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1. AD Group Video Technology Specialists for over 25 years 2. About AD Group Video Solutions across multiple vertical markets AD Group formed over 12 years ago Founding Company, Dedicated Micros in it's 27 thyear Common video technology core, strong R & D focus Manufacture all our own products Over 620 employees 3. Own Manufacturing Malta main facility Surface mount lines All DVR, Server and Camera products Visit from the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance 4. AD Group Video Technology Specialists for over 25 years 5. NetVu Connected Video core common to all Ad Group Products Seamless video management Open API for 3 rdparty integration Legacy integration, analogue, IP Cameras, Matrices Robust, dedicated, embedded architecture OS on flash 6. AD Group New! 7. AD Network Video Brings together a seamless blend of AD Group products Multi-disciplinary large scale integrated security and building management solutions Seamless intelligence, in the air, on the ground on the move 8. AD Group 9. AD Aviation Established over 10 Years Operates across UK and Europe Originated from the Needs and immediacy of AD Aerospace Grew to become a cost effective business charter Own and operate our fleet of jets Highest levels of training and approvals 10. AD Group 11. AD Aerospace FlightVu video security, and safety systems. Monitoring of cockpit, passenger cabin, external control surfaces and cargo hold.Approved with all major carriers including Boeing and Airbus Worlds first fleet-wide fit of Cockpit Door Monitoring System 12. AD Group 13. AD Mobile Pioneers in mobile CCTV TransVu Installations worldwide in public transport applications Proved highly effective when combined with data analysis Wireless download, health check and performance monitoring Driver behaviour, fuel economy, safety 14. Mobile Technology in Motorsport Aerospace Grade external Camera Aerospace grade internal camera TransVu recorder Video recorded to Compact Flash Vehicle telemetry data integratedwith video Analyse driver performance Accelerated learning tool Tested to the limits! 15. AD Group 16. ChipWrights Complete control of our own video processing architecture Programmable architecture, SoC, multiple codecs from Jpeg to Mpeg4 to H264 for consumer applications Choice of algorithms best for CCTV applications CW5631 includes powerful ARM9 processor which runs flash, media player, text overlay EPG Consumer video applications, IPTV, Personal Media Players 17. AD Group 18. D-Tec Pioneer and world leader in Video Smoke Detection More effective in early detection of smoke. Aircraft hangars, train stations, tunnels Any NetVu Connected CCTV camera can seamlessly become a video smoke detector 19. D-Tec Sydney Harbour Tunnel Video Smoke Detection was retrofitted to work with 80 of the tunnels existing CCTV cameras. 90,000 vehicles per day use the AU$554 million tunnel so effective early warning is essential. During initial trials of VSD the first alarm was generated in only 14 seconds. By contrast, even after 5 minutes conventional detectors did not alarm. 20. AD Group 21. Dedicated Micros Established over 25 years ago and founding member of the AD Group Global CCTV Solutions provider Comprehensive suite of end to end CCTV products Backed by the service and support of a world class organisation 22. Dedicated Micros - Depot Robbery CCTV evidence from Dedicated Micros has helped to secure the conviction of five men at Londons Old Bailey. The men were part of a gang involved in a 53 million raid on a security depot in Tonbridge, Kent. High quality images from DM digital CCTV recorders were supplied to the police's investigating team. This positive result underlines value of CCTV in the fight against crime. 23. AD Group 24. RemGuard High quality remotely monitored CCTV NetVu Connected products, fire, mobile and fixed security seamlessly managed Special monitoring packages BS8418 compliant 25. AD Group 26. Innovative Sensor Developments Specialist video designer bore sighted video camera, thermal imager and low light CCTV systemsHomeland Security, military, pseudo military and law enforcement Distance:3 miles 27. AD Group 28. TSS Specialists in the design and installation of video systems on Police and Emergency Services Vehicles PatrolVu Mobile CCTV units, active deterrent in problem areas 43 Police forces in the UK International presence, EMEA 29. TSS - Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in Barnsley PatrolVu mobile CCTV systems used in support of Safer Neighbourhood Teams in Barnsley, England Two vehicles are now equipped with low light CCTV cameras, digital CCTV recording and control equipment PatrolVu can be used in hot spots to tackle alcohol related disorder and to identify offenders 30. AD Group Investment into the Industry 31. AD Group - Investment into the Industry SIA National CCTV Strategy PSIA BSIA BSI CENELEC 32. Awards Finalist IFSEC Awards 2009 Emergency Messaging and Mass Notification, City of Ottawa Embedded NetVu Console Shortlisted PSI Magazine Voting Now! Dedicated Micros IIPSEC Award Winner 2009 Emergency Messaging and Mass Notification Queens Awards for Enterprise Innovation: TransVu Security Excellence Awards Best Security Manufacturer: Dedicated Micros National Business Awards 2008 Finalist: AD Aerospace NPS: NetVu Console 33. AD Group Brochure Find out more about AD Group Available as a download from the web site 34. AD Group on You Tube www.youtube.com/anglodesigngroup