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1. Environmental Technologies
Advanced Elective Module.
3rdJune 2010 9thJune 2010
2. Aim
To have better knowledge of advanced environmental technology
To be exposed to various environmental technologies.
To carry out laboratory analysis for water quality and solid waste.
To have a feel of what polytechnic life is about.
3. Learning outcomes
Appreciation of how environmental technologies help environmental problems.
Understanding of how membrane bioreactor technologies.
Use tests, analyze and propose solutions to solve specific real life environmental problems.
4. Course Duration & Schedule

  • Total duration: 40 hours (5 days) 5. 8 problems of 5 hours each.

Daily Assignments
Experiments (Practical)
Understanding Test (UT)
Reflection Journals.
6. DAY 1
3rdJune 2010
Yuying Secondary School
7. Tian Jin Eco-city
Sino-Singapore project to improve the living environment and build an eco-culture.
8. Organisms & Eco-System
The eco-system is made up of organisms and physical factors of the environment to create a stable system.
9. DAY 2
4th June 2010
Republic Polytechnic
10. Food & Municipal Waste
The energy produced by food (biodegradable) waste is much more than municipal (non-biodegradable) waste.
11. DAY 3
7thJune 2010
Yuying Secondary School
12. Membrane Bioreactor Technology
With microfiltration, this technology makes the production of NEWater shorter and faster.
13. Algae used as bio-diesel
Green Algae are converted into energy then used as bio-diesel.
One hectare of micro-algae can produced up to 80000 kg of oil per year!
14. DAY 4
8th June 2010
Republic Polytechnic
15. Waste Management
Several methods to manage solid waste landfill, recycling & incineration.

  • Landfill being the most affordable. 16. Recycling being the most environmental-friendly. 17. Incineration creating the most energy.

Wastewater Treatment
2 different treatments Physical & Biologiocal
2 experiments Mixed Liquor Suspension Solids (MLSS) & Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
18. DAY 5
9th June 2010
Republic Polytechnic
19. Getting closer to the nature
A fun outdoor experience to the Admiralty Park
- A 20 hectares nature area comprising of 2-km nature trail to appreciate its rustic surroundings and observe different flora and fauna.
20. 21. Video
Done by: Oh Chin Keong
Ho Wei Ting
Jiang Yuan Hui
Sun Xiao Jun
Dilon Ho
Yong Jie
S. Ashwini
Theresa May
Isabel Neo
Cheryl Tan