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1. Wild thingpancakes Instructions on how to make wild thing pancakes. By Brandon 2. IngredientsFlour Milk Eggs Butter Lollies Banana Whipped cream Kiwifruit 3. Equipment Measuring cup Cup Spatula Wooden spoon Wisk Bowl 4. Method Step 1 Pre heat the pan onlevel 5 5. Step 2 Pour 2 cups of flour into a bowl 6. Step 3 Make a well in the flour 7. Step 4 Put 2 cups of milk into the well along with the 2 eggs. 8. Step 5 Wisk the milk, eggs and the flour until its thick 9. Step 6 Pour 2 cups of the pancake mix into the frying p an 10. Step 7 Wait until bubbles start to rise to the top then flip the pancakes 11. Step 8 Decorate the pancakes so it looks like a wild thing 12. Thanks for watching!