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CB Times - November 2014


  • Alameda!







    San Ysidro, Golf Course!



    Encanto, Golf Course!


    San Marco!


    Figueroa, Golf Course!


    San Marco!



    Mirada, Golf Course!




    Quinta Villa, Golf Course!



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    6 Numbers to Know

    7 From the Managers Desk

    7 A Reminder from Your ARC

    8 Call for Volunteers: Make a Difference for Corte Bella!

    9 Neighborhood Awareness & Safety Committee Report

    10 Financial Summary

    12 Update from Government Affairs Committee

    14 Corte Bella Events

    16 Emergency Phone Numbers

    17 November 2014 Calendar

    18 Honoring Our Veterans

    21 How to be of Service to a Service Member

    21 Walking Point

    22 In the Loop: Tips for Touring Musical Instrument Museum

    24 Arizona: More than Winter Warmth

    26 San Ramon Stringers - 2014

    27 The Ladies of SOuL Bring Smiles & Warm Clothes

    27 Hello Again Corte Bella

    27 Salvation Army Angel Tree Charitable Event

    28 Corte Bella Golf Club

    28 Corte Bella Pickleball Club

    29 Corte Bella Hiking Interest Group

    30 Love on Center Court

    32 Wonderful Wines at Anacapa

    34 Clubs & Interest Groups

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    COMMUNITY INFORMATIONWhats InsideNovember 2014




    4 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella





    On the Cover:

    Photographer Mike Biggs captured some of the members of our own veterans interest group Corte Bella Vets for our cover photo this month.

    A special article honoring all who have served is included in this issue.

    Thank you all for your commitment and service.

  • November 2014 | CB Times | 5

    Sun Health has been helping West Valley residents stay healthy, active and vibrant for almost 50 years. Offerings include:

    The Center for Health & Wellbeing Personalized support and resources to help you achieve your health goals and reach your optimum health including individual consultation and group education classes. Our team includes a registered dietitian, certified health coach, exercise physiologist, memory care navigator, registered dietitian, acupuncturist and massage therapist.

    offers a Healthier Outlook

    Visit sunhealthwellbeing.org/CBTimes today to sign up for a FREE Friends & Neighbors Membership to theSun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing; and be entered into a drawing for a complimentary one-year Individual

    Gold Membership ($199 Value!) Or, call us at (623) 832-WELL (9355) to sign up and mention Corte Bella.

    Community Education Program free and low-cost classes on a variety ofhealth-related topics, including Tai Chi and yoga.

    Resort-Style Senior Living three Life Care communitiesdesigned for people to enjoy a long, healthier life, and explorenew creative outlets through Masterpiece Living.

    Many programs are made possible through generous communitysupport of Sun Health Foundation. Learn more about Sun Healthand make a tax-deductible gift at SunHealth.org

  • Ph






    Board of DirectorsJim WilliamsPresidentTechnology CommitteeLiaison, SCP Task Forcecortebellajim@cox.net

    Larry LeightonVice PresidentBuildings & Grounds CommitteeLiaison, Golf Club Liaison,Corporate Records Focal,SCP Task Forceldleighton@yahoo.com

    Walt KearnsTreasurerSCP Task ForceFinance Committee Liaisonwalt@wekearns.com

    Regina Shanney-SaborskySecretaryChair & Liaison ArchitecturalReview Committee, GovernmentAffairs Committee Liaisonrsaborsky@cox.net

    Dan LuparelloDirectorAnacapa Restaurant LiaisonARC Liaison AssistantLoopy6160@yahoo.com

    Bill BlakeDirectorNeighborhood Awareness andSafety Committee LiaisonWillieB38@cox.net

    Mike McVeighDirectorAssistant TreasurerSCP Task ForceMmcveigh3@cox.net

    Board of Directors Corte Bella AdministrationCommunity ResourcesGuard House, 623-544-3906Fax: 623-544-3911Email: securitas@cortebellacca.comGate Hours: 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. DailyRoving Patrol: Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. to Noon, and 10:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M.Saturday Sunday, 2:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M., and 10:00 P.M. to MidnightPatrol Cell: 623-256-2907Guards are present from 5:00am- 8:00pm, Homeowners can call the Mobile phone between 8:00pm & 11:30pm Mon -Fri and until midnight Sat & Sun- Guards will return immediately to the gate house for admittance.

    Anacapa Restaurant, 623-455-9045Hours: Lunch: 11 A.M. - 3 P.M. Tuesday SaturdayDinner: 4:30 - 8:00 P.M. Tuesday SaturdaySunday Buffet: 8:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.Closed Mondays

    Fitness Center, 623-217-2018Hours: Monday-Friday, 5 A.M.-9:00 P.M.Sat & Sun, 6 A.M.-9:00 P.M.Childrens Pool Hours10 A.M.-1 P.M. & 5-7 P.M.Day Spa, 623-217-20188 A.M. to 7 P.M., By Appointment

    Corte Bella Golf Club, 623-556-8951Hours: Monday-Sunday 6:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M.jstuart@cortebellagolfclub.com

    Corte Bella WebsiteCommunity Website: www.cortebella.netResidents & Visitor Registration:www.cortebella.org

    CB Events Group VolunteersCBEventsGroup@cortebellacca.com

    24-HOUR EMERGENCY(480) 551-4300

    Community Resources Corte Bella AdministrationAssociation Office22155 North Mission DriveSun City West, AZ 85375Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 A.M.-4 P.M.623-328-5068

    Michael Arrington HOA General Manager, 623-328-5068Michael.Arrington@fsresidential.com

    Jodell DodgeSpa & Fitness Manager, Ext. 225JDodge@cortebellacca.com

    Fred Hernandez Food & Beverage Mgr. Ext. 233fhernandez@cortebellacca.com

    Dan Haywood Anacapa Executive Chef, Ext. 232dhaywood@cortebellacca.com

    Heather Chavez Administrative Supervisor, Ext. 222

    Stella Stellings Administrative Assistant, Ext. 221

    Stoney AmerineFacilities Manager, Ext. 223SAmerine@cortebellacca.com



    6 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella6 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella

  • Corte Bella AdministrationAssociation Office22155 North Mission DriveSun City West, AZ 85375Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 A.M.-4 P.M.623-328-5068

    Michael Arrington HOA General Manager, 623-328-5068Michael.Arrington@fsresidential.com

    Jodell DodgeSpa & Fitness Manager, Ext. 225JDodge@cortebellacca.com

    Fred Hernandez Food & Beverage Mgr. Ext. 233fhernandez@cortebellacca.com

    Dan Haywood Anacapa Executive Chef, Ext. 232dhaywood@cortebellacca.com

    Heather Chavez Administrative Supervisor, Ext. 222

    Stella Stellings Administrative Assistant, Ext. 221

    Stoney AmerineFacilities Manager, Ext. 223SAmerine@cortebellacca.com

    From the Managers Desk As the end of 2014 draws nearer, we find

    ourselves in that time of year when it becomes obviously apparent why we choose to live here. Yes, we endure those sweltering summer temperatures like champions so that right now, we live in one

    of the best places in the country and probably the world. Everyone has heard

    the Arizona saying this is why we live here. How true that is right now.

    Look; the seasonal residents are returning home bringing Corte Bella back to full strength again. The grass is green, the temperatures are as good as it gets and outdoor activity just got a whole lot better. Meanwhile, the holidays are upon us once again and a new year is closing in. Whoever said time flies knew what they were talking about.

    I told someone just the other day that I love the holiday season because it brings out the best in everyone. Humanity seems to run at a higher level. Here in Corte Bella, I imagine its like an amazing force that has been unleashed. Although I have not experienced a holiday season in Corte Bella yet, I have spent enough time getting to know the residents that I am certain I am about to see something amazing happen. I imagine the community coming together, people putting their differences aside, sharing, charitable acts, partying, laughing, loving and just flat out enjoying friends and neighbors.

    It is my hope that every Corte Bella resident makes a commitment to close out this year in your life on a positive note with an intentional effort to finish the year strong. It has been my great pleasure to serve the community throughout this year and I look forward to seeing you all around the community often. I encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the luxury of camaraderie and good friends as much as you can. Enjoy time with family. That is what life is all about. Make use of your wonderful facilities and attend some or all of the great community events that are planned. Join an interest group or a club. Enjoy a meal at the restaurant with friends and loved ones. Become a Volunteer. Fill your heart with joy and embrace the communal lifestyle that is Corte Bella. That is more than likely why you decided to reside here. Best wishes to all of you and your families for a wonderful and happy holiday season.

    Mike Arrington, Corte Bella Country Club Association, Inc. General Manager

    Just some gentle reminders vendors are business people. They are not residents of Corte Bella. More often than not, vendors have never seen a copy of the Design Guidelines. So when a vendor claims that he has sold many of the same item to residents in Corte Bella (which happens to be a prohibited above ground spa) or planted many of the same type of plants (which are not on the approved list), please check with Heather at the HOA before you purchase the item. If a plant, spa, yard art or anything else is not permitted by the Guidelines, it will be cited as a violation and subject to removal.

    Also, if you are contemplating a pool or spa or a complete remodel of your exterior, please ask Heather for an appointment with the committee to review your plans. All too often the plans

    are incomplete which delays the approval process and increases everyones frustration. Large projects are not reviewed on an expedited basis so please dont ask Heather for a quick review. She is under ARCs instructions to say NO.

    If you missed the October presentation and would like to have the opportunity to attend an ARC seminar (with mini-bite sweets and all), please let us know either by telling Heather or send me a quick email at rsaborsky@cox.net. We plan to offer the presentation again in February. If there is a section that particularly concerns or interests you, let us know so the committee can address it.

    As always, thank you for your patience and compliance with the Guidelines.

    A Reminder from Your ARCRegina Shanney-Saborsky

    November 2014 | CB Times | 7


  • Several Committees either have an opening or will have openings for new members over the

    next few months. So the Help Wanted sign is out. Committees need replacements, preferably full time residents willing to help the community.

    The Finance Committee (FC) is forecasting three replacements needed by December and one

    by March-April next year. Two members of the Neighborhood Awareness and Safety Committee (NASC) will soon leave, but have agreed to stay on until new members are found. The Technology Committee (TC) and the Building and Grounds Committee (B&GC) each have a current opening. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) can also use a few volunteers to do final inspections and work with the ARC.

    The FC is responsible to advise the Board on all financial matters affecting the HOA including monthly Financial Statements, the

    Annual Budget, the Annual Reserve Study update, Annual Audit, and use of investment vehicles. Those interested in serving on this Committee should have experience with business, accounting, finance or investments.

    The B&GC supports diverse projects ranging from street maintenance, bocce ball court refurbishment, lanai and social hall storage expansion projects, to developing a project definition and bid evaluation process, and working the Asset Management System project. The B&GC is seeking candidates preferably with engineering or construction project management experience.

    The Technology Committee is busy with several projects like the Social Hall Audio-Visual system upgrade, defining Corte Bellas technology inventory, and providing technology oversight on HOA projects including the Asset Management System. TC candidates should have Information Technology, Systems Engineering or related hardware/software experience.

    The NASC is involved with security and safety matters and operations for Corte Bella be it traffic concerns, post orders and contract content for the HOA Security firm. The NASC helps with the Visitor Management and Control System, and coordinating safety and security concerns with the GM and Maricopa County Sheriff Office. Candidates with law enforcement, security and safety, traffic systems and related experience are desired.

    The Board and GM place a high premium on volunteers; we have some of the best here in Corte Bella. If you are interested in preserving, maintaining and enhancing our community, please apply for the Committee of your choice.

    The NASC meets quarterly; all other Committees generally meet monthly. For more details on each Committee, view the Committee Charters available online, or get a copy from the HOA office. A Committee interest form is also available online or at the HOA office. Committee charters and/or the interest form will be sent by email on request.

    To apply for a Committee, please contact the HOA office or the General Manager (GM), Mike Arrington. Phone 623-328-5068 or email communication@cortebellacca.com, or the GM directly at Michael.Arrington@FSResidential.com

    Call for Volunteers: Make a Difference for Corte Bella!

    Jim Williams, President, Board of Directors

    8 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • Neighborhood Awareness & Safety Committee Report TRANSPONDERS and GATE ENTRYIt is the responsibility of every homeowner to maintain personal

    control of all gate transponders. Please do not loan them to others for gate

    entry. There is a liability factor involved if this happens. For security purposes, all vendors and visitors must enter through the front gate on Deer Valley .

    TAILGATINGThe barrier arms at each Corte Bella gate are set to allow only one vehicle to pass through at a time. If you attempt to enter immediately behind another car you risk damaging the arms and your vehicle. Take the extra few seconds to insure your safety.

    OPEN GARAGE DOORSSecuritas has reported that they see garage doors that have been left open as they make their rounds through the community. Unattended garage doors are an open invitation to possible theft and entry into your home. Please be diligent in securing your overhead doors.

    The next NASC Meeting will be Thursday, December 4, at 9:00AM in the Laguna Room of the Anacapa Restaurant. The meeting is open to all homeowners.

    Bill Blake- Board Liaison to the Neighborhood Awareness and Safety Committee

    Say HELLO to The Village Dental Team!

    Dr. Matt Harmon invites you to become a part of The Village Dental Center family of patients. We utilize the latest advances in dental technology and are dedicated to excellence in patient care. Our entire team is committed to your optimal oral health, in a loving, caring, and relaxed environment.

    Same day Crowns & Onlays (CEREC) Bridges Nightguards Implant Restorations Implant Dentures Most Extractions

    Lazer 2nd Opinions

    Now welcoming new patients and offering convenient payment options: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and Care Credit. A Delta Dental provider.

    The Village Dental Center623.583.0151 | thevillagedentalcenter.com

    13802 W. Camino del Sol, Suite 101, Sun City West, AZ 85375

    A Sun City West Tradition in Excellence Since 1984

    Dr. Harmon is a preclinical instructor at Midwestern University Dental School.

    November 2014 | CB Times | 9

  • Results of OperationsFor the 9 month period ending September 30, 2014, excluding reserve contributions, we realized a net operating surplus of $65,000. This was $90,000 favorable compared to the budgeted deficit of $25,000. A brief discussion of departmental results compared to budget:

    Administration $15,000 Favorable Late fee income, lower than budget legal fees and unused contingency combined to offset higher than budget expenses for postage, property taxes, exterminating, equipment rental and depreciation.

    Facilities $53,000 favorable Water and sewer expenses were dramatically lower due to reduced water usage during the heavy rains in Aug-Sep and improved water management practices. Electric, gas and phone expenses were slightly higher than budget. Pool and fountain maintenance and supplies, as well as all areas of buildings, equipment and grounds maintenance, were significantly under budget.

    Guardhouse $11,000 favorable Costs for gate guard services were higher than budget but were offset by lower than budget spending on printing and forms, supplies, and equipment and gate repairs.

    HOA Events $2,000 favorable Revenue was significantly under budget, more than covering the added expense for the higher level of activity.

    Landscape $14,000 favorable Irrigation repair, plant replacement and pest control costs were significantly favorable compared to budget.

    Restaurant ($30,000 unfavorable) Revenue was favorable overall for food, liquor and wine. Food costs and salary & wage expense for the front-of-house and kitchen, along with related payroll burden and employee benefits, were significantly higher than budget. Unbudgeted expenditures to repair the misting system and repairs to kitchen equipment contributed to equipment repair and maintenance expense exceeding budget.

    Spa $2,000 favorable Revenue shortfalls in massage, facials and phytomer product sales were offset by reduction in expenses in these areas.

    Fitness $4,000 favorable Lower salary and wage expense, along with related payroll burden and employee benefits, more than offset higher fitness instructor and personal training expense.

    Paint Maintenance and Granite Replacement $19,000 favorable Actual painting project cost of $52,000 was charged to the prior year carryover amount in the reserve fund. Once the $62,400 carryover amount has been expended, painting expense will be charged to the paint maintenance fund. $19,000 in granite replacement expense was budgeted for June but will occur in the 4th quarter.

    Reserve FundsRepair and replacement fund ($451,000 reduction) - Major projects included street repair and resealing work and remodel of Anacapa.

    Capital projects $41,000 increase - The Lanai project was completed in June (total cost $38,000) and the Social Hall storage expansion has yet to be completed. Reserve fund fee income from home re-sales, used to fund capital improvements, was $24,000 higher than budget.

    ConclusionsOn the operating side, our financial performance through 9 months of 2014 was favorable, attributable in large part to low levels of spending for maintenance and repair and the unexpected water and sewer needs reduction during the historic rains in Aug-Sep. All departments were favorable except the Restaurant.

    Reserves have taken a major hit this year due to road work and the restaurant remodel project. Our reserve position remains 100% funded, however, one of the challenges facing the community is integrating the revised expenses for future street repairs into our reserve fund analysis. The 2014 Reserve Study will be completed in November this year and will be the subject of an upcoming issue of the CB Times.

    Our cash position is sufficient to meet our operating needs. From an investment standpoint, we continue to maintain our conservative investment strategy to minimize risk and ensure liquidity, while seeking yield improvement opportunities.

    Details on all financial statements can be found on the Corte Bella website under HOA>Community documents>Financials. Please feel free to contact any member of the Finance Committee regarding questions or suggestions.

    Financial Summary Nine Months Ended September 30, 2014

    Jeff Ablin, Finance Committee Chairperson

    10 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • Budget Comparison Report

    Nine Months Ended September 30, 2014 ($ in thousands)


    Results of Operations Actual Budget VarianceAdministration:

    Revenue - excl. reserve contributions $1,836.0 $1,831.5 $4.6

    Expense 448.8 458.7 9.9

    Surplus (deficit) 1,387.3 1,372.8 14.5

    Facilities: Expenses 822.7 875.5 52.9

    Guardhouse: Expenses 127.3 137.9 10.6

    HOA Events:

    Revenue 47.3 34.7 12.6

    Expense 44.9 34.6 (10.4)

    Surplus (deficit) 2.4 0.1 2.3

    Landscape: Expense 268.6 283.0 14.4


    Revenue 832.5 810.9 21.6

    Expense 858.4 806.4 (52.0)

    Surplus (deficit) (26.0) 4.4 (30.4)


    Revenue 81.9 88.1 (6.2)

    Expense 71.9 80.0 8.1

    Surplus (deficit) 10.0 8.1 1.9


    Revenue 47.4 47.1 0.3

    Expense 174.4 178.5 4.1

    Surplus (deficit) (126.9) (131.3) 4.4

    Paint Maint & Granite Replacement:

    Revenue 37.1 37.1 -

    Expense 0.2 19.3 19.1

    Surplus (deficit) 36.9 17.8 19.1

    Net Operating Surplus $65.2 $(24.6) $89.8

    Reserve Contributions $348.3 $324.4 $23.9

    Reserve Funds: 12/31/13 09/30/14 Change

    Repair and Replacement $2,895.9 $2,445.1 $(450.9)

    Capital Acquisition 246.6 $287.6 41.0

    Total $3,142.6 $2,732.7 $(409.9)

    You are cordially invited to the

    CB SPEAKEASYSponsored by SOuL

    A Casino Night For The Benefit Of

    EVES PLACENovember 15, 2014: Social Hall

    A ticket for $35.00 buys you $100.00 voucher for chips

    One free glass of house wine or domestic beer Chips & peanuts; pretzels and nuts; prizes and more

    Tickets now on sale at the Fitness Center.


    Corte Bella will be hosting a pet food drive for our many furry friends. All pet food donations will be given to Where Wolfs Rescue, Surprise, Arizona A non-profit, no-kill shelter

    Petsmart charity.

    Donations will help feed pets this holiday season while they await their new forever homes.

    This pet food drive will run the entire month of November with donation boxes located in the fitness center and golf club.

    Your donations of Dog/Puppy/Cat/Kitten wet or dry unopened food and/or treats is appreciated by all our furry friends.

    Thank you for your support. Gail Peskin

    November 2014 | CB Times | 11

  • 1. PROCEEDINGS BEFORE THE ARIzONA CORPORATIONS COmmISSION (ACC)The CB water team (Regina Shanney-Saborsky, Doug Edwards and Diane Smith) are currently intervenors in the earlier rate case (09-0343), which resulted in the deconsolidation of Anthem from the Aqua Fria Wastewater district. After receipt of extensive complaints from consumers starting with the petitions collected by the Corte Bella Government Affairs Committee (GAC) a procedural order was given by the Administrative Law Judge on August 18, 2015, setting the timeline for a hearing to address the complaints. Currently, a hearing is scheduled on November 12, 2014 and another will be held on December 1.

    Letters and petitions are being filed daily by the various parties and communities, each of which basically sets forth support for one side of the primary issue either for or against consolidation. It is going to be a long and hard fight given the strong stance being taken by the various communities. In addition to the parties EPCOR and ANTHEM there are over 50 entities/individuals on the service list as an interested party representing literally thousands of consumers.

    Corte Bella is supporting and requesting full consolidation, which is also the position taken by EPCOR. This could result in monthly wastewater charges of $34.30 instead of $121.91. So, please sign the full consolidation letter at the Fitness Center since it is not as easy as it sounds. There is opposition from the Sun Cities and the Residential Utility Consumer Organization (RUCO).

    The CB water team hopes that a decision will be effective January 1, 2015 and is offering several alternatives to the ACC to accommodate the full rate case concerns raised by RUCO yet still provide relief to the Aqua Fria communities. The opposition, however, is just as adamant that consolidation not occur.

    Since this is an election year for positions on the ACC, the water team is attending all meeting in the Sun Cities and will alert residents as to upcoming events.

    2. UNITY BETWEEN COmmUNITIESThe CB water team has been in discussion with various communities to join forces and to prepare a joint communication to the ACC to be filed in the Docket as to those points. Meetings have been held with Verrado, CrossRiver, Dos Rios and Anthem. We have reached out to Coldwater and Russell Ranch. One suggested communication has been circulated by Anthem and was edited by your water team. Now that the intervenor testimony has been filed, the consolidated group can determine if a joint letter will have a positive impact on the proceedings. Each of these referenced communities is pro-consolidation.

    3. CLAIm AGAINST THE ACCAfter much discussion and research, it appears that Corte Bella (and perhaps other communities) has a strong constitutional argument that the ACC is not in compliance with Title XV, Section 12 of the Arizona Constitution and by extension, the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Section 12 requires that all charges be just and reasonable and that there is no discrimination in charges, services or facilities between persons and places for the same type of service. This is a factual argument and we have assembled the facts to show disparate and discriminatory treatment and rates.

    The mandate of RUCO is to be a consumer advocate with respect to utility issues. They are charged with investigating any constitutional claim and if there is a non-compliance issue based on the decisions of the ACC, they are required to bring a lawsuit against the ACC on behalf of the consumer. There is currently one lawsuit pending, filed by RUCO against the ACC, on behalf of the community of Fountain Hills and there are similar considerations regarding the current rate case involving Sun City.

    We are assembling our data and will provide a written request to RUCO for a meeting to discuss their assistance and cooperation in filing a complaint against the ACC if Aqua Fria, in general, and Corte Bella, specifically, is not given rate relief from the discriminatory charges currently imposed on us by EPCOR. Our direct testimony included this same data so the ACC is aware not only of our position but also of data supporting our position and the constitutional claims.

    4. CLAIm AGAINST RUCONothing is ever easyalthough RUCO has a mandate to protect and represent all consumers, Corte Bella and others have been faced with an interesting situation. RUCO continues to change its position on various issues publically. Previously, years back, it favored consolidation, then flipped around to disfavor. Now they seem to disfavor consolidation but leave themselves room to change position again if a full rate case is ordered. But more importantly, RUCO appears to favor some communities at the expense of others. It presents biased, incomplete information which fuels the media and political fires.

    This requires the CB water team to do three things. First: In our direct testimony, we pointed out to the ACC the various statements RUCO has made, which then, at a later date, are contradicted by them. We also pointed out the incomplete rate information which provides an inaccurate analysis as to the impact of consolidation on the Sun Cities. We took the materials which RUCO presented at prior meetings and incorporated all of the rate information. And, since the ACC likes charts and pictures we will provide them with charts and pictures.

    Continued next page

    Regina Shanney-Saborsky

    Update From Government Affairs Committee Regarding Waste Water Issues

    12 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • Second: - We are drafting a letter to RUCO expressing our concern that they are violating their mandate by favoring the Sun Cities over other communities. CrossRiver requested a meeting with RUCO and they were refused. The CB water team met with RUCO prior to preparing the petitions and we were given incorrect information. We will request a meeting to present our position and the basis for it as well as address their concerns regarding consolidation.

    Third - RUCO has previously and publically used seven arguments against consolidation. Of the seven arguments, four can easily be addressed and dismissed.

    Other points--A public policy argument against a change in the design structure that is not supported by facts can be overcome.

    -A protective measure, basically for the Sun Cities can also be addressed within the context of the future infrastructure charges to be imposed on those communities.

    -The final argument requires analysis and alternatives - that is - whether consolidation can occur without current data from a test case occurring in all communities at the same time. The CB water team is currently researching this point.

    So, much to be done, to be said, to be written. Your CB water team will keep you informed.

    SOuL 2nd Annual Holiday Boutique & Charity Bake Sale

    Saturday, December 13th, 9am to 2pm | Corte Bella Social Hall

    Its back and its bigger and better than last year! Just in time for the holidays Homemade Breads, Cookies, Cakes, Fudge, Toffee, Pretzels plus Vendor Boutique Tables and Raffles.

    SoUL will have a pre-order table at both the Farmers Market on November 12th and the Corte Bella Marketplace on November 29th.

    Please plan to stop by and see a sampling of our 2014 HOLIDAY BASKETS. We have a variety of shapes and sizes. Each basket is unique, beautifully decorated and filled with a variety of baked goods and holiday items. Order early to guarantee you get the size you want. Also, for your convenience, pre-ordered baskets will be hand delivered on December 12th.

    Proceeds of the bake sale support our local charity, Eves Place.

    Save the Date

    November 2014 | CB Times | 13

  • Corte Bella EventsLine Dancing Movement Studio 11:30 AM 12:30 PMFall Session 1: Tuesdays, November 4, 9, 18 $3.00 per classClass size limited to 25, but walk-ins welcome.All tickets on sale now in Fitness Center.

    Casino Trips Wild Horse Pass Casinomonday, November 3 monday, December 1monday, January 5Bus Departs from Anacapa at 8:20 AmReturns to Corte Bella at 4:30 PmJoin your friends for special Senior Monday perks at the casino!Contact Bill Blake at 623-537-7969Email: willieb38@cox.net

    CCC/AED Training by Sun City West Fire DepartmentSaturday, November 89:00Am 11:00AmBella Stanza RoomLimited to 50 residentsCome learn and be trained in Continuous Chest Compression and use of the Automated External Defibrillator (which are located throughout our public access buildings.) Lock Boxes, which allow the Fire Department to enter your home in case of emergency, will be available for purchase for $50.

    Cooking DemonstrationsBella Stanza Room at 11:30Class is limited. Class2:Friday,November7Stuffed ItalianTickets on sale in Fitness Center Class3:Friday,December5Its a Party . . . Hors doeuvreTickets on sale Sunday, November 11 at 10 AM in Fitness Center

    AARP Safe Driving CourseWednesday, November 59:00 Am 1:00 PmBella Stanza Room$15 for AARP members$20 for nonmembersClass size limited to 50Robin Mandell, a Corte Bella resident and volunteer instructor, will present this AARP safe driving course. Register at Fitness Center.

    Salvation Army Angel TreeWednesday, November 12Fitness Center (until December 7)Help a disadvantaged child have a happy holiday season by providing the gift a child is wishing for this Christmas. See the article on page 27 in this issue for additional details.

    Farmers marketWednesday, November 1210:00 Am 1:00 PmAnacapa Patio & BreezewayCome find the freshest produce and meats, breads and gift items selected just for our community! Mark your calendars for additional markets on December 10 and January 14.

    14 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


  • Veterans Day Dinner & Dancemonday, November 105:30 Pm 10:00 PmSanta Barbara Room and Anacapa5:30 Honor Guard6:00 Dinner7:00 music by michael Carollo$30 per personAll are invited to join Corte Bella Veterans honoring the men and women who have served our country in all the branches of the United States Armed Forces along with POW/MIA. An honor guard from Luke Air Force Base will present the colors.Tickets on sale now in the Fitness Center.

    Landscaping and Garden SeminarPresented by Kevens Landscaping CompanyWednesday, November 121:00 Pm 4:00 PmSanta Barbara RoomFree eventWith 26 years of experience in the landscaping business, Keven Pauling will cover multiple topics from fertilizers to weeds and his K method Keep it Simple. Tickets available in Fitness Center

    Newcomers and Neighbors CoffeeThursday, November 209:00 Am 10:30 AmBella Stanza RoomResidents who are new to Corte Bella will be invited to hear a presentation on how to use the community website, meet with HOA staff and volunteers, and learn much more regarding our community. Contact Carol Drogowski at sand.piper65@yahoo.com for more information.

    Wine Appreciation ClassSaturday, November 221:00 Pm 4:00 PmBella Stanza RoomLimited space available Join Deborah Lazear, Corte Bella resident and Certified Specialist of Wine with the Society of Wine Educators, for a 3 hour sharing of information to enhance your knowledge of wine. Tickets on sale in Fitness Center (minimal fee).

    Amazing Thanksgiving Day Brunch AnacapaThursday, November 27Anacapa and Santa Barbara Room11:30 Am - 3:30 Pm$36 per person price for under 12 yrs.Free for those under 4 yrs.Reservations recommendedCall 623-455-9045Enjoy a fabulous holiday buffet to include fresh seafood, soups and salads as well as traditional turkey, dressing and all the fixings along with an omelet station, brunch items and amazing desserts.

    Corte Bella marketplaceSaturday, November 2910:00 Am 2:00 PmSanta Barbara RoomGifts, decorating ideas, pottery, artwork, jewelry, clothing, skin care products, candles, wine chillers and more will all be on sale for your holiday shopping pleasure.Dont miss this opportunity to shop locally!

    Holiday Tree Lighting and BuffetWednesday, December 3Anacapa and Santa Barbara Room6:00 Pm 8:00 Pm(Buffet opens at 5:00 Pm)Listen to the Corte Bella Chorus sing holiday music and watch our community tree light up for the holiday season! Dine on a delicious buffet featuring a carving station, soup, salads and wonderful desserts. Santa will be visiting too!

    Corte Bella Vets Group Adopt a Service member BrunchAnacapaSunday, December 7 Pearl Harbor Day10:00 Am 3:00PmSee separate article on page 21 in this issue for more details. Tickets on sale in Fitness Center

    November 2014 | CB Times | 15



    Sheriffs Business Non Emergency (24 Hours) 602-876-1011(Examples: Suspicious vehicles, loud noise, and general info)

    Security Service ( Securitas ): Guard at Gate (5:00AM until 8:00PM) 623-544-3906 Roving Patrol (Homeowners can call the

    Mobile phone between 8:00PM & 11:30PM Mon - Fri and until midnight Sat & Sun) 623-256-3359

    HOA Common Area Emergencies:(Examples: water leaks, bee swarms)

    During Regular HOA business hours (9:00AM4:00PM) HOA Office: 623-328-5068 ext. 226

    After 4:00PM (Mon - Fri) or Weekends/Holidays HOA Answering Service: 602-336-2700 First Service After Hours Emergencies: 480-551-4300

    Fire Department Non Emergency Normal business hours 623-584-3500

    Animal Related Issues Maricopa County Animal Care & Control 602-506-7387

    Coyotes and Other Desert Animals ArizonaGameandFishDepartment 602-942-3000

    Upcoming EventsDec 1 Wild Horse Pass Casino TripDec 3 Anacapa Tree Lighting, Buffet/Corte

    Bella ChoirDec 5 Cooking Demo, Class 3Dec 5 Friends of Italy Dinner DanceDec 5 San Ramon Neighborhood Street

    Lighting/Salvation Army/CB ChoirDec 6 Ya Yas - Toys for Tots Dec 6 Drop Toppers Holiday Pops Concert at

    Phoenix Symphony/dinnerDec 7 C B Vets Adopt a Service Member

    BrunchDec 10 Farmers MarketDec 13 SOuL Holiday Bake & Craft SaleDec 24 Anacapa Christmas Eve Holiday BuffetDec 31 New Years Eve Dinner & DanceJan 5 Wild Horse Pass Casino TripJan 14 Farmers MarketJan 15 New Resident Welcome CoffeeJan 17 Oh, What a Night! (Jersey Boys)Jan 20 Drop Toppers Guided Sedway Tour of

    Old Town ScottsdateJan 21 Drop Toppers Guided Sedway Tour of

    Old Town ScottsdateJan 23 Friends of Italy Dinner Dance

    You are cordially invited to a FREE seminarby your friends at Kevens Landscape

    Wednesday, November 12, 2014, 1-4:00 p.m.in the Santa Barbara Room

    Seating is limited.Tickets available on Sunday, October 26

    after 6 a.m. in the Fitness Center

    L A N D S C A P E S U R V I V A L


    Ticketsavailable inthe Fitness


    Tons ofgreat door



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    2Anacapa Brunch 8:30AM

    3Wild Horse Casino Trip 8:00AM

    4Line Dance: 11:30AM

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00PM

    5AARP Safe Drive Course 9:00AM

    Drop Toppers Sunset Hike

    6Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00PM

    Computer Club 6:30PM

    7Cooking Demo #2 - 11:30AM

    8CCC/AED Fire DPT Trng 9:00AM

    9Anacapa Brunch 8:30AM


    Vets Day Dinner/Dance 5:30PM


    CB Vets Meeting 9:00AM

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00PM

    12B&GC Mtg. 9:00AMFarmers Market 10:00AM

    Landscaping & Garden 1:00PM

    Holiday Angel Tree Arrives!!

    13HOA Brd Workshop 9:00AM

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00PM



    *SOuL Casino Night 6:00PM

    16 Anacapa Brunch 8:30AM

    17 18Line Dance: 11:30AM

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00PM

    19HOA BRD Mtg. 10:00AM

    20Newcomers Coffee 9:00AMARC Mtg 9:00AMSOuL: 11:00AMDrop Toppers Ping FactoryFIN Cmt Mtg 2:30PMAnacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00PM


    Drop Toppers Uncorked


    Wine Appreciation 1:00PM

    23Anacapa Brunch 8:30AM

    30Anacapa Brunch 8:30AM

    24 25

    Anacapa Happy H. 3:00-6:00PM

    26 27

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Anacapa Thanksgiving Buffet11:30PM to 3:30PMNOTE: Spa/FC/Pool Close 2:00PM

    28 29 *CB Marketplace 10:00AM

    PLEASE NOTE:*Sunrise Lions Club of Sun City West will sell Fanny Mae candies at November 12 Farmers Market to benefit Camp Tatiyee. Collecting used eyeglasses, hearing airds and cell phones.*Holiday Pet Drive to benefit Where Wolfs Rescue; food used to feed pets at this non-profit shelter; colletions all month at Fitness Center and Golf Course.*Smiling Out Loud (SOuL) hosts a CASINO NIGHT on 15 November to benefit Eves Place, a center for victims of domestic abuse in the west valley. Food Drive for St. Marys all month.*Corte Bella Market Place is your chance to purchase unique gifts items from artisans displaying their handcrafted specialities. Dont miss this amazing opportunity to buy something special!

    November 2014

    November 2014 | CB Times | 17

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    Honoring Our VeteransLarry Leighton

    November 11 is the day set aside for all Americans to honor its citizens, both living and deceased, who served in our military defending our country with bravery and sacrifice.

    Corte Bella Vets proudly and humbly present to you the names of our Veteran residents who continue to serve you and our community with outreach volunteerism and charitable donations.

    Please join us on November 10 for a dinner and dance celebration at the social hall and again on December 7 when we host an Adopt a Serviceman brunch at the Anacapa. Details on these events can be found elsewhere in this issue.

    Membership in Corte Bella Vets is open to men or women who served honorably in any component of any of our Nations Uniformed Services or in any component of our Allies Uniformed Services. You are invited to join us at the Anacapa, the second Tuesday of every month from 9-10:30 AM. Please contact Larry Leighton with questions: empower_ll@yahoo.com

    First Name Last Name Entered Service From Took Part In Service Years

    Glenn Abrew US Oakland, CA Viet Nam Army 66-68

    Louis Adams US Army

    Greg Albrecht US Northfield, IL Coast Guard 68-98

    Joe Ando US Air Force 56-85

    Dan Aparicio US Marine Corps 68-74

    Mike Arrington US Air Force 79-83

    Tom Asmussen US Sioux City, IA Army 62-65

    Doug Barr US Army 64-84

    Dave Beams US Fort Wayne, IN Navy 61-65

    Mary Beaudoin US Air Force 82-91

    Rick Beaudoin US Navy67-79;


    John Belliveau US New York

    City, NY Air Force 47-53

    Gerry Berger US Dickinson, NDArmy; Air




    Jim Bevard US Waterloo, IA Viet Nam Army 68-70

    Joe Biehl US Olney, IL Army 63-65

    Ron Block US Army

    Ron Bommarito US Coast Guard

    Charles Bradley US Army 62-65

    Gary Brungardt US Garden City, KS Viet Nam Army 66-68

    Madelyn Burns US

    Jack Carollo US Lockport, IL Army 65-67

    Linda Carollo US Williston, ND Army 65-67

    Janet Chapman US Sunnyvale, CA Army 74-76

    Johathan Chapman US Fort Mill, SC Viet Nam Marine Corps 69-73

    Bill Clark US St Paul, MN Viet Nam Army 68-71

    Bob Clark US

    Dave Cook US Cedar Rapids, IA Viet Nam Army 68-70

    Tommy Crawford US Roswell, NMDesert

    StormAir Force 72-06

    Bill Decker US Army 67-69

    Bob deMille USNewton Center,

    MAArmy 57-64

    Robert DeWaay US Des Moines, IA Army 68-70

    Tom Dietz US Harrisburg, PA Viet Nam Army 66-95

    Don Dills USArmy; Air




    Bill Dolan US Portland, ME Viet Nam Army 63-66

    Pete Dow US Korean War Marine Corps 52-55

    Steve Downing US Lima, OH Army 75-79

    Paul Dunn US Medford, MA Viet Nam Air Force 61-87

    Ben Dusik US WWII Army 42-45

    Don Dussault US Pasadena, CA Army 59-62

    John Eakins US Wilmington, NC Army 67-73

    Richard Elliott USSan Franciso,

    CAArmy 71-77

    Gary Ellwanger US Army 67-69

    Peter Epstein USNew York City,

    NYAir Force 58-62

    Loren Faaborg US

    Pete Fayette US Coast Guard 70-74

    Lyle Finley US Navy 58-60

    John Fiterman US Fargo, ND Army

    Chuck Flagge US Milwaukee, WI Air Force 55-63

    Richard Frechette US Korean War Navy 54-57

    Larry Fulcher US Los Angeles, CA Navy

    Chuck Gale US Korean War Marine Corps 49-53

    Glen Gibson US Malad, ID WWII Marine Corps 42-45

    Marty Graham US Hermiston, OR Army 81-84

    Walt Grantham US Oakland, CA Army 61-64

    Ronald Gray USBowling Green,

    OHArmy 65-67

    Wayne Gresh US Helena, MT Army 67-00

    Gus Grissom US Syracuse, KS Navy 72-98

    Nicholas Gubelli US Army 50-52

    George Gurula US Army

    Ernie Harnett UK England Borneo RAF 59-89

    Greg Haro US Army 65-68

    Curtis Harthorn US Rock Rapids, IA Korean War Army 55-56

    Pat Healy US Farley, IA Army 65-68

    Michael Henn US Kirkland, WA Army 63-69

    Jerry Herring US Jamestown, NJ Navy 57-60

    Clark Higgins US

    James Hill US Army 64-67

    Peter Hochberg US Los Angeles, CA Viet Nam Navy 58-80

    Bert Hoffman US Brooklyn, NY Army

  • November 2014 | CB Times | 19

    Ron Holcombe US Abington, PA Viet Nam Navy 67-71

    Barry Hoyt US

    Dale Huffman US Navy 62-66

    George Huffman US Birmingham, MI Navy 56-67

    Ernest Hutchinson US Columbus, GA Navy 55-63

    Paul Jacobs BE Army 67-68

    Blair Johnson US Army

    Larry Johnson US Omaha, NE Air Force 63-69

    Marty Kann US Elizabeth, NJ Air Force 60-62

    Walt Kearns US Northbrook, IL Viet Nam Navy 64-86

    Gabe Kendziora US Air Force 70-76

    Dave Keppy US Des Moines, IA Marine Corps 57-59

    Paul Knowles US Miami, FL Viet Nam Army 65-69

    Casey Kozlik US Chicago, IL Viet Nam Army 64-66

    Roy Kraft US Deephaven, MN Viet Nam Navy 52-80

    Ronald Kucharik US Army 67-69

    Ray LaRue US Riverside, CA Navy 68-71

    Reid Lau US Army

    David Lazear US Santa Ana, CA Army 60-62

    Joe Leano US Army

    Craig Lee US Lansing, MI Air Force 69-91

    Paul Lee US Air Force

    Terry Lee US Denver, CO Air Force 69-72

    Larry Leighton US Lexington, NE

    Viet Nam;



    Army 68-96

    Harry Leonard US Albany, NY Army 58-61

    Jim Lewin USSan Franciso,

    CANavy 68-72

    Vince Lostetter US Pittsburgh, PA Marine Corps 59-64

    Dan Louden US Moline, IL Army 66-72

    Richard Lowe USWorthington,


    Viet Nam;

    1973 Yom




    Air Force 70-74

    Jim Lukawski US Air Force

    George Macaluso US Marine Corps 67-70

    Stan Mardula US Sloatsburg, NY Viet Nam Army 66-69

    Tony Marpole UK Army

    Steve Mayian US Marine Corps

    David Mc Mannes US Army 68-72

    Larry McGee US Marquette, MI Viet Nam Army 66-69

    Michael McVeigh US Air Force 62-67

    Michael Merriman US Fort Collins, CO Viet Nam Army 66-68

    John Mestemacher US Kansas City, MO Viet Nam Air Force 67-78

    Carl Meyerholtz US Brawley, CA Viet Nam Navy 66-67

    William Meyers US Pittsburgh, PA Viet Nam Army 62-65

    Calvin Milton US Army 63-65

    Scott Miner US Westfiled, NJ Navy 68-91

    Jack Mittleman US Marine Corps 57-60

    Steve Montgomery US Army 67-70

    Tom Morin US Sioux City, IA Viet Nam Marine Corps 65-67

    Tony Munro US Bayside, NY Viet Nam Air Force 69-73

    Jim Murrieta US Los Angeles, CA Army 67-69

    Gary Nelson US Carthage, SD Army 59-63

    Andy Nemeth US Army

    Tom Newman USNew York City,

    NYViet Nam Army 64-68

    Jim Niedermeyer US Racine, WI Viet Nam Navy 65-72

    Donna Norton US Buffalo, NY Army 78-82

    Richard Noyes US Billings, MT Viet Nam Army 67-69

    Daniel OBrien US Fresno, CA Viet Nam Navy 64-68

    Bob Olson US Air Force 71-82

    Larry ONeil US Navy 64-67

    Earl Paasch US East Moline, IL Viet Nam Army 66-04

    Evan Pagletti US Army

    Bill Pain US Anadarko, OK Viet Nam Navy 70-72

    Harry Pali US Marine Corps 56-59

    Nat Pellegrini US West Allis, WI Marine Corps 60-64

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    Adopt a Service member/Veteran


    National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

    10:00 AM 2:00 PM in the Social HallSponsor an Airman alone for the holidays or a

    spouse or child of a deployed Airman

    A $25.00 donation will buy a ticket for one of our guests

    Purchase a ticket for $25.00 and join our guests

    Vin Petrella US Air Force 69-79

    Jack Poeske US Marine Corps 63-67

    Steve Poolner US Army 62-67

    John Potter US Winchester, IN Korean War Air Force 53-57

    Robin Potter US Bonxville, NY Air Force 65-69

    Jerry Quartana US

    Ed Ranilovich US Redford, MI Viet Nam Army 67-70

    Larry Reynolds US Air Force 63-89

    Ron Robbel US Rockford, IL Army 63-69

    Roy Sawyer US

    Marty Scheinholtz US Navy

    Dick Scheirmann US Burbank, CA Viet Nam Army 63-69

    Dave Schildmeyer US Salem, OR Viet Nam Air Force 67-00

    Marv Schmidt USLos Angeles

    , CAMarine Corps 58-63

    Don Schneider US Air Force 69-77

    Tom Schramer US San Gabriel, CA Navy 54-56

    Don Shaw US Austin, TX Viet Nam Navy 63-68

    J.D. Shuster US Boston, MA Viet Nam Coast Guard 52-77

    Russ Siemantel USHuntington

    Beach, CAViet Nam Air Force 68-76

    Dick Simon US Air Force

    Ken Smith US Marine Corps 69-71

    Phillip Soltvedt US Minneapolis, MN Army 67-69

    Ron Springer US Charles City, IA Korean War Air Force 54-58

    Lee Springgate US Seattle, WA Coast Guard 66-72

    Jim Starkman US Chicago, IL Viet Nam Marine Corps 66-69

    Ron Steik US Seattle, WA Army 69-71

    Jack Storm US Coast Guard 58-62

    Fred Strouse US Linden, NJ Army 61-67

    Jim Stutz US Edmonds, WA Viet Nam Army 60-66

    Bob Sullivan US Paulsboro, NJ Viet Nam Air Force 63-67

    Rod Sundheim US Army

    Rich Tamburro US Bronx, NY Viet Nam Army 66-69

    Linda Thompson US Edwards, MS Marine Corps 68-70

    Thomas Thompson US Warren, OH Marine Corps 68-74

    Jerry Tinsley US Army 67-79

    Hugo Tringali US WWII Army 43-45

    Gary Van Maanen US

    Lloyd Verhoeks US Kankakee, IL WWII Navy 45-46

    Paul Voegeli US Viet Nam Army; Navy 73-97

    Bob Wada USArmy; Air




    Robert Waldrip USKlamath Falls

    , ORViet Nam Army 67-68

    Wayne Walker US

    Ron Watts US Franklin, OH Army 60-62

    Dick Weeks US Air Force

    Honoring Our VeteransMartin Weintraub US Air Force

    Jon Wendt US Ashland, NE Marine Corps 61-64

    Don Wherry US Faulkton, SD Viet Nam Army 69-71

    Bob Wilkiewicz US Army 66-68

    Jim Williams US Air Force 62-86

    Ron Williams US

    John Wilson US Pitman, NJ Viet Nam Army 68-71

    Bert Winstead US Air Force 63-67

    Dave Wright US Madison, WI Marine Corps 67-75

    Wayne Wright USRocky Mount,

    NCViet Nam Air Force

    Dan Wyckoff US Sheridan, MI Army 68-70

    Keith Yaktus US Portage, WI

    Persian Gulf

    War, OEF,


    Air Force 82-09

    Mike Yeager US Compton, CA Viet Nam Navy 58-85

    Jay Yovin US Korean Vet Air Force 50-77

    Rich Zell US Leawood, KS Viet Nam Air Force 70-74

    Lewis Zimmerman US Houston, TX Viet Nam Air Force 68-69

  • November 2014 | CB Times | 21

    How to be of Service to a Service MemberThe Corte Bella Vets group is hosting a special event at the Anacapa Restaurant on Sunday, December 7, which is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

    We are inviting single airmen (a term commonly used to refer to men and women who are either truly single or are geographically separated from their family) along with spouses and children of deployed airmen to join us for a complimentary Brunch as our way of saying thank you for their service to our Country.

    The Corte Bella Vets encourage you, our friends and neighbors, to Adopt a Service Member by donating the purchase of a guest brunch ticket for just $25.00. Donors are highly encouraged buy tickets for themselves ($25) and to enjoy the opportunity to visit with your adopted Service Member.

    The Chaplain at Luke Air Force Base is assisting us to spread the word to the Service units on the base as well as spouses of deployed airmen who are living in the vicinity of Luke AFB.

    The brunch will include the regular Anacapa Sunday breakfast buffet but will also include oven roasted pork loin with cran-apple chutney and pasta primavera with spinach, and grilled vegetables. Coffee and orange juice will be included.

    Tickets will be available at the Fitness Center in late October. Brunch will be served from 10:00AM - 2:00PM.

    Should we get more donations than we have guests, the excess money will be donated to Veterans for Veterans in AZ or Disabled American Veterans, Department of Arizona.

    With your support, we hope this will become an annual event.

    Larry Leighton

    Convalescing in the beauty of Cam Ranh Bay,feeling fortunate to catch each sunny ray,lower left leg labors to heal,festering wounds will to congeal.

    Walking point with my newbie platoon,jungle roof hiding full yellow moon,I stepped straight into a VC pit,poking a punji pole covered with . . . grit.

    Platoon plucked me out, and First Med-Evacwhisked me away, lest Charley attack.Whirling up, I shout (so tough to do),Im coming back . . . well all make it thru!

    Bedside I linger day by day,missing nine friends for whom I pray.Jungle depths hide dangers galore,where freedom and life were fighting for.

    Im just a kid who dropped out of school.Draft board noticed (Id been such a fool).We teen eleven bravos who tread jungle floor,trust freedoms worth risking limb, life, more.

    Perhaps my fall was a blest disguise,granting rest to brain, bod and war-worn eyes.Im soon headed back to Tay Ninh base, to warble along we gotta get outta this place.

    Hobbling further down Ward 11 hall,I yearn each day for lone bugles call.Sure, Ill return to jungle war soon,to fight for freedom with my veteran platoon.

    Dedicated to Donald Van Horn, 19, who was killed while walking point in Tay Ninh Province, Viet Nam, in 1966, and to his many 11Bravo (infantry) buddies

    Jerry D. Tinsley, Major, USAR (ret.)

    Walking Point

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    In the LoopTips for Touring Musical Instrument Museum

    One of the comments I have heard several times while working at the Musical Instrument Museum {MIM} is that the museum is far too extensive to be seen in one visit. This is a brief overview of what you can expect to find when you visit MIM

    When you leave the front desk you will have a guideport and earphones, which in combination

    with the television monitors will let you hear some of the instruments being played as well as artists performing. Make sure you obtain a map of the galleries and the layout of the museum before starting. Maps and other literature can be found at the front desk or the information desks which are on the first and second floor. The next stop should be the orientation gallery where you will watch a short introductory film. There are several displays of instruments where you can use your guideport on the way to the orientation gallery. After the orientation gallery you can explore the downstairs galleries or take the escalator to the second floor. Ill describe the second floor first since the escalator and steps are right outside the orientation gallery. Many people will start upstairs and then go downstairs, especially with small children.

    The second floor has five galleries, representing over two hundred countries and territories. You will notice the similarities in some of the instruments and how they have travelled from country to country. The construction and materials used to make instruments should also be noted. A detailed description of these galleries would take many pages, so I leave you to map your own route as you travel the world of music. There are guides in uniform throughout the galleries if you have any questions.

    When you are finished with the upstairs galleries or want a change of pace, head to the downstairs galleries. The Target Gallery has temporary exhibits. Beyond the Beat, Drums of the World will start in November and run to Fathers Day.

    The Artist Gallery features well known musicians and musical innovators with videos of performances, stage costumes, their instruments, awards and other items. MIM has an agreement with Graceland and there is a changing exhibit of Elvis memorabilia. The Steinway piano that John Lennon used to compose Imagine is still on display.

    The Mechanical Music Gallery has instruments dating back to the late eighteenth century. The large dance organ on the back wall is played twice a day, at 12 noon and 3PM. The organ has 680 pipes and is quite impressive to hear.

    You can observe the Conservation Lab where instruments are prepared for exhibit or are being repaired.

    The favorite of both children and adults might be the Experience Gallery, where you are encouraged to play the instruments. No one seems to be able to leave this gallery without playing the Theramin or hitting the big gong at least once. Ask the Experience Gallery Guide to play one of the two nickelodeons. There are numerous instruments you would probably never have seen before, let alone had a chance to play. Two examples are the Gamelon from Indonesia and the thumb piano.

    Caf Allegro is open for lunch from 11:00AM to 2PM. The gift shop is definitely worth a visit since the items are music related and somewhat unique.

    The 300 seat MIM Music Theater is to next to the main entrance. One of the main draws is its wonderful acoustics. Pick up a schedule of events and come back to enjoy a performance.

    The slogan for the MIM is The Most Extraordinary Museum You Will Ever Hear. To learn more about the museum and special events go to www.mim.org. If you want to contact me with any questions you might have my email address is RLRose27@hotmail.com.

    Bob Rosenberg

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    Complete Automotive Repair Foreign and

    Domestic Vehicles Family Owned and Operated

    30 years experience

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    filter. Expires 12/31/14

    25% OFF Parts & Labor - must present coupon

    prior to service. Expires 12/31/14

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    Denaro Plaza

    right here in your neighborhood.COMPASSIONATE CAREAbrazo Medical Group is now open in Denaro Plaza

    When you need medical care, you want an experienced physician you can trust. Dr. Ghattas and Dr. LaFollette of Abrazo Medical Group Denaro Plaza, are both board- certified in family medicine and take a holistic approach to health and wellness. This means they look beyond symptoms or short-term health concerns and focus on your optimal health for a lifetime. Edward G.

    Ghattas, D.O.Board-Certified in Family Medicine

    Martin J. LaFollette, D.O.Board-Certified in Family MedicineSame-day appointments and most insurance plans accepted


    14YOURE INVITED TO MEET DR. GHATTAS9:30 am - 12 pm b Sun City Grand Agua Fria RoomMeet & greet, health tips, FREE health screenings & more!


    8PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR OPEN HOUSE11:00 am - 1 pm b Denaro Plaza officeMeet the doctors who are right in your neighborhood.


    term limitsexpand our computing economy

    advanced computing skills for children

    Fred Botharepresentative district 22



    Paid for by Botha for computing skills for you and your family

    November 2014 | CB Times | 23

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    Arizona: More Than Winter WarmthJohn Eakins

    You may not like someone telling you where you should travel, but I want to briefly tell you theres more to Arizona than escaping the frozen North. Okay, some of us will do little beyond shopping in shirtsleeves in January while gloating about being smart enough and lucky enough to be doing it in the Valley of the Sun rather than in Chicago. But there are other great places to see and things to do in Arizona. Here are my favorites.

    Grand Canyon: Youve got to see it if only once from the rim, even if you dont walk down Bright Angel Trail. After that, if youve had enough, let your kids and grandkids take the car and drive up there by themselves. But you cant live this close without seeing it once.

    And if youve got time (youre retired, so I know time is tight), stop in Williams for a walk around, a drink in close to a real cowboy bar, and a meal. You dont have to stay the night, but you can. Not too many cowboys shooting up the town on any night except maybe Saturday anymore.

    Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area: Great place for a hike. Forget about seeing any snakes; I havent seen but one in five years, and it wasnt even poisonous. You might see a tarantulaagain, one in five years. If you walk close to dawn or dusk, you might see javelinas. What you will see are big saguaros and wide vistas. It costs $3 a person, but is well worth it to be nearly alone in nature. Its at 44000 N Spur Cross Rd, Cave Creek. The last half mile is on gravel, but we drive our 93 Miata there.

    Antelope Canyon: Another Must-See for Arizonans. Weve all seen pictures from upper and lower Antelope Canyon, and theyre right here in our backyard, so to speak. Just go to Page and then to one of the tour companies therethats the only way to do it. You can call ahead and make a reservation. We left CB in the morning, were on the three oclock tour, and drove home that evening. Of course, you can be sensible and spend the night in one of several hotels and motels in Page.

    While in Page, drive down to the Colorado River to see Horseshoe Bend and the Glen Canyon Dam. And you can look at the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area just upriver from the dam, but youll be in Utah then.

    As long as youve already strayed into Utah, you may as well travel over to Moab to view Arches National Park. This is a perfect day-park because you can do it all in one day. And you can do 90% of it without ever leaving your car if you cant or dont want to. The views of arch formations are fabulous. Just across the highway from Arches is Canyonlands National Park. It is big, and comes in two pieces if youre doing it by car. If staying in Moab, the only place close, motels are up a step or two in price from the norm and always full on a weekend. Reservations are in order.

    Eastern Arizona drives: Take a drive to Payson, Show Low, Pinetop, or Winslow for a scenic ride. You can include this drive when going other places, but they are worth a trip of their own if you like scenic drives.

    Western Arizona drives: When driving from CB to Kingman or Las Vegas, please open your eyes to the wonders on Hwy 93, especially from Wickenburg to Wikieup. Youll see unusual rock formations and enough Joshua trees to keep you from having to go to their eponymous (always wanted to use that one) national park in California. Be sure to stop at the Wikieup Trading Post for cheap gas, decent food, selections of gifts, and to see the 86-year-old owner, who was still waiting tables there last year.

    Further west is Parker and the beautiful Blue Water Casino, 11300 Resort Dr, situated along the Colorado River. If you dont much like donating, you can drive along the river and stop for walks. Drive across the river either south of Parker on Hwy 62 or north across the Parker Dam into California. You can also continue on AZ 95 north to Lake Havasu City and see the London Bridge.

    Thats my list, and I didnt even mention Jerome, Prescott, Sedona (practically everybodys favorite), or anything south of us. Arizona has much to offerplenty of places to send visitors when youve had enough. Better yet, visit them yourself.

  • Invite you to shop our stores! Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm!Located next door to 5 & Diner Delux114th Ave. & Bell Rd. in the BellMar Plaza

    Avon CCs Wigs Magnetic Jewelry Gift Of Cheese Gifts To Go R&R Gifts

    Painting 4 Fun TTM Travel Picos Southwest Pantry Post Office

    11340 W Bell Rd., Ste. 128, Surprise, AZ



    second chance home furnishingswww.surpriseshopaz.com | 623.251.5281

    13059 W. Grand Ave., Surprise 85374 (S.E. corner of Dysart & Grand)

    urprise ShopThe

    Marty Morin 623-221-2927Joan Morin 623-262-2870

    We can appraise your current home value and your household items getting you top dollar for both. We can purchase your furniture on the

    spot. Joan Morin, a licensed and highly professional real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, can sell your home quickly or help you find a new home.

    Call our experienced, efficient team TODAY for details.

    November 2014 | CB Times | 25

  • 26 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    The homes in our section of Corte Bella were completed in early 2006. Most of us moved in at about the same time. The first Christmas, there were only 3 or 4 houses that displayed a few strings of lights. The following year, there were a few more houses and a few more strings on the original houses. Every year thereafter, the number of residents participating has grown. The Christmas spirit spread along San Ramon to Figueroa then to Panchita and then to many adjoining streets. This year we anticipate nearly 50 houses will be decorated with Christmas lights.

    The actual decorating begins in early November and continues every day for about 3 weeks until all the houses are fully decorated. Light up night is typically just after Thanksgiving. This is when all the lights are up and burning on all the houses. Each year in early November, we have a pre-decorating party at one of the neighbors homes. This is the time when we all get together to decide what we will do and when we will do it. This is also the time when we invite new residents to attend and give them an introduction to our Christmas plans. We are all eager to provide tips and suggestions to anyone needing help. That night we prepare a sign-up sheet for homeowners who may need assistance with their lights. After this event, a schedule is distributed and volunteers arrive at those homes that have requested help. Typically this takes 3 to 5 days and is attended by 5 to 15 stringers. Lunches are served by the stringers for the stringers around mid-day and normally a social gathering (called the Bus Stop), is held on the street after the workday has been completed.

    During this process of several days, pictures and videos are taken and used to form a documentary of the process and to be used as a celebration for those who participate. The local residents all enjoy this neighborhood project and the comradely that comes with it. This year will be our seventh year of working together to make our neighborhood special. We all know that Corte Bella is a special community and we hope our neighborhood contributes to that image.

    Each year we invite all Corte Bella residents to join on one special evening. We call it the Walk-About-Night. It is the first Friday of December. This year that will be Friday, December 5th. It is on this evening that the stringers gather on the street for some refreshments and to greet the many visitors who come by. This year, as in past years, the local Salvation Army will be present with their seasonal Red Kettle. Last year donations totaled over $4,000 making it one of the best yielding Kettles the Salvation Army has in this area. This is a great annual event that allows the residents of Corte Bella to spread the spirit of Christmas to those less fortunate. This event typically starts at dusk. We hope everyone in Corte Bella will attend this year!

    We will also have a special treat this year. The Corte Bella Choir will attend and will be singing traditional Christmas carols. This will be an added feature that we are sure will help start the Christmas season and bring the Christmas Spirit to everyone who attends. Last year we had a surprise visit from Santa Claus himself and two of his helper Elves. We have confirmation that they will attend this year as well.

    Please mark your calendars now and stop by on Friday, December 5th. We will be watching for you!

    Merry Christmas! The San Ramon Stringers

    Photos by Jim Gannon

    San Ramon Stringers 2014Sam Himes

  • November 2014 | CB Times | 27

    Salvation Army Angel Tree Charitable EventCorte Bella resident volunteers, Raymond and Muriel Valle have once again made arrangements for Salvation Army Angel Tags to be available this holiday season. On November 12, the Christmas tree in the Fitness Center will be decorated with tags bearing the name, age and a wish list of gifts requested by those who are less fortunate. Your unwrapped gifts should be put under the tree with the original tag attached, no later than December 7. This allows the Salvation Army sufficient time to deliver them to the local families.

    Many thanks to Corte Bella for the overwhelming generosity shown by providing Christmas gifts for the disadvantaged children in the Phoenix area over the past years.

    Please note that the Salvation Army continues to aid members of our community throughout the year and they offer pick-up service of donations youd care to make in the way of discarded items. They also accept drop off items at their location in Surprise. Volunteers are always welcome to assist at their facility.

    SALVATION ARMY17420 Avenue of the Arts, Surprise, AZ 85378Phone: 623-977-1084

    Muriel and Raymond Valle

    Hello Again Corte BellaCB Players is looking for residents interested in participating in a thespian group front or back of the stage just fun, camaraderie and..Remember almost a year ago, your resident theatre group started an article for the CB Times with the following - It started in a hospitable home, in our own quiet community. A few neighbors and friends, some knowing each other, some not, met with glimmers in their eyes and thoughts of yesteryear. Lights, action, music combined with camaraderie, fun and fulfillment and so in 2009, the CB Players were born eager to share a theatrical experience with Corte Bella. Much more than an interest group an interesting group CB Players are like-minded thespians poised to enjoy the last third of their lives, expressing themselves and their inner being with fun, laughter and a little bit of?

    Not much has changed; however, the core group of CB Players (Kay Steik, Patti Bakewell, Regina Shanney-Saborsky, Ernie Harnett and John Greco and joined by Marty Abramson) want to invite any and all residents to actively join the group whether for a performance or two or as a member extraordinaire. We want to do a wider variety of performances and we need more on the on-the-stage performers. Men and women experienced or not.

    So, if you participated in a performance previously (you know who you are) and care to join us again, you will be very welcome. If you never thought about the fun of acting, come give us a try a part on stage or backstage hands for sets and costumes and props. And, dont worry about experience while it may help, it is not essential. Just have a love of the theatre, of illusion and make-believethen join us and experience the fun of fantasy.

    If you are interested, contact Kay Steik (kaysteik@gmail.com) or any of the other members of the troupe. Otherwise, we will look for you in our audience this coming April.

    Regina Shanney-Saborsky

    The Ladies of SOuL Bring Smiles and Warm ClothesThe members of SOuL (Smiling Out Loud), a Corte Bella charitable organization, recognized a need at a local Title 1 elementary school for sweatshirt hoodies for the schools students, many of whom do not have cold weather clothing. The Ladies of SOuL began gathering donations of these hoodies throughout the summer and into the fall months. On Thursday, October 16, Jo Anne Wicks, the Principal of Park Meadow Elementary School (located at 35th and the 101 highway) accepted 190 hoodies in various sizes and colors from representatives of SOuL, Carol Courter and Linda Wright. SOuL is proud to continue its efforts to help those in need in the West Valley!

  • 28 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    As we enter the fall season we are gearing up for the increased activity level the snowbirds and glorious weather brings. We

    would like everyone, members, as well as Corte Bella residents to know that we will be adding new

    services and new merchandise as well as a new focus on personalized golf mentoring in an on-going effort to make sure everyone has the opportunity to appreciate the benefits of living on a golf course and the opportunity to try their hand at a game that has continued to remain popular since its inception in the 15th Century.

    As a resident of Corte Bella you are entitled access to the driving range and putting greens for a

    nominal fee of $15.00 per day, with balls included. Rental clubs are available as well.

    Our restaurant and bar are always open to residents with happy hours on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

    You also get a 10% discount in the pro shop for logoed clothing, hats, shoes, golf clubs, bags or just gifts for the family during the holidays. Share your enthusiasm about this beautiful community and wear the Corte Bella crest.

    Always remember that we give lessons to residents, as well as members, expertly instructed by Adam, Tyson and Tyler.

    Ladies, we also have a special short game clinic and Lady Putters league.

    The fall season is when manufacturers debut their new equipment and innovative products all aimed at improving our game. We will keep you aware of when to come by as we will be carrying some

    new clothing lines, a larger inventory of clubs, golf bags, balls, hats as well as specialty items such as Sun Mountain carts to name a few.

    We will be hosting Demo conducted by Ping, Titleist and Taylor Made / Adams golf who will come staffed to do personal fittings, so you can find that perfect collection of clubs.

    Fall is upon us, bringing us cooler weather and the return of our snowbird members. Our club continues to grow by leaps and bounds as we now have - as of this date - 120 dues-paying members.

    Our intermediate and advanced members are experiencing great success in tournaments in the area. Within the last few weeks, club members Chris Gallagher and Marc DOlivio captured gold at the mens 4.0 level in Prescott, plus silver at Trilogy after a very hard-fought battle. Rudy Black and Liz Kozloski won gold at the womens 3.5 level at Trilogy, adding to their extensive medal

    collection. Jim Murphy and Steve Shanklin won bronze at Trilogy at the 3.0 level mens doubles. Last, but not least, our president Gwen Miller won bronze at a Pikes Peak, Colorado, tournament at the womens 4.0 level. Congratulations to all!

    All our medal winners started as new players within the last four years. We as a club look forward to adding new players on an ongoing basis. Pickleball continues to be THE fastest growing sport in the country and is well suited to our age group - it is fast but does not entail a great deal of running. It is fun for both its competitive and social aspects.

    Come out to the new lanai and watch us play, or attend one of our clinics to see why this game is so great. Then join us!

    Jeff Stuart, Assistant General Manager Corte Bella Golf Club

    Corte Bella Golf ClubMore than your average golf club and open to members and residents.

    Corte Bella Pickleball Club

    The golf shop will also be expanding the menu of services they offer:

    Re-griping your existing clubs Adjusting the Loft and Lie of your favorite clubs Re- Shafting of your existing clubs Full service shoe renewal and re-spiking Golf cart detailing with complimentary battery terminal

    cleaning, and water top off Residents will also be offered special rates to play golf

    based on availability So stop by have a complimentary cup of coffee and see

    whats new at the Corte Bella golf club!!

    Marty Scheinholtz

  • November 2014 | CB Times | 29


    Arizona offers a wide array of beautiful hiking trails. Our group will hike within county parks, preserves and wilderness areas, national forest and other public lands. The hikes will be a minimum of four miles and at most 12 miles

    with an easy, moderate, or strenuous rating, depending on the guests previous

    activity level. Our group will be for Corte Bella residents only and their guest. With some exceptions, our hikes will be on Tuesdays, 7:00AM, meeting in the parking lot in front of Anacapa.

    Hikes will run from the end of September to the end of May taking a hiatus during the summer heat.

    Hikes will be posted on Meetup.com where you will have the opportunity to review the hike, its intensity level, and duration prior to listing yourself to attend. The directions for joining Meetup are below. There is no cost to join Meetup. If you have any questions or difficulty signing up for Meetup please give Steve Downing a call at 937-684-1733 or email sd85383@gmail.com.

    Please follow these instructions to join the Corte Bella Hiking Interest Group1) Log onto the website, http://www.meetup.com/2) Select the red Sign up at the top of the page3) Sign up using your email address

    4) Follow the prompts5) A confirmation email will be sent to your email address6) Find the confirmation email from your email account and

    click on the blue verification link 7) Search for Corte Bella Hiking using parameter 2 miles from

    Sun City West8) Follow Prompts to Join the Group


    1) Go to www.meetup.com/Corte-Bella-Hiking-Meetup2) Under the section Were Corte Bella Hikers, Select the Join

    US3) Follow the prompts

    I look forward to hiking with you. Steve Downing

    Steve Downing

    Corte Bella Hiking Interest Group

  • 30 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    On a small tennis court in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1992, love took center stage. At that time, Al and Gayle Backes met while playing at a Friday night tennis league. Ironically, it was Gayles last time to participate in this tennis league because she felt uncomfortable as it was a couples league and she was single. Al, a single guy, was subbing as the league was run by his daughter and son-in-law. Gayles tennis skills tweaked Als interest, and he called her in order to pursue a relationship. Gayle states, Fortunately,

    I played well that night or I never would have received that first phone call! Since that fateful meeting over 20 years ago, Al and Gayle married, combining their two familiesAl with 2 daughters and Gayle with 3 daughters. They now have 10 grandchildren.

    When asked how tennis has affected their relationship since 1992, they reply positively that tennis is good for them socially as many of their friends play.

    Physically, tennis gives Gayle a total body workout without even realizing it. She states, A good doubles tennis match of 1-1/2 hours registers 6,000 steps on my Fit Bit. Al agrees that tennis is tons of fun and provides good exercise.

    Gayle began playing tennis at a young age, but didnt take any lessons until after her daughters joined the high school tennis team. Since that time, she has been hooked on tennis. She plays competitively, at times traveling with a team to Tucson, Arizona and Palm Desert, California. Gayle believes that tennis has improved her overall well-being, has given her confidence, and has provided life-long friendships. Interestingly enough, Als story

    somewhat parallels Gayles. The small town where he grew up did not have tennis courts, but he took up the game when his daughters started playing in high school and he wanted them to improve. Al concurs with Gayle about the social aspect of tennis, and states, Having played USTA, we met great people. Al has competed in tournaments throughout the midwest as well as nationals in San Diego and Palm Springs.

    Al and Gayle play with each other in mixed doubles but also enjoy an occasional competitive match against each other. Al has a stronger game so getting a rare ball by him is a real kick for me, states Gayle. Al realizes that, and states that One passing shot against me will make Gayles day.

    Since honeymooning in Phoenix, they have come to the Valley every winter until retiring. They purchased their home in Corte Bella in January of 2013, and have been active tennis members. They both play drop-in tennis on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and state that the other tennis players have been very welcoming. Gayle played on the Corte Bella 3.0 team last season and she helped, along with her other team members, to win first place for the season.

    Although they have many friends who play tennis, they also have many friends who can no longer play. Our goal is to play as long as we can! So, if anyone in Corte Bella is interested in playing or learning to play the game, Gayles recommendation is to be patient in developing a competitive game. Tennis is a life-long sport and it can take a lifetime to master. Als advice is We all had a starting point. The sooner the better.

    If there are any Corte Bella residents interested in playing tennis and/or becoming a member of the Corte Bella Tennis Club, please contact any of the Corte Bella Tennis Club board members listed below.

    Al and Gayle Backes on center court.

    Love On Center Court

    2014 CBTC BOARD mEmBERSPresident: Joel Piaskowski, 623-594-1307 jpiski6639@gmail.com

    Vice-President: Sam Pechkurow, 330-307-7353 spechkurow@aol.com

    Secretary: Linda Sivakoff, 623-594-8585 briggsli@hotmail.com

    Treasurer: Henry Bleile, 623-594-8925 hbleile@cox.net

    Social Chairman: Lene Harrier, 602-677-3274 harrierh@aol.com

    Social Chairman: Karen Watkins, 623-556-5129 kcwl44@msn.com

    Member-At-Large: Vicki Faaborg, 602-918-0501 v.faaborg@cox.net

    Vicki Faaborg, Member at Large, Corte Bella Tennis Club

  • Please Join Us ForThanksgiving Brunch

    At The AnacapaNovember 27th

    11:30 am - 3:30 pm$36.00 Per Person


    Early Bird Special4:30 - 5:30 pm Tues-Sat. Any meal with purchase of one beverage.

    Coupon good for two people.

    Expires November 30, 2014

    Anacapa Restaurant SpecialAnacapa Restaurant Special

    25% Off25% OffNovember 2014 | CB Times | 31

  • 32 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella


    Leave Your Kitchen BehindLeave Your Kitchen BehindAnacapa, Its Yo

    ur Neighborhood Restaurant

    Newly Remodeled and Better T

    han Ever

    Join Your Friends and Neighbor

    s For A Bite to

    Eat, Some Libations And Conv




    Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Breakfa

    st Buffet

    Happy Hour Tuesday and Thu


    Closed Mondays

    Early Bird Special4:30 - 5:30 pm Tues-Sat.Any meal with purchase of one beverage. Coupon good for two people.25% Off25% Off

    Wonderful Wines at AnacapaAs the Billy Joel song Scenes From An Italian Restaurant


    A bottle of white, a bottle of redPerhaps a bottle of rose insteadWell get a table near the street

    In our old familiar placeYou and I-face to face

    A bottle of red, a bottle of whiteIt all depends on your appetiteIll meet you any time you want

    In our Italian Restaurant.

    Come and enjoy a wonderful glass or bottle of white, red, or rose any time you want at the newly remodeled Anacapa restaurant. Your Food & Beverage Manager, Fred Hernandez has recently completed his search for wines from around the world and has brought us many new, fresh and exciting cellar selections. Both domestic and imported wines have been carefully chosen for your dinning pleasure.

    Wines featured from the new list include:

    A Sean Minor Chardonnay. The Minor winery is a California family business created to produce wines that consistently exceed customers expectations. Several of their vintages are rated in the Wine and Spirits Restaurant Top 50 List.

    A Ben Marco Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, rated 90 points in Wine Advocate. Since 1999, Ben Marco winemaker Susana Balbo has crafted wines that showcase her sustainable-farmed vineyards.

    A full-bodied Zinfandel by Victor Vineyards, of Victor, California is created from grapes harvested from 100 year old vines.

    These are just a few of the many new selections.

    Anacapa continues to offer the exclusive Opolo Vineyards selections, as they have become a favorite of restaurant patrons. So stop in soon and enjoy a bottle with your favorite fare and friends. Fred and his attentive staff anticipate your visit.

    Joel Piaskowski, Anacapa Marketing Group

  • 34 | CB Times | The Official Community Magazine of Corte Bella



    Bocce Ball Couples 1st & 3rd Fri. 4:30-5:30 P.M. Courts Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Couples 4th Friday (Oct-Apr) 5-7:30pm Courts Jackie Gnagi 920-203-6068

    Couples 1st Sat. 4 P.M. Courts Jack/Lauretta Broderick 623-792-5689

    Couples 2nd Sat. 4:30-6:30 P.M. Courts Bob/Bev Clevenger 623-594-5028

    El Camino 1st & 3rd Wed. 6-8 P.M. Courts Dan Louden 623-328-9341

    El Sueno 2nd & 4th Tue. 6-8 P.M. Courts Ray Valle 623-399-6034

    Ladies Open 2nd & 4th Tue. 10 A.M.-12 P.M. Courts Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Las Palmas 1st & 3rd Tue. 5-7 P.M. Courts David Keppy/Ken Stone 623-455-8310/623-546-2085

    Mens Open Every Wed. 4-6:30 P.M. Courts Robert Broda 623-444-2172

    San Ramon 2nd Sun. 6-8 P.M. Courts Vicki Wiley 480-998-7474

    Golf Lady Putters Every Mon. Mornings Golf Club Joan Seefeldt 623-249-3143

    Ready Golf Girls (RGG) Thursday TBA Meet at Various Courses Sue McVey 623-214-0901

    Tennis Ladies Invitational 3.5/4.0 Every Tue. 8-10 A.M. Courts Ann Paulson 623-433-9973

    Ladies Invitational 3.5/4.0 Every Sat. 9-11 A.M. Courts Robin Culley 623-444-5448

    Ladies Open 3.0/3.5 Mon., Wed., Fri. 7:30-10 A.M. Courts Vicki Faaborg 602-918-0501

    Mens 3.5 Thu. & Sat. 8:30-10:30 A.M. Courts Jolene Piaskowski 402-212-4188

    Mens 4.0 Every Thu. 10:30 A.M. Courts Don Schneider 623-399-9640

    Open Every Wed. 7:00 P.M. Courts Jack Shifman 623-518-4909

    Open Play Mon., Wed., Fri. 7:00 - 10:00 A.M. Courts Ken Egide 623-266-3820

    Pickle-Ball Open Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat., Sun. 8 A.M. Courts Bev Moon 623-518-9303

    RV Group Homes Ron Winegarner 623-444-4205

    Social Rooms

    Mens Christian Group Tue. 8 - 9:45 A.M. Social Hall Jim Dowen 623-556-8137

    Bingo 4th Tue. 6-9 p.m. Golf Club Al Schroeder 623-374-3634

    Bid Whist 2nd Fri. 7-10 P.M. Social Hall Kaye France 623-934-5051

    CB Steppers Line Dance 1st & 3rd Thurs. 6-7:30 pm Social Hall Cindy Buda | Linda Kroupa 708-337-0008 | 414-839-0078

    Corte Bella Vets 2nd Tues. 9-10:30 am Anacapa Larry Leighton 623-776-5443

    Computer Club (from Oct. June) 1st Thu. 6:30 P.M. Social Hall Stan Sacha coordinator@cortebellaclub.org

    Corte Bella Chorus Mon. 7 P.M. Social Hall Hilda Furkert 623-266-2733

    Duplicate Bridge Every Tue. 12:30-4:30 P.M. Social Hall The Jacobs 623-217-2803

    Friends of Italy Varies Varies Social Hall Jack Carollo 623-337-5456

    Genealogy Club Varies Varies Social Hall Pat Burke 623-758-3751

    Hand & Foot Canasta 2nd & 4th Mon. 6-8:45 P.M. Social Hall Pearl Thompson 623-328-5215

    Happy Hour Jokers & Sevens 4th Thurs. 4:30-8 pm Social Hall Peggy Pellegrini pegpell@live.com

    Mah Jongg Mon./Thu. 9 am 3 pm Social Hall Jo Ann Moberly 623-328-9583

    Open Bridge Every Thu. 1-4 P.M. Social Hall Stephanie/Jerry Tinsley 623-546-3141

    Poker Club 1st Wed. each month 5-9 P.M. Social Hall Jim Lewin 623-455-9532

    Smiling Out Loud (SOuL) 3rd Thu. 10-12 P.M. Social Hall Kay Steik 623-214-3284

    Wine & Dine International Email for times Anacapa/Social Hall Roberta Rials, Janice Aiken robertalrials@gmail.com, janiceaiken@aol.com

    Ya Ya Hand & Foot Mon. & Fri. 12-4 P.M. Social Hall Barb Morin BMorin2@cox.net

    Usually Meets in Members Homes

    Belles of Corte Bella/Red Hats Call for Times Homes Joyce Stalians 623-322-4139

    Bunco 1st Tue. 7-10 P.M. Homes Harriet Kessler 623-388-3731

    Bunco 2nd Mon. 2-4 P.M. Homes Muriel Valle 623-399-6034

    Bunco 2nd Tue. 6:30 P.M. Homes Mary Remiorz 623-214-2874

    Bunco 2nd Wed. 7 P.M. Homes Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Bunco 2nd Thu. 6:30 P.M. Homes Betty Rae 623-217-2712

    Bunco: Dynamite Gals 1st Tue. 7 P.M. Homes Bev Bair 623-255-5352

    Canadians Call for Times Various The Mandells 623-374-3592

    Cellar Dwellers Wine Tasting Various Various Robin Mandell 623-374-3592

    Christian Neighborhood Group Thursday Group 6:30 P.M. Homes Mike and Liz Verhoeks 603-387-8175

    Christian Neighborhood Group Wednesday Group 9:00 am Homes Tom and Pam Spencer 623-780-3308

    Christian Neighborhood Group Tuesday Group 6:30 P.M. Homes Jerry and Gayle Moore 623-322-8190

    CB Players Theatre Group Call for Times Varies Homes Kay Steik 623-214-3284

    Couples Bridge 4th Fri. 7 P.M. Homes Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Couples Euchre 4th Tue. Homes Myrna Packer 623-322-0052

    Iowa Group Call for Times Bob & Pam DeWaay 515-991-9166

    Ladies Tea Society Call for Times Homes Janet Silver 623-337-4139

    Shalom Club Call for Times Homes Judi Bourd 623-433-9449

    Singles Call for Times Homes Mary Lane 623-388-6956

    Activities Day of Week Time Place Contact Person Contact Info



    & I




    T G




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