. When coming to Corte Bella, he held tennis clinics and gave lessons for three years, but now says he is officially retired from instructing.

    Jerry works two days per week at Donor Network of Arizona as a Tissue Donor Family Advocate. He is a retired Family and Marital therapist.

    Tennis remains at the center of their marital relationship, following tournaments on TV and attending the Indian Wells professional tournament each March. Jerry says his main tennis ambition is to beat Don Schneider, Corte Bellas # 1 player, by the time they are 90!

    If there are any Corte Bella residents interested in playing tennis and/or becoming a member of the Corte Bella Tennis Club, please contact any of the Corte Bella Tennis Club board members listed below.

    Jerry and Stephanie Tinsley

    Tennis Is A Lifelong Sport For Corte Bella Couple

    2014 CBTC BOARD MEMBERSPresident: Joel Piaskowski, 623-594-1307 jpiski6639@gmail.com

    Vice-President: Sam Pechkurow, 330-307-7353 spechkurow@aol.com

    Secretary: Linda Sivakoff, 623-594-8585 briggsli@hotmail.com

    Treasurer: Henry Bleile, 623-594-8925 hbleile@cox.net

    Social Chairman: Lene Harrier, 602-677-3274 harrierh@aol.com

    Social Chairman: Karen Watkins, 623-556-5129 kcwl44@msn.com

    Member-At-Large: Vicki Faaborg, 602-918-0501 v.faaborg@cox.net

    Vicki Faaborg, Member at Large, Corte Bella Tennis Club

  • 28 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    Happy Holidays from the Anacapa Restaurant

    Executive Chef Dan Haywood, Anacapa Restaurant

    Happy Holidays from the Anacapa Restaurant. A classic recipe for the holidays is Beef Wellington.

    The dish can be served either in individual portions or as a large dish to be carved at

    the table. It has a great wow factor for your guests, and is actually not that difficult to make. Look forward to seeing you here this season at the Anacapa.

    Beef Wellington 2 pounds beef tenderloin, trimmed, left whole or

    cut into 8 oz filets. 2 tablespoons butter, softened 2 tablespoons butter 1 onion, chopped 1/2 cup sliced fresh mushrooms 2 ounces liver pate 2 tablespoons butter, softened salt and pepper to taste 1 (17.5 ounce) package frozen puff pastry, thawed 1 egg yolk, beaten 1 (10.5 ounce) can beef broth 2 tablespoons red wine Sprig of rosemary

    Directions1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). Place beef in

    a small baking dish, and spread with 2 tablespoons softened butter. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until browned. Remove from pan, and allow to cool completely. Reserve pan juices.

    2. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a skillet over medium heat. Saute onion and mushrooms in butter for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, and let cool.

    3. Mix together pate and 2 tablespoons softened butter, and season with salt and pepper. Spread pate over beef or top each filet with of mixture. Top then with onion and mushroom mixture.

    4. Roll out the puff pastry dough in one large sheet or then cut into 4 equal squares. Place beef in the center filling side down. Fold up, and seal all the edges into the center, Use a little egg wash to help the edges stick. making sure the seams are not too thick. Place beef right side up in a 9x13 inch lightly greased baking dish, cut a few slits in the top of the dough, and brush with egg yolk.

    5. Bake at 425 degrees F (220 degrees C) for about 20 -30 minutes for the large single wellington, about 12-15 minutes for the small wellingtons, or until pastry is a rich, golden brown. Set aside, and keep warm.

    6. Place all reserved juices in a small saucepan over high heat. Stir in beef stock, red wine, and rosemary; simmer for 10-15 minutes, or until slightly reduced. Strain, and serve with the beef as an au jus.

  • Early Bird Special4:30 - 5:30 pm Tues-Sat. Any meal with purchase of one beverage. Coupon good for two people. Expires December 31, 2014

    Anacapa Restaurant


    25% Off

    The Anacapa Restaurant offers its

    patrons an unforgettable dining experience.

    Please join us for Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch, Tuesday and Thursdays Happy Hour and sample

    our Fine Wine Selection In our newly renovated Dining


    We welcome Small and Large Parties, Birthdays,

    Anniversaries, Private Memorial Receptions,

    And more.

    This Holiday Season Give the Gift of Anacapa! Gift Certificates always available

    Reservations Highly Recommended - (623) 455-9045Dine In or Carry Out

    Happy Holidays from the Anacapa Restaurant

    Happy Holidays from the Anacapa Restaurant

    December 2014 | CB Times | 29


    30 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella

    The Anacapa Restaurant offers its patrons an unforgettable dining experience.Please join us for Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch, Tuesday and Thursdays

    Happy Hour and sample our Fine Wine Selection In our newly renovated Dining Room.We welcome Small and Large Parties Birthdays, Anniversaries Private Memorial Receptions. And more.This Holiday Season Give the Gift of Anacapa! Gift Certificates always availableReservations Highly Recommended (623) 455-9045Dine In or Carry Out

    Early Bird Special4:30 - 5:30 pm Tues-Sat.Any meal with purchase of one beverage. Coupon good for two people.

    25% Off

    Happy Holidays from the Anacapa Restaurant

    For You From Your AnacapaLast month, Early Bird Special discount coupons were launched for Anacapa patrons. For those of you who wish to dine earlier in the evening and save a little money, you can receive 25% off your meal between 4:30 5:30pm. Look for this months coupon below.

    Executive Chef, Dan Haywood and Manager Fred Hernandez are thrilled with the response from the recent coupon promotions. These promotions go out to the West Valley through several local publications. Customers outside of Corte Bella are realizing what we already know. The Anacapa at Corte Bella... Everything, Well Done.

    The Artisan Flatbread Pizza continues to be a hit with residents. With fall upon us, what could be better than Saturday college football, pizza, and a cold beer? Why cook when you can pick up your phone, order and enjoy. Pizza is available Wednesday Saturday from 3:00 8:00pm. Three different 12-inch pizzas

    are offered: Three Cheese ($9.99), The Veggie ($10.00) and Three Meat ($10.99). You can complete your order with a delicious Garden or Caesar Salad, or the ever popular, crispy fried wings.

    Call 623-455-9045 to place your order for dine-in or carry out.

    The Anacapa Happy Hour on Tuesday and Thursdays continue to draw large crowds. With the beautiful weather upon us, the outdoor patio is a favorite spot to relax, enjoy the beautiful view, and have a nice appetizer and cool beverage with friends.

    The addition of the new TVs is attracting more customers to our comfortable bar to watch their favorite sports.

    The Anacapa staff would like to thank all of the Corte Bella residents for your continued support and patronage.

    Joel Piaskowski, Anacapa Marketing Group

    Give the Gift of Anacapa. Dining certificates make an impressive holiday gift.

    Ask your server for details.

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    December 2014 | CB Times | 31

  • 32 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella32 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    Anacapa, The Dining Experience EnhancedThe summer slow-down and renovation period for the Anacapa Restaurant quickly became a distant memory as residents flocked to the Grand Re-opening party in October and booked their calendars to insure they did not miss any of the restaurants coming events.

    Over 275 persons enjoyed the beautiful weather and the fine cuisine offered by Chef Dan at the Grand Re-opening party. The traditional Oktoberfest Buffet quickly followed as well as a special German beer tasting event sponsored by Wine and Dine International.

    The annual buffets for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Tree Lighting Event are always well attended with every indication that the trend will continue. The Christmas Eve Buffet and New Years Eve celebration will prove to be a hit once again. See the Events Page in this issue for information on how to reserve your table or purchase the NYE ticket.

    Many of the CB interest groups take full advantage of the talents of Chef Dan and Fred Hernandez by booking their special events in the restaurant and social hall.

    Wine and Dine International celebrated its first anniversary with a sit down dinner for 100 persons. Future events include monthly wine pairings, featuring international wines and delectable pairing of foods.

    The Friends of Italy plan a dinner dance on a regular basis. The Corte Bella Vets held a dinner dance in November and are hosting a special buffet in December to honor Servicemen and Women in our area.

    Cabaret Night by the Event Volunteers makes the dance floor get a workout on Sundays. Be sure to attend one soon and enjoy the fun and the music. Tickets for Chef Dans Cooking Demo events always go quickly, so watch for the announcement.

    The Corte Bella Tennis Club gathered in the restaurant for a social event this summer and they enjoyed a selection of hot appetizers and cool drinks together.

    The YAYAs meet weekly, have lunch together prior to their card event, and recently hosted 36 ladies for a buffet luncheon, cards and charity raffle.

    The Tuesday Duplicate Bridge Group put Chef Dans pizza making skills to the test when they ordered up a pizza buffet and celebrated the return of the snowbirds to the bridge tables.

    The Corte Bella Vets Group celebrated Veterans Day with an elegant dinner and a moving ceremony to honor those who have served our country.

    Residents frequently enjoy a quiet evening dining together, especially on Friday when Steak and Lobster is featured. The dining experience in our splendid Anacapa never ceases to remind us that we are truly blessed to have it all right here at home.

    And if this isnt enough, there are Happy Hours on Tuesday and Thursday with special drink prices, dinner specials, a new wine list and a take-out menu for your enjoyment. Hope to see you there soon.

    Give the Gift of Anacapa. Certificates are always available and make an impressive gift.

    Traci Tuor, CB Times Staff

  • December 2014 | CB Times | 33December 2014 | CB Times | 33

  • 34 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella



    Bocce Ball Couples 1st & 3rd Fri. 4:30-5:30 P.M. Courts Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Couples 4th Friday (Oct-Apr) 5-7:30pm Courts Jackie Gnagi 920-203-6068

    Couples 1st Sat. 4 P.M. Courts Jack/Lauretta Broderick 623-792-5689

    Couples 2nd Sat. 4:30-6:30 P.M. Courts Bob/Bev Clevenger 623-594-5028

    El Camino 1st & 3rd Wed. 6-8 P.M. Courts Dan Louden 623-328-9341

    El Sueno 2nd & 4th Tue. 6-8 P.M. Courts Ray Valle 623-399-6034

    Ladies Open 2nd & 4th Tue. 10 A.M.-12 P.M. Courts Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Las Palmas 1st & 3rd Tue. 5-7 P.M. Courts David Keppy/Ken Stone 623-455-8310/623-546-2085

    Mens Open Every Wed. 4-6:30 P.M. Courts Robert Broda 623-444-2172

    San Ramon 2nd Sun. 6-8 P.M. Courts Vicki Wiley 480-998-7474

    Golf Lady Putters Every Mon. Mornings Golf Club Joan Seefeldt 623-249-3143

    Ready Golf Girls (RGG) Thursday TBA Meet at Various Courses Sue McVey 623-214-0901

    Tennis Ladies Invitational 3.5/4.0 Every Tue. 8-10 A.M. Courts Ann Paulson 623-433-9973

    Ladies Invitational 3.5/4.0 Every Sat. 9-11 A.M. Courts Robin Culley 623-444-5448

    Ladies Open 3.0/3.5 Mon., Wed., Fri. 7:30-10 A.M. Courts Vicki Faaborg 602-918-0501

    Mens 3.5 Thu. & Sat. 8:30-10:30 A.M. Courts Jolene Piaskowski 402-212-4188

    Mens 4.0 Every Thu. 10:30 A.M. Courts Don Schneider 623-399-9640

    Open Every Wed. 7:00 P.M. Courts Jack Shifman 623-518-4909

    Open Play Mon., Wed., Fri. 7:00 - 10:00 A.M. Courts Ken Egide 623-266-3820

    Pickle-Ball Open Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat., Sun. 8 A.M. Courts Bev Moon 623-518-9303

    RV Group Homes Ron Winegarner 623-444-4205

    Social Rooms

    Mens Christian Group Tue. 8 - 9:45 A.M. Social Hall Jim Dowen 623-556-8137

    Bingo 4th Tue. 6-9 p.m. Golf Club Al Schroeder 623-374-3634

    Bid Whist 2nd Fri. 7-10 P.M. Social Hall Kaye France 623-934-5051

    CB Steppers Line Dance 1st & 3rd Thurs. 6-7:30 pm Social Hall Cindy Buda | Linda Kroupa 708-337-0008 | 414-839-0078

    Corte Bella Vets 2nd Tues. 9-10:30 am Anacapa Larry Leighton 623-776-5443

    Computer Club (from Oct. June) 1st Thu. 6:30 P.M. Social Hall Stan Sacha coordinator@cortebellaclub.org

    Corte Bella Chorus Mon. 7 P.M. Social Hall Hilda Furkert 623-266-2733

    Duplicate Bridge Every Tue. 12:30-4:30 P.M. Social Hall The Jacobs 623-217-2803

    Friends of Italy Varies Varies Social Hall Jack Carollo 623-337-5456

    Genealogy Club 3rd Saturday 9-11 am Social Hall/Laguna Room Pat Burke 623-748-3751

    Hand & Foot Canasta 2nd & 4th Mon. 6-8:45 P.M. Social Hall Pearl Thompson 623-328-5215

    Happy Hour Jokers & Sevens 4th Thurs. 4:30-8 pm Social Hall Peggy Pellegrini pegpell@live.com

    Mah Jongg Mon./Thu. 9 am 3 pm Social Hall Jo Ann Moberly 623-328-9583

    Open Bridge Every Thu. 1-4 P.M. Social Hall Stephanie/Jerry Tinsley 623-546-3141

    Poker Club 1st Wed. each month 5-9 P.M. Social Hall Jim Lewin 623-455-9532

    Smiling Out Loud (SOuL) 3rd Thu. 10-12 P.M. Social Hall Kay Steik 623-214-3284

    Wine & Dine International Email for times Anacapa/Social Hall Roberta Rials, Janice Aiken robertalrials@gmail.com, janiceaiken@aol.com

    Ya Ya Hand & Foot Mon. & Fri. 12-4 P.M. Social Hall Barb Morin BMorin2@cox.net

    Usually Meets in Members Homes

    A World of Friends Various Evie Hansen/John Eakins johneakins@msn.com

    Belles of Corte Bella/Red Hats Call for Times Homes Joyce Stalians 623-322-4139

    Bunco 1st Tue. 7-10 P.M. Homes Harriet Kessler 623-388-3731

    Bunco 2nd Mon. 2-4 P.M. Homes Muriel Valle 623-399-6034

    Bunco 2nd Tue. 6:30 P.M. Homes Mary Remiorz 623-214-2874

    Bunco 2nd Wed. 7 P.M. Homes Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Bunco 2nd Thu. 6:30 P.M. Homes Betty Rae 623-217-2712

    Bunco: Dynamite Gals 1st Tue. 7 P.M. Homes Bev Bair 623-255-5352

    Canadians Call for Times Various The Mandells 623-374-3592

    Cellar Dwellers Wine Tasting Various Various Robin Mandell 623-374-3592

    Christian Neighborhood Group Thursday Group 6:30 P.M. Homes Mike and Liz Verhoeks 603-387-8175

    Christian Neighborhood Group Wednesday Group 9:00 am Homes Tom and Pam Spencer 623-780-3308

    Christian Neighborhood Group Tuesday Group 6:30 P.M. Homes Jerry and Gayle Moore 623-322-8190

    CB Players Theatre Group Call for Times Varies Homes Kay Steik 623-214-3284

    Couples Bridge 4th Fri. 7 P.M. Homes Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Couples Euchre 4th Tue. Homes Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Iowa Group Call for Times Bob & Pam DeWaay 515-991-9166

    Ladies Tea Society Call for Times Homes Janet Silver 623-337-4139

    Shalom Club Call for Times Homes Judi Bourd 623-433-9449

    Singles Call for Times Homes Mary Lane 623-388-6956

    Activities Day of Week Time Place Contact Person Contact Info



    & I




    T G




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