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  • Those Real Estate Ladies

    Mirada w/casita!

    $385,000 2840 sf 12948 W. Panchita Dr.

    San Ysidro!

    $279,000 1812 sf13428 W. El Sueno Ct.


    $335,000 2095 sf12746 W. Figueroa Dr. FO

    R SALE!


    $244,900 1684 sf13510 W. Nogales Dr. FO

    R SALE!


    $182,000 1155 sf12906 W. Chapala Dr.


    San Ysidro, Golf Course!

    $347,000 1837 sf22506 N. Arrellaga Dr.



    Mirada w/Casita!

    $389,000 2840 sf13541 W. Sola Dr. FO

    R SALE!

    Encanto, Golf Course!

    $429,0OO 2095 sf22203 N. Giovota Dr. FO

    R SALE!

    $278,500 1904 sf23006 N. Giovota Dr.

    San Marco!



    Granada w/casita!

    $436,000 3227 sf13106 W. Santa Ynez Ct.


    $540,000 2784 sf22116 N. Valerio Dr.

    Figueroa, Golf Course!





  • 4 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella

    CB Times Magazine is the official community magazine of Corte Bella, brought to you by the Corte Bella Country Club Association, Inc. and published by Lion Tree Communications.

    Editor | Janice AikenContributing Writers | Michael Arrington | Jeff Ablin Bill Blake | John Eakins | Susan Eisgrau | Vicki Faaborg Hilda Furkert | Dan Haywood | Joel Piaskowski Regina Shanney-Saborsky | Jeff Stuart | Bob Rosenberg Stan Peskin | Mike McVeigh | Tom Asmussen | Larry LeightonPhotography: Jim Laskowicz | Mike Biggs

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    6 Numbers to Know

    7 From the Managers Desk

    7 SpeedMinder in Corte Bella

    8 Who Needs Retirement After All?

    8 A Reminder from Your ARC

    9 Neighborhood Awareness & Safety Committee Report

    10 Financial Summary - Six Months Ended June 30, 2014

    12 Corte Bella Events

    14 Emergency Phone Numbers

    16 In the Loop

    17 Corte Bella Displays Old Glory

    18 Corte Bella Vets for Needy AZ Vets

    19 Independence Day Celebration: Favorite Memories

    20 Enjoy the Opera, Ballet, Symphony & Theater

    21 Smilestones

    21 New Welcoming Committee Formed

    22 From the Corte Bella Golf Club

    24 Rest Not, Rust Not! Tennis as We Age

    26 Tennis is Going to the Dogs

    28 Summer Greetings from Anacapa

    30 Clubs & Interest Groups

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    COMMUNITY INFORMATIONWhats InsideSeptember 2014




    4 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella





    On the Cover:

    Our photographer this month, Jim Laskowicz, took a moment to capture this early morning view from the Anacapa patio another beautiful day begins at Corte Bella.

  • September 2014 | CB Times | 5

    Sun Health has been helping West Valley residents stay healthy, active and vibrant for almost 50 years. Offerings include:

    The Center for Health & Wellbeing Personalized support and resources to help you achieve your health goals and reach your optimum health including individual consultation and group education classes. Our team includes a registered dietitian, certifi ed health coach, exercise physiologist, memory care navigator, registered dietitian, acupuncturist and massage therapist.

    Community Education Program free and low-cost classes on a variety of health-related topics, including Tai Chi and yoga.

    Resort-Style Senior Living three Life Care communitiesdesigned for people to enjoy a long, healthier life, and explore new creative outlets through Masterpiece Living.

    Many programs are made possible through generous community support of Sun Health Foundation. Learn more about Sun Health and make a tax-deductible gift at SunHealth.org

    offers a Healthier Outlook

    Visit sunhealthwellbeing.org/CBTimes today to sign up for a FREE Friends & Neighbors Membership to theSun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing; and be entered into a drawing for a complimentary one-year

    Individual Gold Membership ($199 Value!) Or, call us at (623) 832-WELL (9355) to sign up and mention Corte Bella.

  • Ph






    Board of DirectorsJim WilliamsPresidentTechnology CommitteeLiaison, SCP Task Forcecortebellajim@cox.net

    Larry LeightonVice PresidentBuildings & Grounds CommitteeLiaison, Golf Club Liaison,Corporate Records Focal,SCP Task Forceldleighton@yahoo.com

    Walt KearnsTreasurerSCP Task ForceFinance Committee Liaisonwalt@wekearns.com

    Regina Shanney-SaborskySecretaryChair & Liaison ArchitecturalReview Committee, GovernmentAffairs Committee Liaisonrsaborsky@cox.net

    Dan LuparelloDirectorAnacapa Restaurant LiaisonARC Liaison AssistantLoopy6160@yahoo.com

    Bill BlakeDirectorNeighborhood Awareness andSafety Committee LiaisonWillieB38@cox.net

    Mike McVeighDirectorAssistant TreasurerSCP Task ForceMmcveigh3@cox.net

    Board of Directors Corte Bella AdministrationCommunity ResourcesGuard House, 623-544-3906Fax: 623-544-3911Email: securitas@cortebellacca.comGate Hours: 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. DailyRoving Patrol: Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. to Noon, and 10:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M.Saturday Sunday, 2:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M., and 10:00 P.M. to MidnightPatrol Cell: 623-256-2907

    Anacapa Restaurant, 623-455-9045Hours: Lunch: 11 A.M. - 3 P.M. Tuesday SaturdayDinner: 4:30 - 8:00 P.M. Tuesday SaturdaySunday Buffet: 8:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.Closed Mondays

    Fitness Center, 623-217-2018Hours: Monday-Friday, 5 A.M.-9:30 P.M.*Sat & Sun, 6 A.M.-9:30 P.M.*Close at 9:30 PM on all days until September 2, 2013. Childrens Pool Hours10 A.M.-1 P.M. & 5-7 P.M.Day Spa, 623-217-20188 A.M. to 7 P.M., By Appointment

    Corte Bella Golf Club, 623-556-8951Hours: Monday-Sunday 6:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M.jstuart@cortebellagolfclub.com

    Corte Bella WebsiteCommunity Website: www.cortebella.netResidents & Visitor Registration:www.cortebella.org

    CB Events Group VolunteersCBEventsGroup@cortebellacca.com

    24-HOUR EMERGENCY(480) 551-4300

    Community Resources Corte Bella AdministrationAssociation Office22155 North Mission DriveSun City West, AZ 85375Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 A.M.-4 P.M.623-328-5068

    Michael Arrington HOA General Manager, 623-328-5068Michael.Arrington@fsresidential.com

    Jodell DodgeSpa & Fitness Manager, Ext. 225JDodge@cortebellacca.com

    Fred Hernandez Food & Beverage Mgr. Ext. 233fhernandez@cortebellacca.com

    Dan Haywood Anacapa Executive Chef, Ext. 232dhaywood@cortebellacca.com

    Heather Chavez Administrative Supervisor, Ext. 222

    Stella Stellings Administrative Assistant, Ext. 221

    Stoney AmerineFacilities Manager, Ext. 223SAmerine@cortebellacca.com



    6 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella6 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella

  • Corte Bella AdministrationAssociation Office22155 North Mission DriveSun City West, AZ 85375Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 A.M.-4 P.M.623-328-5068

    Michael Arrington HOA General Manager, 623-328-5068Michael.Arrington@fsresidential.com

    Jodell DodgeSpa & Fitness Manager, Ext. 225JDodge@cortebellacca.com

    Fred Hernandez Food & Beverage Mgr. Ext. 233fhernandez@cortebellacca.com

    Dan Haywood Anacapa Executive Chef, Ext. 232dhaywood@cortebellacca.com

    Heather Chavez Administrative Supervisor, Ext. 222

    Stella Stellings Administrative Assistant, Ext. 221

    Stoney AmerineFacilities Manager, Ext. 223SAmerine@cortebellacca.com

    From the Managers Desk This months message is short and

    sweet as we get ready to welcome our summer travelers back home for the fall 2014 season. Again, a special thank you to all of the

    volunteers who braved the heat and kept on working this summer as well as to those who participated via phone, email and texting. Remember, my door is always open. Stop by, say hello, let me know what is on your mind. Until next time...

    Mike Arrington, Corte Bella Country Club Association, Inc. General Manager

    SpeedMinder in Corte Bella

    BackgroundCorte Bellas recent Resident Survey made it clear that homeowners are concerned about vehicles that travel at unsafe speeds within our community. As a result, the NASC has been utilizing a SpeedMinder device, an electronic speed monitoring sensor that displays and records the actual speed of approaching vehicles. The vehicles actual speed is displayed under the posted speed limit and is to act as a reminder to all vehicles to adhere to the posted limits. In other words, slow down!

    Visibility and UseWe currently have one SpeedMinder device that is being moved every 2 weeks. After listening to the community and being asked to increase the coverage, we will now move the device on a weekly basis. There are currently 15 locations within the community where we display the device. Two new locations have been identified as areas that need extra attention and will now utilize the SpeedMinder Device.

    Southbound Carrera Dr. before West Rincon Dr. (near Calle Real subdivision entrance) posted as 25 MPH.

    Community Parking Lot between the Anacapa Restaurant and the Golf Club. The Parking Lot speed limit is posted as 10 MPH.

    SpeedMinder DataThe data is downloaded prior to each relocation and is able to analyze 85% of speed and vehicle counts. In addition, we receive the maximum speed recorded. The 85 percentile is based upon the assumption that when collecting speed data, most people drive at a safe and prudent speed. They take into account such things as visibility, road conditions, surroundings, intersections etc. Approximately 15% of drivers will drive fast without regard to other factors.

    Posted Results and Shared DataNASC will post SpeedMinder statistics by web graph (bar graphs) as well as other results on the Corte Bella.net website, which can be found in a folder under the NASC tab. In addition, we plan to share the information in the Corte Bella Times on a regular basis.

    Goals and ObjectivesThrough use of the SpeedMinder and other resources, we want to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a safe vehicular speed within our community. We wish to contribute to a safer environment for all CB residents.

    Greg Zanowski NASC member

    September 2014 | CB Times | 7


  • Who Needs Retirement After All?Last year my business partner and I closed our consulting company. Finally retired a second time, I was playing lots of golf

    and spending way too much time doing not much of anything meaningfully productive. Although

    I had attended HOA workshops and Board meetings, I followed community issues from a distance, learning what was going on from hallway or Anacapa conversations, or as a volunteer for the Events Group.

    Brainwashing me into believing I had the skills and much experience to offer, my wife

    Lynne, at first gently suggested, and then pushed me into running for a Board position. The next few months were devoted to learning all I could about CC & Rs (Wow! I always thought that stood for Creedence Clearwater Revival, didnt you?), ARC, NASC, FC, B & G, GAC, EPCOR, FSR and all things Corte Bella. Shortly after being elected on April 1 (April Fools Day), I attended my first Board meeting, where it became crystal clear that I was 100% back to work.

    Serving as Assistant Treasurer, and a member of the SCP and Anacapa Business Marketing teams, Ive also attended other committee meetings to listen and learn and have come to greatly appreciate the Board members and other residents who selflessly donate their time to community matters. Our Board is comprised of extremely qualified, caring, experienced residents who are clearly working as a team to maintain and enhance Corte Bella, the community we all fell in love with.

    Recently, I was assigned another task and I think I drew the short straw. There are 30+ files and documents containing information on HOA forms, regulations, guidelines, etc. My challenge is to combine all of this information into a single HOA reference manual of operating policies and procedures. Ill be reaching out to the community (begging if necessary!) for help. P.S. If youre anxious to help, absolutely cant wait for the formal request, and want a seat in the front row, call me ASAP 623-433-9921/760-521-5020 (cell) and Ill try to fit you in. Whew! What a year - my first as fully retired is turning out to beand, its only July! Heres hoping I can look forward to a third retirement sometime in the future. With your help and continued support, it can become a reality.

    Michael McVeigh, Board of Directors

    There has been a bit of confusion and your ARC team wants all residents to know the difference between the responsibilities of ARC and those of the HOA. Basically, ARC reviews modifications to exterior projects covered under the Design Guidelines such as landscaping, hardscape, pools and casitas. After review and discussion regarding compliance with the guidelines, ARC instructs the HOA to issue a letter approving or disapproving the project and setting forth stipulations to the approval. Stipulations are nothing more than requirements set forth in the guidelines which are included in the letter.

    Once the project is completed, the homeowner must submit a completion form to the HOA and the project is inspected by ARC which gives a final sign-off or, if not completed per the submission to ARC, a rejection which describes the necessary correction.

    If a project is not completed within 90 days, per the guidelines, the approval is withdrawn; however, extensions to the 90 days are granted by ARC upon application by the homeowner.

    The HOA is responsible for compliance. As such, residences

    and neighborhoods are viewed from public access such as the street and if something is amiss, a violation notice is issued. This includes such things as untrimmed palms, weeds, empty pots and other guideline violations. ARC does not do compliance work once the inspection is completed.

    Please remember, violations are not made public. If you see a violation, it may already be under review. It may be subject to a variance. If you feel strongly enough about it, report the violation to the HOA. BUT remember, by law, the name of the person reporting the violation can be made available to the potentially offending homeowner.

    Over the summer, ARC and the HOA have worked closely together to resolve some issues under the Guidelines and continue to do so. Teamwork is the key and the committee wants to thank the HOA for all of its assistance as well as the homeowners who follow the Guidelines and the submission process.

    Please, join us in October for an ARC presentation on key issues under the Guidelines. It will be informative and a chance to let the committee know any concerns over the Guidelines and/or the ARC process.

    A Reminder from Your ARCRegina Shanney-Saborsky

    8 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • Neighborhood Awareness & Safety Committee Report SPEEDMINDERPlease take special notice of the article in this issue of the CB Times, written by Greg Zanowski, a member of the NASC Committee, which describes the importance of the SpeedMinder device and the issue of speeding within our community. The SpeedMinder device is placed in various locations throughout the community to help remind residents to control their speed. (25 MPH is our

    posted speed limit). The SpeedMinder is moved every week to a different

    location in the subdivisions and on Mission and Carrera Drives. Please be especially cautious in the parking lot where the speed limit is 10 MPH!

    RESIDENT and VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMIf you have not registered your approved visitors and vendors into this important system, please do so. You can verify with the HOA office those you wish to grant easy access into our community. Registration makes things easier for you, your visitors and the security staff to expedite entrance into the community and this system helps improve safety for all within our community.

    Next NASC Committee meeting: Thursday, Sept.4, at 9 am. in the Anacapa Restaurant: Laguna Room. The meeting is open to all homeowners.

    BACK GATE CONCERNSAdditional signs are being posted at the back gates to remind vendors and visitors to go to the front gate for entry into Corte Bella. The back gate is for homeowners use only.

    As a reminder, there are signs on the back gate arms warning us that only ONE vehicle at a time may pass through the gates. Most accidents are being caused by people tailgating the vehicle in front of them on the same gate opening.

    If you are expecting a vendor to arrive or a delivery such as pizza, please be certain to instruct them to use the front gate ONLY and not the back gate for entry into Corte Bella. This may eliminate an expensive crashing incident! Remember, all crashes are recorded and violators will be held responsible.

    Bill Blake- Board Liaison to the Neighborhood Awareness and Safety Committee

    SOuL 2nd Annual Holiday Boutique & Charity Bake SaleWhen: Saturday, December 13th, from 9am to 2pmWhere: Corte Bella Social HallVisit the SOuL table at the November Farmers Market and Marketplace to pre-order your holiday basket.

    If you are expecting a delivery such as pizza or vendors, it would be most helpful if you would instruct them to use the front gate and not the back gate for entry into Corte Bella. This would help eliminate some of our gate crashing incidents. Thank you for your cooperation regarding this important matter.

    Save the Date Corte Bella Residents Help Needed!

    September 2014 | CB Times | 9

  • Results of OperationsFor the 6 month period ending June 30, 2014, excluding reserve contributions, we realized a net operating surplus of $115,000. This was $19,000 favorable compared to the budgeted surplus of $96,000. A brief discussion of departmental results compared to budget:

    Administration $6,000 Favorable Late fee income, lower than budget legal fees and unused contingency combined to offset higher than budget expenses for postage, equipment rental and depreciation.

    Facilities $24,000 favorable Utility expenses were higher than budget for electricity, gas, water and sewer and phones. Pool and fountain maintenance and supplies, as well as all areas of buildings, equipment and grounds maintenance, were significantly ahead of budget.

    Guardhouse $4,000 favorable Costs for gate guard services were higher than budget but were offset by lower than budget spending on printing and forms, supplies, and equipment and gate repairs.

    HOA Events $3,000 favorable Revenue was significantly ahead of budget, more than covering the added expense for the higher level of activity.

    Landscape ($6,000 unfavorable) Irrigation repair, plant replacement and pest control costs were significantly favorable compared to budget. $18,000 in palm tree trimming occurred in June whereas the budget provided $20,000 split between July and August.

    Restaurant ($33,000 unfavorable) Anacapa revenue was slightly favorable with strength for HOA Event and Banquet wine and liquor sales, but lower than budget revenue on restaurant food. Food costs exceeded budget and salary & wage expense for the front-of-house, along with related payroll burden and employee benefits, were significantly higher than budget. An unbudgeted expenditure to repair the misting system contributed to equipment repair & maintenance expense exceeding budget.

    Spa On Budget A shortfall in facial treatment revenue was offset by higher than budget revenues for waxing and electrolysis. Esthetician expense was higher than budget due in part to expense related to 2 for 1 certificates. This was offset by lower massage therapist expense and favorable spending in various product and service accounts.

    Fitness $2,000 favorable Lower salary and wage expense, along with related payroll burden and employee benefits, more than offset higher fitness instructor costs and operating supplies expense.

    2014 First Quarter Budget Comparison Report ($ in thousands)

    Quarter Ended March 31, 2014 Fav.


    Results of Operations Actual Budget Variance


    Revenue - excl. reserve

    contributions $1,224.6 $1,221.9 $2.7

    Expense 300.4 303.9 3.5

    Surplus (deficit) 924.2 918.0 6.2

    Facilities: Expenses 537.4 561.3 23.9

    Guardhouse: Expenses 83.6 87.6 4.0

    HOA Events:

    Revenue 42.7 31.2 11.5

    Expense 38.1 29.7 (8.4)

    Surplus (deficit) 4.6 1.5 3.1

    Landscape: Expense 184.7 178.4 (6.3)


    Revenue 690.2 684.6 5.6

    Expense 653.9 615.0 (38.9)

    Surplus (deficit) 36.3 69.6 (33.3)


    Revenue 67.6 68.5 (0.9)

    Expense 54.9 56.3 1.4

    Surplus (deficit) 12.6 12.2 0.5


    Revenue 35.9 35.0 0.9

    Expense 117.3 118.4 1.0

    Surplus (deficit) (81.5) (83.4) 1.9

    Paint Maint & Granite Replacement:

    Revenue 24.8 24.8 -

    Expense 0.2 19.3 19.1

    Surplus (deficit) 24.6 5.4 19.1

    Net Operating Surplus $115.1 $96.1 $19.0

    Reserve Contributions $232.7 $214.5 $18.3

    * Includes prior year carryover from the Reserve Fund

    Reserve Funds: 06/30/14 12/31/13 Change

    Repair and Replacement $2,906.2 $2,947.0 $(40.8)

    Capital Acquisition $272.7 246.6 26.1

    Total $3,178.9 $3,193.6 $(14.7)

    Financial Summary Six Months Ended June 30, 2014Jeff Ablin, Finance Committee Chairperson

    Continued on Page 11

    10 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • Paint Maintenance and Granite Replacement $19,000 favorable Actual painting project cost of $37,000 was charged to the prior year carryover amount in the reserve fund. Once the $62,400 carryover amount has been expended, painting expense will be charged to the paint maintenance fund. $19,000 in granite replacement expense was budgeted for June but will occur in subsequent months.

    Reserve FundsRepair and replacement fund ($41,000 reduction) - Major projects included street repair work and painting of the common walls.

    Capital projects $26,000 increase - The Lanai project was completed in June (total cost $38,000) and the Social Hall storage expansion is still in the final design and permitting process. Reserve fund fee income from home re-sales was $18,000 higher than budget.

    ConclusionsOverall, our financial performance thru the first half of 2014 was favorable, attributable in large part to low levels of spending for pools and fountains, building, equipment and grounds maintenance and repair. The favorable variances for palm tree trimming and granite replenishment are basically timing differences and will reverse in subsequent months.

    Our cash position is sufficient to meet our operating needs. Our reserve position remains 100% funded, however, one of the challenges facing the community in 2014 is integrating the revised expenses for future street repairs into our reserve fund analysis. The Board, Finance Committee and Building and Grounds Committee are diligently working on this project. From an investment standpoint, we continue to maintain our conservative investment strategy to minimize risk and ensure liquidity, while seeking yield improvement opportunities.

    Details on all financial statements can be found on the Corte Bella website under HOA>Community documents>Financials. Please feel free to contact any member of the Finance Committee regarding questions or suggestions.

    Just a reminder and something to consider guest passes for your family members for the pool and/or fitness center can be purchased for $60.00 for 30 visits. Check with the Spa Desk for details. And dont forget our spa specials good for the mind, body and soul.

    Just A Reminder


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    13059 W. Grand Ave., Surprise 85374 (S.E. corner of Dysart & Grand)

    urprise ShopThe

    Marty Morin 623-221-2927Joan Morin 623-262-2870

    We can appraise your current home value and your household items getting you top dollar for both. We can purchase your furniture on the

    spot. Joan Morin, a licensed and highly professional real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, can sell your home quickly or help you find a new home.

    Call our experienced, efficient team TODAY for details.

    September 2014 | CB Times | 11

  • Corte Bella Events

    Line DancingMovement Studio 2:00-3:00 pm.Class size limited to 25, but walk-ins welcome.Summer Series 3: Aug. 19, 26 and Sept. 2, 9, 16, 30Fall Series 1: Thursday, October 9,16,30, November 6,13,20Series of 6 classes for $15 or $3.00 per classAll tickets on sale now in Fitness Center.

    Cabaret Featuring Rags Allen TrioSunday, September 14thAnacapaDoors open at 5:30Limited menu from 5:30 to 8:00Music 6:00 8:30$10 per person (music only)Tickets on sale now in Fitness Center Route 66 will entertain you with a wide range of music: 50s to Current, Standards, Motown, Rhythm & Blues, Country, Latin, and Big Band sounds. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes!Pianist Rags Allen was recently inducted into the Arizona Nightclub Performers Hall of Fame. Rags has played alongside such greats as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, The Platters, The Coasters, The Chiffons, Gene Chandler, Mickey Gilley, and Charlie Pride.

    New Resident Welcome CoffeeThursday, September 18 / 9:00 A.M. 10:30 A.M.Bella Stanza Room2014 new residents will receive invitation by emailResidents who have moved into Corte Bella during 2014 are invited to this welcome coffee. Learn more about your community and share your experiences and information with other new residents. For more information contact Carol Drogowski at sand.piper65@yahoo.com.

    Hospice of the Valley LectureWednesday, September 23 / 9:30 A.M. 11:30 A.M.Santa Barbara RoomFree event - Tickets available now at Fitness CenterTom Fenner from Hospice of the Valley will speak on Dispelling the Myths of Hospice and Palliative Care. This lecture is being coordinated through the Corte Bella Veterans group.

    Cooking DemonstrationsBella Stanza Room at 11:30Class 1: Friday, October 3rd Mother Sauces and Their CousinsTickets on sale now in Fitness CenterClass 2: Friday, November 7thStuffed ItalianTickets on sale Sunday, October 5th at 10 A.M. in Fitness CenterClass 3: Friday, December 5thIts a Party . . . Hors doeuvresTickets on sale Sunday, November 11th at 10 A.M. in Fitness Center

    12 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • Anacapa Anniversary and Grand Reopening PartyMonday, October 6th Doors open at 5:30 P.M. (cash bar)Food Stations served at 6:15 P.M. $15 per person Tickets on sale now in Fitness CenterEnjoy an evening of great food, conversation, and dancing at the Anacapa Anniversary Event. Welcome our snowbirds back for another exciting season and make new friends with the many new faces of Corte Bella. Please wear one of your name badges. As the sun begins to set, join your partner on the patio to the music of DJ Ray Mar featuring rock n roll to line dancing to swing.

    Farmers MarketWednesday, October 8 / 10:00 A.M. 1:00 P.M.Anacapa Patio & BreezewayShoppers rejoice! The monthly Farmers Market returns this October. Grab a basket, a friend, and spend the day picking out the freshest breads, meats, and produce the valley has to offer.

    CabaretSunday, October 12th AnacapaDoors open at 5:30Limited menu from 5:30 to 8:00Music 6:00 8:30$10 per person (music only)Tickets on sale Sunday, September 14th at 10 A.M. in Fitness CenterWatch for more information in emails and flyers.

    Sun Health LectureSaturday, October 18 / 9:00 A.M. 11:00 A.M.Santa Barbara RoomFree eventTickets available Sunday, September 28th at 10 A.M. in Fitness CenterWatch for flyers and emails for this upcoming event.

    Nashville GoldSaturday, October 18 / 7:00 P.M. / Santa Barbara Room(Doors open at 6:45)$22 per personTickets on sale Sunday, September 7th at 10 A.M. in Fitness CenterGet ready to stomp your feet, clap your hands, and sing along to your favorite classic country hits of all time!Nashville Gold is a fast-packed multi-media stage production that tells the history of country music through the 20th century by using song, story, and images. Watch for more information on the CB website and in email blasts.

    AARP Safe Driving CourseWednesday, November 5 / 9:00 A.M. 1:00 P.M.Bella Stanza Room$15 for AARP members$20 for nonmembersClass size limited to 50Registration begins on Sunday, October 5th at 10 A.M. in Fitness CenterRobin Mandell, a Corte Bella resident and volunteer instructor, will present this AARP safe driving course. Watch for flyers and emails for more detailed information about this course. Residents will pay for this class on the day of the presentation and checks must be made out to AARP

    Veterans Day Dinner & DanceMonday, November 10 / 5:30 P.M. 10:00 P.M.Santa Barbara Room and Anacapa5:30 Honor Guard6:00 Dinner7:00 Music by Michael Carollo$30 per personTickets on sale Sunday, October 12th at 10 A.M. in Fitness CenterAll Corte Bella residents are invited to join the Corte Bella Veterans to honor the men and women who have served our country in the United States Armed Forces. An honor guard from Luke Air Force Base will present the colors. Afterwards each branch of the service will be recognized along with POW/MIA.

    Continued page 14

    September 2014 | CB Times | 13

  • Upcoming EventsSept. 8 Wild Horse Pass Casino Trip

    Sept. 14 Cabaret Night

    Sept. 18 New Resident Welcome Coffee

    Sept. 23 Hospice of the Valley Lecture

    Oct. 3 Cooking Demo

    Oct. 6 Wild Horse Pass Casino Trip

    Oct. 6 Anacapa Anniversary Party

    Oct. 8 Farmers Market

    Oct. 12 Cabaret Night

    Oct. 18 Sun Health Lecture

    Oct. 18 Nashville Gold

    Oct. 22 Fraud Alert Lecture

    Nov. 3 Wild Horse Pass Casino Trip

    Nov. 5 AARP Safe Driving Course

    Nov. 7 Cooking Demo

    Nov. 10 Veterans Day Dinner & Dance

    Nov. 12 Farmers Market

    Nov. 12 Landscaping and Gardening Seminar

    Nov. 20 New Resident Welcome Coffee

    Nov. 22 Wine Appreciation Class

    Nov. 23 Cabaret Night

    Dec. 1 Wild Horse Pass Casino Trip

    Dec. 3 Anacapa Tree Lighting

    Dec. 5 Cooking Demo

    Dec. 10 Farmers Market

    Dec. 13 Sun Health Lecture

    Dec. 31 New Years Eve Dinner & Dance

    Jan. 5 Wild Horse Pass Casino Trip

    Jan. 11 Cabaret Night

    Jan. 14 Farmers Market

    Jan. 15 New Resident Welcome Coffee

    Jan. 17 Oh, What a Night! (Jersey Boys)

    SOuLSmiling OUT Loud

    Requests the Pleasure of Your Company At

    CASINO NIGHTNovember 15, 2014 in the Social Hall

    All proceeds go to benefit

    EVES PLACECome Join Your Friends And Neighbors For Laughter, Fun, A Little Gaming, Some Libations, Surprises And All For A Good Cause.

    Save the Date

    Landscaping and Garden SeminarPresented by Kevens Landscaping CompanyWednesday, November 12 / 1:00 P.M. 4:00 P.M.Santa Barbara RoomFree eventTickets available Sunday, October 19th at 10 A.M. in Fitness CenterWith 26 years of experience in the landscaping business, Keven Pauling will cover such topics as fertilizers, pruning, drip systems, bugs, and weeds. Hell talk about his K method Keep it Simple and share his secrets on keeping plants clean and happy, happy, happy. This seminar promises to be both informative and entertaining.

    Wine Appreciation ClassSaturday, November 22 / 1:00 P.M. 4:00 P.M.Bella Stanza RoomLimited space availableTickets on sale Sunday, October 19th at 10 A.M. in Fitness CenterNo need to travel to Napa to learn about wine! Join Deborah Lazear, Corte Bella resident and wine sommelier, for a fun and informative journey into the world of wine.



    Sheriffs Business Non Emergency

    (24 Hours) 602-876-1011

    (Examples: Suspicious vehicles, loud noise, and general info)

    Security Service ( Securitas ):

    Guard at Gate (5:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.) 623-544-3906

    Roving Patrol (8:00 p.m. until 12:00 p.m.) 623-256-3359

    HOA Common Area Emergencies:

    (examples: water leaks, bee swarms)

    During Regular HOA business hours (9:00AM - 4:00PM)

    HOA Office: 623-328-5068 ext. 226

    After 4:00PM (Mon - Fri) or Weekends/Holidays

    HOA Answering Service: 602-336-2700

    Fire Department Non Emergency

    Normal business hours 623-584-3500

    Animal Related Issues

    Maricopa County Animal Care & Control 602-506-7387

    Coyotes and Other Desert Animals

    ArizonaGameandFishDepartment 602-942-3000

    14 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • We willz Find your leaksz Set your water schedulez Stop your water waste

    623-214-2800R O C 2 52 2 37 R O C 2 52 2 36



    September 2014 | CB Times | 15

  • 16 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    In the LoopOn January 28, 1986 the Space Shuttle Challenger

    blew up just 73 seconds after its launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Millions of people

    witnessed the launch live because of the presence of crew member Christa McAuliffe, the first member of the Teacher in Space Project, who would have been the first teacher in space. The tragedy made

    headlines for months and the disaster has been used as a case study in many discussions of

    engineering safety and workplace ethics. To commemorate the event and to encourage long term interest in math, science and technology, the Challenger Space Center was established.

    There are now 53 such centers, 51 are in the United States, and one each in England and Canada. The Challenger Space Center located at 21170 N. 83rd Ave. in Peoria, Arizona celebrated its Grand Opening on July 23, 2000. Since that time more

    than 450,000 multi-generational visitors, consisting of entire families, from first-graders to senior citizens, have experienced space missions, open houses, space camps, lectures, classes, stargazing nights, and more. There are simulated shuttle launches for children that take place in a mock-up version of Mission Control.

    The Center has an agreement with the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC and will periodically showcase an interesting exhibit from their archives. You may actually touch and hold a piece of a meteor. The museum is designed to re-create the experience of shuttle missions including the earlier missions of Skylab, Apollo, Mercury and Gemini. Revisiting past journeys into space encourages you to think about the future which will involve missions to Mars. There are dioramas, mockups, articles of space gear, photos and even a set of tires from a shuttle on display.

    This is a wonderful place to take out of town visitors, especially children, and it is so close to home! If you would like to partake in a Shuttle Launch simulation, please call the center and ask for dates and times: 623-322-2033. You can visit their web site at www.azchallenger.org for more information.

    Bob Rosenberg

  • September 2014 | CB Times | 17

    Corte Bella Displays Old Glory The Corte Bella Vets group was formed in April 2014 to Foster patriotism and good will toward the military community within Corte Bella and to support deserving military-oriented charities. One of the first actions taken by the group was to recommend to the Board that the HOA display our Nations flag on the streetlights in the circle, the parking lot and at both entrances on select holidays.

    They proposed that the HOA purchase the flags and allow them to be mounted to our streetlights. The Corte Bella Vets would proudly volunteer to raise and lower the flags during select holidays. The Directors unanimously approved this proposal at the May Open Meeting.

    The Corte Bella Vets will raise the flags several days before and remove them 2-3 days after these holidays.

    Presidents Day - 3rd Mon in February. Armed Forces Day - 3rd Sat in May. Memorial Day - Last Mon in May (half-staff until noon). Flag Day - June 14. Independence Day - July 4. Labor Day - 1st Mon in September. Patriot Day - September 11, (half-staff all day). Veterans Day - November 11. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - Dec 7 (half-staff all day).

    The US Flag code states that if the US Flag is displayed at night, it must be properly illuminated. This means the stars and stripes can be readily seen from a reasonable distance. Flags on

    freestanding poles generally require a dedicated light while flags displayed on a residence may only require ambient lighting such as a porch or streetlight. Our streetlights, meet the requirement for proper flag illumination.

    Please report any burned out streetlights to the HOA office so APS can be notified to replace the bulb. The Corte Bella Vets will remove the flag from any location where the streetlight is burned out.

    The US Flag Code also states The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning. Although the flag should never be allowed to touch anything beneath it (including the ground), it is not automatically rendered unfit for display should this situation occur. The proper course of action in such a case is simply to adjust the flag, or the item(s) below it, so that they are no longer touching. Even if the flag has become soiled from contact with the ground (or something else) to the extent that it is no longer suitable for display, it need not be disposed of: it is perfectly permissible to wash or dry clean a dirty flag in order to render it fit for display again. The flag need be destroyed only when it has become irreparably unsuitable for display due to circumstances such as fading, tattering, tearing, staining, partial burning, mutilation, or defacement.

    If you have a US Flag that is no longer a fitting emblem for display and want assistance in properly disposing of it, feel free to contact any member of the Corte Bella Vets and they will be happy to take the flag and properly retire it from service.

    If you see any torn/frayed flags or any other problem with the flags or flagpoles, please immediately notify the HOA office. Long may she wave!

    Larry Leighton, Chairman, Corte Bella Vets

    November is the time to think about our four-legged friends who dont yet have that forever home and are temporarily residing in one of many shelters throughout the Phoenix area. Please think about donating so that they dont go hungry this holiday season. This year we are only requesting that you donate unopened wet (canned) or dry Dog/Puppy or Cat/Kitten food. This years collection will benefit Where Wolves Rescue, Surprise, AZ, a PETSMART Charity.

    Save the Date

  • 18 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    Corte Bella Vets For Needy AZ Vets

    In a CB Times article a few months ago, HOA Board Member Larry Leighton, an Army Veteran, issued a call to all Corte Bella Veterans, whether full-time or part-time residents, to come together to create a volunteer group to assist Arizona charities. At one of our first meetings the Corte Bella Vets mission was adopted to Foster patriotism and good will toward the military community within Corte Bella and support deserving military oriented charities.

    It was agreed upon by the members in attendance at our June meeting to arrive at some parameters to help identify which charities to whom the Corte Bella Vets could decide to donate with the criteria being: 1. Must be military oriented 2. Must not have more than 10% overhead 3. Must be supporting military in Arizona 4. Must be an organization rather than an individual or

    individuals 5. Must be able to provide tax receipts and/or tax credits

    We then asked the members to suggest the charities to be considered and hopefully meet the criteria mentioned above. A number of suggestions were offered. After conversations with the charities and with the assistance of Art Sloane, who writes a column for the Northwest Valley Republic section of the Arizona Republic and who has a wealth of knowledge about AZ charities, we were able to arrive at eight charities to consider for donations. Therefore in our August meeting the members voted for two charities, Veterans for Veterans in Arizona and Disabled American Veterans, Department of Arizona to whom we can lend our support.

    It should be noted the eight charities who fit our criteria will accept donations of various types; cash, furniture, and/or clothing. Should Corte Bella residents wish to make a donation of any type, please consider a Veterans associated charity. Should you need additional information regarding a charity, please feel free to contact Tom Asmussen, Corte Bella Vets by email to tasmussen1@cox.net.

    Tom Asmussen

  • September 2014 | CB Times | 19

    Corte Bellas Independence Day CelebrationOne time the whole family (ten of us) went over to Windsor to look at the Detroit skyline and to see the fireworks. It was just wonderful to see our beautiful land from a foreign country. Marilyn Martin

    We lived in Sitka, Alaska, and we sat way back on the hill and watched the fireworks over the water in Sitka. Best fireworks ever! Sally Albrecht

    . . . taking the kids back every year when they were younger to Columbus, OH. We would go downtown Columbus and see the big Red, White, and Boom fireworks display. Diane Kingsley

    I think this is one of the most memorable 4th of Julys because of the tribute to the flags around the circle and in our homes. And now they have this party and the Vets program. Al Schroeder

    . . . going to ND to a little town and seeing fireworks. We went on a little gravel road and the town was a block and a half long. Jack Carollo

    I think when I was about 8 years old, near my grandmothers cabin up in NH, they had a parade and everyone got dressed up for the 4th of July. I remember wearing a bedspread and grass hat and going through the parade with my sister. Christine Huffman

    When I was four years old I was allowed to shoot fireworks for the very first time. I put a firework in the side of a tree and shot it off. This halo of smoke starts rising and I said, Oh,Daddy, look! Its the soul of the worm in the tree. I thought it was a worm soul going to heaven. Steve Hurst

    Hilda Furkert

    Rick and Jen Meehl

    Steve and Diane Hurst

    Richard and Nina Olson

    Diane Kingsley Marilyn Martin

    Greg and Sally Albrecht

    Christine and Dale Huffman

    Arnie and Sandy Raver

    Jack and Linda Carollo

    Bill Blake and Al Schroeder

    Favorite 4th of July Memories

  • 20 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    Corte Bella, Enjoy the Opera, Ballet, Symphony and Theater Downtown Phoenix offers a great taste of the arts, with national and international performers. But, not everyone enjoys every form of the arts My wife and I dont attend symphonies because, to us, its like taking sleeping pills. But weve come to love the Arizona Opera and Ballet Arizona.

    The Phoenix Symphony provides the music for both, and the lead performers for the opera have performed all over the world, including the Met. The opera and ballet have about a half-dozen performances each season, and we attend almost all of them when we are in town. In addition to the performances, most people attending have on their finest garb and are on display before the event and during intermissions. I usually break out a coat and tie for the outing, and Emilie wears her finest opera scarf and dress. It makes us feel like we are on a special date!

    The symphony performs almost every month, sometimes more than once. They feature jazz and rock as well as the classics.

    This years performances include the music of Louis Armstrong (Sept 26 thru 28) and Led Zeppelin (April 2015). The Arizona Theatre Company will present six plays this year, each running for several weeks. This season will feature Wait Until Dark and Romeo and Juliet.

    And downtown Phoenix is lively and safe in the evening. The parking fee is about $10 at several nearby ramps and parking lots. We usually park on the street a few blocks from the venue and enjoy the leisurely walk.

    Several restaurants and bars in the area offer refreshments before and after the events. Check around as several venues offer discounts on your purchase when you show your ticket stub. If you come early you can hear the ever-present street singer outside Symphony Hall with her dog. I hope you can give it a try this season. Go to phoenixsymphony.org, arizonatheatre.org, balletaz.org, and azopera.org for more information.

    John Eakins

  • September 2014 | CB Times | 21


    New Welcoming Committee Formed

    All residents are invited to share their special occasions and announcements, i.e., birthdays, anniversaries, new grandbabies, etc. with our caring community. The deadline for submitting material is the 8th of each month, with the exception of the summer, when the magazine is not published monthly. You may contact me at reisgrau@cox.net with your smilestones!

    July SmilestonesLois and Arnold Solars are pleased to announce that they celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary on July 20, 2014. We wish you many more years of happiness!

    Susan and Richard Eisgrau are tickled pink to celebrate the arrival of their granddaughter Rose Florence Levy, born on June 24, 2014. Proud parents are Jennifer and Evan Levy of E. Rutherford, NJ.

    Lorena and Robert McFarland celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on June 7. Bob is senior pastor of Evangel Church (Assemblies of God) in Sun City where Lorena is the Music Minister. Congratulations, Lorena and Bob, with many happy returns!

    Jan & Rich Lowe celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on August 17th. They want to share that they are amazed at the number as they are not even that old! To put the date into context, it was the weekend of Woodstock & a month after man first walked on the moon. Congratulations, Jan and Rich, with our wishes for many more happy years together.

    Remember those first few weeks after you moved into Corte Bella? The moving van slowly pulled away, you faced a house full of boxes, and you didnt know where the nearest grocery store was located, much less the hardware store or library. Recently seventeen residents met to form a new welcoming committee to not only welcome new residents, but also provide information about our beautiful community and its ongoing activities.

    The first Welcome Coffee will be held on Thursday, September 18th from 9:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. in the Bella Stanza Room. Residents who have moved into Corte Bella during 2014 will be invited to learn more about our community, and share their experiences and information with other new residents. Watch for more information about this event in flyers and e-blasts.

    Carol Drowgowski and Pam Ablin are co-chairs for this new committee. If you would like to volunteer to help welcome new residents, please contact Carol at 480 336-3828.

    Susan Eisgrau

    Our next monthly Wild Horse Pass Casino trip will be on:

    Monday, 8 Sept. 2014 (Senior Monday)

    Monday, 6 Oct. 2014 (Senior Monday)This Wild Horse Pass Casino Bus Trip is coordinated by

    Bill Blake.Senior Monday Special Perks include: $10 Free Play $5 credit to your food bill If you play 20 points or more, an extra $10 food credit Hourly cash drawings from 11:00 am through 3 pm Entertainment in the Encore Lounge

    (usually Oldies/Variety) Free Bus ride to and from Casino

    (driver gratuity not included)

    Bus will pick up residents in the parking lot by the Anacapa restaurant: from 8:00 am until departure at 8:20 am Direct to and from Casino without stops We will return to Corte Bella at 4:30 pmFor more details about this exciting trip and registration:Please Contact Bill Blake at: Phone: 623-537-7969 or Email: willieb38@cox.net

    Free Monthly Trips to

  • 22 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    We are very blessed to be living and working here at Corte Bella. We believe the golf club has become a very fun place to

    be, not only for the golf experience, but also the friendly atmosphere of our cafe and pro-shop.

    Wed really like to see more Corte Bella residents take advantage of one of our communitys premier amenities. Please feel free to just stop in for a complimentary cup of coffee in the morning ; hit a few balls on the driving and practice range, or just visit with me and the rest of the staff.

    I have always assumed that buying a home on a golf course indicated you might have a passion for the game or maybe you enjoy being surrounded by the tranquil greens and beautiful foliage that transports us from our desert surrounds and gives us a more tropical feel. There is also the possibility of a future interest in golf for something to do in retirement years.

    Maybe some of you have considered taking up golf but may be a little shy due to not having any real world experience and some may not have ever swung a golf club. Well, the staff here at the golf club would like to inspire you to make an early New Years resolution and give it a try.

    We have an amazing course that will comfortably challenge any beginning level golfer right thru the professional player. You should also know that Corte Bella has a larger womens member base then any of the surrounding courses because our course is truly golfer friendly with five tees to play from.

    We would also like to promote the health and social benefits of golfing to the residents because we believe you can learn to play at any age and the benefits will extend our lives. There is no sport that exudes the same stimulation and social interactions that golf does, and you can play it well into your retirement years.

    To aid in our attempt at inspiring you, we have the good fortune of having three teaching pros here on staff who are always available for an introductory lesson, tour of the facility or golfer assessment to help you decide if learning golf is something that you would enjoy.

    Meet: Mr. Adam Erspamer (Head Pro) Hourly Lessons, Group Lessons, Golf Clinics.Adam was born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1983 and started playing golf in 1990. He was a member at Pueblo Country Club where his passion for the game of

    golf originated. After graduating school he moved to Fort Collins Colorado where he worked as a project supervisor for the Fort Collins Country Club. To further his education and passion for golf he moved to Arizona in 2008 to study at the Golf Academy of America. Adam graduated with a management degree from GAA. While attending the academy Adam furthered his commitment to his passion and his love of the desert by working at Legend Trail Golf Club in North Scottsdale, and thats where he first learned about Corte Bella.

    Ive been at Corte Bella now for almost 4 years and have fallen in love with members that reside in this community. I enjoy many different aspects of the game of golf but my favorite is to introduce the game to beginners. I recently joined the PGA and am currently a B1 professional, I am working toward my class A professional status. Joining the PGA allows me to further my passion and skill as a golf professional. If youre new to the game or just need a touch up lesson never hesitate to stop bye, I would be pleased to meet you.

    Meet: Mr. Tyson Seigler (First assistant pro) Hourly Lessons, Golf ClinicsI was born and raised in Millbrook, New York about 100 miles north of the NYC. I fell in love with golf while attending the Coastal Carolina University.

    I moved to Arizona in 2008 to further pursue my desire for a career in the golf industry. I attended the Golf Academy of America to enhance my knowledge of golf and get a better perspective of the business metrics of the golf industry. I met some incredible people including our head pro Adam Erspamer, who was the eventual inspiration for me to come work at Corte Bella.

    I graduated from GAA in 2009 with an Associate in golf complex management. My first position placed me as the assistant pro at the Ahwahtukee Country Club; I also ended up running the Lakes executive course. I later took a position with Desert Highlands in North Scottsdale to expose myself to running a high end facility from not only the business side but special emphasis on guest services.

    Adam contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to join the team, I happily accepted. I was very recently married to my beautiful wife Kerrin, and we live in Chandler with our three dogs Leya, Julius and Rockne.

    As a golf instructor I like to concentrate on short game because I feel it is the portion of the game where the most strokes can be saved.

    Continued page 23

    Jeff Stuart, Assistant General Manager Corte Bella Golf Club

    From The Corte Bella Golf Club

  • September 2014 | CB Times | 23


    Meet: Mr. Tyler Leland (Second assistant pro) Hourly Lessons, Golf ClinicsTyler grew up playing golf having starting when he was only 7 years old, golfing in conditions not necessarily conducive to

    what we might consider the ideal climactic playing conditions. Tyler grew up in the far Northeast parts of Minnesota where moose bear and wolves are just another part of the hazards you encounter on the golf course.

    After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Tyler moved to the Phoenix area accompanied by only his golf clubs and guitar to start his new life.

    Since living here in the Phoenix area Tyler has worked at notable golf clubs such as Vistal National and our own Legend Trail in North Scottsdale where in 2010 he qualified for a gateway tour event which taught him the patience and control under pressure that he now imparts in his golf lessons. Tyler also met and

    befriended both Adam and Tyson during this time. On a side note he and Tyson also formed a musical duo known as T&T. So far no Grammys, but plenty of recognition for their dedication and skill in the golf arena.

    Tyler later took a sabbatical and returned home for a short while to get the experience from being a caddie at the White Bear Yacht Club. He recounts many a chuckle while watching the true elite try to hone their skills without the patience to be as successful as their pedigree would suggest they should be. He would keep their spirits and perspectives up by reminding them that its only a game and everyone has the same chance at being great. Its the level of dedication you allow that is the ultimate equalizer. Adam, needing to fill one more spot on his team reached out to Tyler to return to the Corte Bella team and graciously he accepted.

    Very few sports have as wide an appeal with universal forgiveness for playing badly. Nor is there another sport that evokes so many fun quotes that help us poke fun at ourselves, this game has been referred to as the greatest game that has no prejudice.

    Call the golf club to schedule a visit, or for more information contact Jeff Stuart at 623-474-3616 Special resident rates are still in effect. Beginners encouraged. Take advantage of your community.

    Photo: Mike Biggs

    From the Corte Bella Golf Club (continued)

  • 24 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    Tennis is a lifetime sport. Just ask Rick and Peggy Ryer.

    About 40 years ago, Rick had to give up snow skiing after a knee injury and he decided to take up tennis. He became an avid and accomplished player, always striving to be more competitive. In 2010, Rick won the Senior Sectionals for New England, which took him to Nationals with the New England Senior Team. For several years, Rick has played in the Shine in the Sun tournament at Sun City Grand and won the event in 2011.

    Peggy began her tennis career in the 1970s, became a tennis coach in the 1980s and qualified for the New England Sectionals for several years in the early 2000s. Due to injury in 2010, she curtailed her tennis activity, but with her physical fitness routine, she is now able to get back on the courts and enjoy the sport.

    Of course, Rick and Peggy have had to adjust their game due to age. They have had to learn to play smarter by using spin to adapt shots to their own advantage. They play more strategically to avoid having to run down balls. They wholeheartedly believe conditioning and strength training helps prevent injury.

    The Ryers spend their summers in New Hampshire and have been a part of the Corte Bella community for the past nine years.

    While in Corte Bella, they utilize the tennis courts, playing several hours per week. Peggy gets tennis instruction from local pro, Aide Smedes, twice a week, and trains at the gym with Corte Bellas Jan Bailey as her personal trainer. She balances her tennis and training with art classes and golf. Shes a very active lady!

    A few years ago, Peggys physician, when asked about exercise, stated Rest not, rust not. This has been Rick and Peggys motto and they truly believe staying active helps them to keep in shape and maintain their health as they age.

    There is no question about it. Tennis keeps me fit, said Rick. They also feel that tennis is good for mental health and that it is a great social pastime. Rick and Peggy both believe everyone should have some form of exercise program whether its tennis or some other form of activity.

    So, when you are out on the courts or happen to cross paths with Rick or Peggy Ryer, you will not only notice their skill from many years of playing tennis, but will notice the smiles on their faces as they truly enjoy the game.

    Rest Not, Rust Not! Tennis As We AgeVicki Faaborg, Member at Large, Corte Bella Tennis Club

  • Say HELLO to The Village Dental Team!

    Dr. Matt Harmon invites you to become a part of The Village Dental Center family of patients. We utilize the latest advances in dental technology and are dedicated to excellence in patient care. Our entire team is committed to your optimal oral health, in a loving, caring, and relaxed environment.

    Same day Crowns & Onlays (CEREC) Bridges Nightguards Implant Restorations Implant Dentures Most Extractions

    Lazer 2nd Opinions

    Now welcoming new patients and offering convenient payment options: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and Care Credit. A Delta Dental provider.

    The Village Dental Center623.583.0151 | thevillagedentalcenter.com

    13802 W. Camino del Sol, Suite 101, Sun City West, AZ 85375

    A Sun City West Tradition in Excellence Since 1984

    Dr. Harmon is a preclinical instructor at Midwestern University Dental School.


    Invite you to shop our stores! Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm!Located next door to 5 & Diner Delux114th Ave. & Bell Rd. in the BellMar Plaza

    Avon CCs Wigs Magnetic Jewelry Gift Of Cheese Gifts To Go R&R Gifts

    Painting 4 Fun TTM Travel Picos Southwest Pantry Post Office

    11340 W Bell Rd., Ste. 128, Surprise, AZ

    September 2014 | CB Times | 25

  • 26 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    What do dogs and Corte Bella Tennis Club (CBTC) members have in common? Chasing tennis balls, what else!

    Chasing after tennis balls on the court brings joy and fun to CBTC members. Plus its a great form of exercise. The same brings joy and tail wagging to our four legged canine friends.

    CBTC once again is Paying it Forward to the Phoenix community of which we are so proud to be a part of. CBTC has a belief that Paying it Forward is truly representative of the Corte Bella community as a whole. Joel Piaskowski, CBTC President, volunteers at a no-kill animal rescue shelter in Phoenix called HALO, Helping Animals Live On. When faced with the situation of what to do with all the used tennis balls after play, Joel found a creative solution at HALO.

    The tennis club members answered the call to donate their used tennis balls to the shelter. I save them up until I have a couple hundred, and then take them to HALO. The balls are part of the new dog adoption kit that also includes a small bag of Purina dog food, one free visit to the Countryside Animal Hospital, a slip lead collar, and dog tags, said Joel.

    HALO Animal Rescue is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) no-kill animal rescue shelter dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption for unwanted dogs and cats. Since 1994, HALO has provided refuge to animals that might otherwise be euthanized for reasons such as a treatable injury, illness, or because they are too scared or too young for adoption at their time of arrival. These

    animals are thoroughly and thoughtfully cared for while they are prepared for adoption into loving homes.

    HALOs commitment to animal welfare extends beyond the doors of their shelter. HALO works to create a better welfare system for all the animals in our community. Last year, approximately 84,000 dogs and cats entered the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and Arizonas Humane Society shelters. Only fifty-percent of them left the shelters alive, the others were destroyed. HALO found new homes for more than 7,000 animals in 2013.

    We are always glad to receive any type of donation to help HALO in our mission. It is very thoughtful of the CBTC members to help us out, said Isabel Cota, Volunteer Coordinator for HALO Animal Rescue. HALOs website is www.halorescue.org

    So if you have thought of adding a new member to your family (woof-woof or meow-meow) I urge you to visit HALO. Their staff is terrific and can guide you through the adoption process, said Joel.

    Please contact Joel at jpiski@cox.net or 402-850-6639 if you would like to donate items such as newspaper, potty pads, blankets/towels, carriers of any size, dog and cat toys and treats.

    In addition, HALO can always use more volunteers to help with daily tasks at the shelter. Monetary donations are always appreciated.

    Left to right: Erin Denmark, Outreach Manager HALO; Leigh Carter, Director of Development HALO; Isabel Cota, Volunteer Coordinator HALO; Joel Piaskowski, President CBTC

    Tennis Is Going To The DogsJoel Piaskowski , President, Corte Bella Tennis Club

  • Please present this coupon to your server when ordering, buy one meal and receive the 2nd of equal or lesser value for 50% off with the purchase of two beverages. Coupon is redeemable for dinner only. Limit two adult entrees per coupon. Expires September 30, 2014

    Anacapa Restaurant SpecialAnacapa Restaurant Special

    September 2014 | CB Times | 27

  • 28 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    Summer Greetings from AnacapaA Message from Executive Chef Dan Haywood

    Executive Chef Dan Haywood, Anacapa Restaurant

    At the time of the magazine going out we will be all finished with our Anacapa renovation. There will be a lot of new items to look and see. Our Official Grand Re-Opening of the Anacapa Restaurant will coincide with our Traditional Anacapa Anniversary Party on October 6th so that many of our residents who leave for the summer can be back and celebrate with all of us who love the summers here. (Well, that might be a stretch) We will also

    be renovating our Anacapa menu selections, and we will showcase some of this at the re-

    opening party. We will always try to keep a few resident favorites on the menu and try out new items and keep things fresh. Come take a look at our new selections on October 6th and through the fall.

    One big change you will see NEW at the Anacapa is Carry-Out Pizza for Corte Bella Residents. We will be taking phone orders as well as dine in orders in the bar from 3-8pm Tuesday through Saturday and possibly Sundays when Football season rolls around. Please be looking for the flyers, e-mail blasts and postings. We will be offer traditional add-ons like Buffalo Wings and Salads as well as our regular menu items for carryout. We are going to keep things simple at first making Artisan 12 Flatbread pizzas, and see how things go.

    We will be showing NFL games on Thursday Nights and NFL Football Day Games on Sunday in the bar area as available.

    There are lots of new things to see at Anacapa in the coming months. Thanks to all our residents for your support and patronage through the summer months.

    Leave Your Kitchen BehindLeave Your Kitchen BehindAnacapa, Its Yo

    ur Neighborhood Restaurant

    Newly Remodeled and Better T

    han Ever

    Join Your Friends and Neighbor

    s For A Bite to

    Eat, Some Libations And Conv




    Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Breakfa

    st Buffet

    Happy Hour Tuesday and Thu


    Closed Mondays

    Please present this coupon to your server when ordering, buy one meal and receive the 2nd of equal or lesser value for 50% off with the purchase of two beverages. Coupon is redeemable for dinner only. Limit two adult entrees per coupon. Expires September 30, 2014

  • Carry Out and Dine In Pizza at Corte Bella

    Wednesday Saturday 3-8pm12 Inch Medium Size Flatbread Pizzas

    Carry Out and Dine In Pizza at Corte Bella

    Featuring 3 Styles

    Three Cheese$9.99 Mozzarella, Asiago, Parmesan and Red Sauce

    The Veggie$10.99 w/ Sweet Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives and Spinach

    With Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella

    3 Meat$10.99 Red Sauce, Pepperoni, Sausage, and Bacon with Mozzarella

    and Parmesan

    Extra Toppings$75 ea Sweet Peppers, Mushrooms, Extra Cheese, Black Olives,

    Spinach, Banana Peppers, Extra Sauce


    Garden or Caesar Salad $3.99 Small $6.99 Large

    Crispy Fried Wings$10.99 BBQ, Buffalo, or Garlic Butter

    September 2014 | CB Times | 29

  • 30 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella



    Bocce Ball Couples 1st & 3rd Fri. 4:30-5:30 P.M. Courts Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Couples 1st Sat. 4 P.M. Courts Jack/Lauretta Broderick 623-792-5689

    Couples 2nd Sat. 4:30-6:30 P.M. Courts Bob/Bev Clevenger 623-594-5028

    El Camino 1st & 3rd Wed. 6-8 P.M. Courts Dan Louden 623-328-9341

    El Sueno 2nd & 4th Tue. 6-8 P.M. Courts Ray Valle 623-399-6034

    Ladies Open 2nd & 4th Tue. 10 A.M.-12 P.M. Courts Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Las Palmas 1st & 3rd Tue. 5-7 P.M. Courts David Keppy/Ken Stone 623-455-8310/623-546-2085

    Mens Open Every Wed. 4-6:30 P.M. Courts Robert Broda 623-444-2172

    San Ramon 2nd Sun. 6-8 P.M. Courts Vicki Wiley 480-998-7474

    Golf Lady Putters Every Mon. Mornings Golf Club Joan Seefeldt 623-249-3143

    Ready Golf Girls (RGG) Thursday TBA Meet at Various Courses Sue McVey 623-214-0901

    Tennis Ladies Invitational 3.5/4.0 Every Tue. 8-10 A.M. Courts Ann Paulson 623-433-9973

    Ladies Invitational 3.5/4.0 Every Sat. 9-11 A.M. Courts Robin Culley 623-444-5448

    Ladies Open 3.0/3.5 Mon., Wed., Fri. 7:30-10 A.M. Courts Vicki Faaborg 602-918-0501

    Mens 3.5 Thu. & Sat. 8:30-10:30 A.M. Courts Jolene Piaskowski 623-594-1307

    Mens 4.0 Every Thu. 10:30 A.M. Courts Don Schneider 623-399-9640

    Open Every Wed. 7:00 P.M. Courts Jack Shifman 623-518-4909

    Open Play Mon., Wed., Fri. 7:00 - 10:00 A.M. Courts Ken Egide 623-266-3820

    Pickle-Ball Open Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat., Sun. 8 A.M. Courts Bev Moon 623-518-9303

    RV Group Homes Ron Winegarner 623-444-4205

    Social Rooms

    Mens Christian Group Tue. 8 - 9:45 A.M. Social Hall Jim Dowen 623-556-8137

    Bingo 4th Tue. 6-9 p.m. Golf Club Al Schroeder 623-374-3634

    Bid Whist 2nd Fri. 7-10 P.M. Social Hall Kaye France 623-934-5051

    CB Steppers Line Dance 1st & 3rd Thurs. 6-7:30 pm Social Hall Cindy Buda | Linda Kroupa 708-337-0008 | 414-839-0078

    Corte Bella Vets 2nd Tues. 9-10:30 am Anacapa Larry Leighton 623-776-5443

    Computer Club (from Oct. June) 1st Thu. 6:30 P.M. Social Hall Stan Sacha coordinator@cortebellaclub.org

    Corte Bella Chorus Mon. 7 P.M. Social Hall Hilda Furkert 623-266-2733

    Duplicate Bridge Every Tue. 12:30-4:30 P.M. Social Hall The Jacobs 623-217-2803

    Friends of Italy Varies Varies Social Hall Jack Carollo 623-337-5456

    Genealogy Club Varies Varies Social Hall Pat Burke 623-758-3751

    Hand & Foot Canasta 2nd & 4th Mon. 6-8:45 P.M. Social Hall Pearl Thompson 623-328-5215

    Happy Hour Jokers & Sevens 4th Thurs. 4:30-8 pm Social Hall Peggy Pellegrini pegpell@live.com

    Mah Jongg Mon./Thu. 9 am 3 pm Social Hall Jo Ann Moberly 623-328-9583

    Open Bridge Every Thu. 1-4 P.M. Social Hall Stephanie/Jerry Tinsley 623-546-3141

    Poker Club 1st Wed. each month 5-9 P.M. Social Hall Jim Lewin 623-455-9532

    Smiling Out Loud (SOuL) 3rd Thu. 10-12 P.M. Social Hall Kay Steik 623-214-3284

    Wine & Dine International Email for times Anacapa/Social Hall Roberta Rials, Janice Aiken robertalrials@gmail.com, janiceaiken@aol.com

    Ya Ya Hand & Foot Mon. & Fri. 12-4 P.M. Social Hall Barb Morin BMorin2@cox.net

    Usually Meets in Members Homes

    Belles of Corte Bella/Red Hats Call for Times Homes Joyce Stalians 623-322-4139

    Bunco 1st Tue. 7-10 P.M. Homes Harriet Kessler 623-388-3731

    Bunco 2nd Mon. 2-4 P.M. Homes Muriel Valle 623-399-6034

    Bunco 2nd Tue. 6:30 P.M. Homes Mary Remiorz 623-214-2874

    Bunco 2nd Wed. 7 P.M. Homes Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Bunco 2nd Thu. 6:30 P.M. Homes Betty Rae 623-217-2712

    Bunco: Dynamite Gals 1st Tue. 7 P.M. Homes Bev Bair 623-255-5352

    Canadians Call for Times Various The Mandells 623-374-3592

    Cellar Dwellers Wine Tasting Various Various Robin Mandell 623-374-3592

    Christian Neighborhood Group Thursday Group 6:30 P.M. Homes Mike and Liz Verhoeks 603-387-8175

    Christian Neighborhood Group Wednesday Group 9:00 am Homes Tom and Pam Spencer 623-780-3308

    Christian Neighborhood Group Tuesday Group 6:30 P.M. Homes Jerry and Gayle Moore 623-322-8190

    CB Players Theatre Group Call for Times Varies Homes Kay Steik 623-214-3284

    Couples Bridge 4th Fri. 7 P.M. Homes Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Couples Euchre 4th Tue. Homes Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Iowa Group Call for Times Bob & Pam DeWaay 515-991-9166

    Ladies Tea Society Call for Times Homes Janet Silver 623-337-4139

    Shalom Club Call for Times Homes Judi Bourd 623-433-9449

    Singles Call for Times Homes Mary Lane 623-388-6956

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